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Baccarat: Evolution’s Live Football Studio (Top Card) redefines baccarat basics

Baccarat: Evolution’s Live Football Studio (Top Card) redefines baccarat basics


Here at Bitcasino, we are always looking to bring you the latest games that the casino gaming industry has to offer.

One of these is Live Football Studio (also known as Top Card), which is the latest offering from the award-winning Evolution Gaming. Live Football Studio is a top-of-the-line, football-focused gaming experience that reimagines the classic baccarat format that we all know and love for all the football fanatics out there.

What is it?

Set in a football-themed environment, Live Football Studio combines a super-fast-paced, incredibly simple card game format and combines it with live match commentary. The live host – playing the role of football commentator – will chat about the game unfolding before them. All of our game presenters are genuine football fanatics, which adds to the immersive feel of the game.

Whenever a top-class football match is being played live, it will link to the action in the card game being played. By keeping one eye turned to the live match, and another on the card game before them, they keep players up to date with the live match action, give details about players, and react in real time to any goals scored. This is the perfect way to combine two of the greatest pleasures in life: card games and the beautiful game!

 How does it work?

If you have played other baccarat variations, such as Dragon Tiger, the basic format of the game should be familiar to you. The card game is played on a football pitch-shaped table, and the whole aesthetic reflects that. Gameplay is orchestrated by one particularly enthusiastic host and dealer, who manages the game while keeping you up to date with the match.

While it doesn’t give you access to a live stream of the game going on in the background, the host will keep you fully up to date, so there is no real need to have access to it. The basic idea is that rather than just streaming a game in the background, the host engages players in chat about the matches going on, all while coordinating a baccarat game. This makes it easier for the player, who can put their focus into the card game without splitting their attention between this and an ongoing football match.

Evolution Gaming – top-of-the-line gameplay and high-quality graphics

As we have now come to expect from Evolution Gaming, Live Football Studio is incredibly well thought out, well put together, and well developed. It sports sleek-looking graphics that perfectly capture that sporty aesthetic that reminds you of the beautiful game. The animations are high end and the video quality is generally excellent. The gameplay unfolds very fluidly, with the hosts always on hand to keep things moving along, and the features are all very well thought out and implemented.

 What are the rules?

Being based on the basic baccarat ruleset, Live Football Studio is reasonably easy to pick up. The gameplay consists of two bet types: main bet and draw bet. With the main bet, the highest out of the two cards dealt will win, which will dish out money in a 1:1 ration. With the draw bet, the pay-outs come when the home and away cards have an equal rank, regardless of if they belong to any suit. If a draw happens while placing a draw bet, half of the main bet will be returned to the player at a pay-out of 11:1. As such, the prizes and pay-outs for Home, Away and Draw will be 1:1 and 11:1.

As you can see, the gameplay isn’t particularly complex or difficult, which makes it a perfect complement to the football commentary going on in the background. It provides just enough stimulus to keep you interested in the game itself, without stopping you from interacting with and listening to the host.

What sort of bets can you make?

In Live Football Studio, gameplay starts once you have placed your main bet. You can adjust the chip value on one of the betting areas present on the table, and you can choose from chip values of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50. You can also repeat and undo actions to address any little issues or errors, which removes all bets placed or places the same value again.

Who is it aimed at?

As football is by far the world’s most popular sport, Live Football Studio has a fairly broad appeal to anyone with even the slightest interest in football or card games. Given that it combines two pastimes – football and baccarat – Live Football Studio probably suits the slightly more casual card game player, though only because more serious ones might prefer to just focus on the game without any distractions. However, this is not to say that advanced players won’t enjoy this fresh take on baccarat – in fact, the opposite might be true!

Live Football Studio: an innovative take on a classic game format

Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not, Live Football Studio is a refreshing take on a classic, fan-favourite card game. It combines all the fun of baccarat with the world’s most popular sport. For us at Bitcasino, this is a winning combination. For that reason, Live Football Studio is one of the most exciting – and increasingly popular – live card games that we have on offer. In particular, we love the social side of things, and the interactions between the host and player are really what makes the experience. If you fancy trying out this innovative live dealer card game, why not head on over to Bitcasino and try it out for yourself? With a free-to-play account, you can try out any number of games without having to part with your hard-earned cash. This is a great way to get a feel for a game before deciding which one to commit to!

Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock


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Baccarat: Evolution’s Live Football Studio (Top Card) redefines baccarat basics
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