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Bringing slots to life with these great features

Bringing slots to life with these great features


Slot machines are a casino classic. They are simple to use and offer a special kind of thrill that stems from the unpredictable outcomes of a player’s decisions. The popularity of slot machines has endured since the 1800s and the games have proven themselves to be a timeless casino experience. Nowadays, there are even more ways to enjoy the slots with fun features that not only add entertainment value but also potential dollar value.

History of the slot machine

This age-old casino classic dates back to the 19th century when a mechanic created the first slot machine, composed of physical reels and levers.

People loved the fact that they could win prizes simply by pulling a lever to make the machine’s gears and reels turn, and this quickly led to the game becoming a fan favourite. Slots continued to be popular as technology improved and changed the experience, but not the basics, of playing slots. Mechanical machines became electromechanical machines, and those eventually became the fully electronic games that we are accustomed to today. It is these electronic slots that paved the path for casinos like ours, where you can use cryptocurrency at the world’s #1 licensed Bitcoin casino!

The slot machine has made great strides since its humble beginnings, but the premise is the same: players calculate the risk, make bets, and have loads of fun watching the reels spin. Today’s electronic slots create opportunity for even more fun with the special features made possible by modern technology.

A brief overview of slots

Slot machines are composed of multiple spinning reels that have images along them. You win when images on each reel align in a winning combination. Despite the unpredictable nature of these games, many have experienced massive gains from sticking to the slot machines.

Paylines: these are the paths on the machine where symbols align to trigger wins, and each game has a certain amount. Some games have adjustable paylines, which means that you can pay to access more, increasing your chances of a big win. Other games have a fixed number of paylines, but most modern games feature adjustable paylines. Understanding the payline options available to you means that you can plan your spending more effectively.

RTP and RNG: the Return to Player (RTP) is the average percentage of a player’s spending that is returned to them for a given game. For example, in a game with an RTP of 90%, a player can expect about 95 of 100 coins spent to go back to them over time. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a device that is constantly creating new combinations of numbers that are associated with different parts of the slot machine, such as the symbols on a reel and the number of reels. The RNG is the driving force behind slot operations. RNGs use algorithms to determine their numbers, which makes them almost – but not completely – randomly generated.

“Line bet”: this refers to the amount that is bet per payline on a game. The “total bet” is the entire amount being bet at a given time. A “pay table” is a list of payouts and their winning combinations. It is somewhat similar to a legend on a map that gives a user an idea of what stands to be won – and how it can be won – in a game. Games also offer “autoplay” options, which enable a user to sit back and let the game play on its own for a pre-set number of rounds.

Now that we are clear on the basic ins and outs of playing slots, let’s take a look at what makes today’s slots so much fun!

Great features of modern slot machines

In addition to the typical fun that comes from spinning and hoping for your symbols to align favourably, technology has introduced optional bonus rounds and new ways to win at the slots.

Rather than only having access to the minimal features afforded by traditional slot machines, such as three spinning reels and perhaps 10 symbols on each, today’s online slots have seemingly limitless possibilities for players to enjoy.

Here at Bitcasino, we offer over 1,400 slots that you can enjoy, including jackpot slots, to ensure that there is something for everyone. There are too many great games to list all of them here, but we want to review some of the great features that you can enjoy by signing up with us. You can play to win or just play for fun.

Wild symbols

One of the fun ways to win on our online slots is with wilds. A wild is a symbol that can create special winning combinations if it appears during play, usually replacing another symbol and increasing your chance of winning big. An expanding wild extends beyond one symbol and spans the length of a reel from top to bottom, which can generate many wins over multiple paylines.

A great game to experience the fun of expanding wilds is Boomanji, which is available on our site. This slot is full of explosive opportunities to win! Learn more about it here and start playing.

Sticky wilds

Sticky wilds are special wild symbols that “stick” in one position on the reel for multiple spins, which create repeated wins whenever the winning combination appears. A variation of this is the shifting wild, which moves around on the reels for a few spins before eventually disappearing. This is a great feature most commonly found in online casinos, and we love being able to offer this uniquely beneficial feature to our community of players.

Collapsible reels

Another great in-game feature is known as a collapsible reel, or an avalanche reel. This special feature is beloved by players because whenever a winning series of symbols appears, new ones drop down to replace them, giving players another free spin and opportunity to win at no cost! Vegas Magic is one of our online slots that offers the thrill of the collapsible reel and is sure to have you feeling like you’re in Vegas, baby!

Scatter symbols

A “Scatter” symbol may also appear and will pay out if you hit multiples of them anywhere across the game’s reels. A Scatter symbol may be activated when it appears anywhere on the reels rather than only counting if it falls along the winning line. The Scatter symbol may prompt additional games to appear and give you the opportunity to win additional prizes. A Multiplier is a common type of Scatter symbol and does what the name implies: multiplies your winnings by a factor identified by the Multiplier.

Progressive jackpots

This is a jackpot that grows as players make bets – a small part of each wager incrementally increases the top jackpot. While these games have tougher odds than a fixed jackpot, the potential gain to be made by winning is enormous. People can win millions of dollars on these jackpots!

Bonus rounds

There are also a variety of bonus rounds that you might come across while playing the slot machines. Many simply offer a number of bonus plays, while others take you to separate game screens where you will play other games to earn additional prizes. Some involve selecting from a set of images and winning the associated prize.

These games can lead to wins not made possible through regular gameplay, so you’ll want to check out the many games offering these extra opportunities to win.

Free spin rounds

While fairly self-explanatory, we would be remiss not to highlight the benefits of free spins! Increase your chances of a big win by taking advantage of games with free spin rounds that can be triggered by certain symbol combos or other features unique to the game being played.

Getting started

If you’re ready to breathe some life into your slots game, sign up for a Bitcasino account today! You will have access to more slots than you probably thought possible, and as the #1 licensed Bitcoin casino, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin gambling will be safe, secure, and more fun than your average casino experience. 

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock


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