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Are slots the most fun for your money?

Are slots the most fun for your money?


There’s a reason why most online casinos have more slots than any other kind of game. They are hugely popular, and are played by the vast majority of online casino visitors. Many keen online gamblers will admit that they find slots more fun than other traditional, and arguably more glamorous, games that we associate with casinos, such as Roulette or Blackjack. In fact, there are some regular online gamblers who play slots exclusively, never bothering to get involved with the card and table games that almost every online casino offers.

Online casinos are certainly not in doubt when it comes to the popularity of slots, with many of them offering hundreds of them, including themed slots tied to TV shows and characters, not to mention an array of seasonal slots for almost every holiday. Why are slots so popular though? Why do online gamblers often prefer slots to table games and even live dealer games?

What makes slots so fun?

There are a few reasons why players find slots so much fun, especially when playing online. Slots are a great fit within the world of online gambling, especially as graphics become more advanced and entertaining. Most slots have a bright, fun, colourful interface – and let’s be honest, most customers are logging onto their online casino accounts for fun and entertainment, often as a form of escapism, or to shake off their everyday stresses, without having to leave their own home. There are several reasons why online gamblers find playing slots so much fun. As most online gamblers will tell you, slots are:

  • Easy to play
  • Relatively low-investment
  • Potentially more complex than they first appear
  • Fair and random
  • Full of variety

Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages.

Slots are easy to play and easy to learn. Whereas a lot of table games at online casinos require a certain level of skill, or at the very least a knowledge of the rules, slots are generally fairly self-explanatory, or very easy to pick up. They require little or no prior knowledge to play, and most slots will provide instructions on the interface, giving players any information they need to understand the game and the pay-out system. Even brand-new players using online slots for the first time tend to be up and running in a matter of minutes, and anyone used to the general concept of slot games will get the hang of any new game almost instantly.

Slots are also relatively low-investment. Some card games, such as Poker or Blackjack, require a buy-in amount in order to play, plus the additional wager you make each time you bet on a hand. Many players love the thrill of this, of course. However, for new online gamblers in particular, slots feel like they give you a lot more freedom to place as small a bet as you like, wagering as little as a single credit at a time, along with the flexibility to simply quit while you are ahead, or indeed whenever you feel like it.

Having said that, there is a lot more to slots than some players even realise. While you can bet a single credit on a single pay line, you can also activate every pay line available, and bet the maximum amount that the game allows. Some players will also bet on different combinations, which can be almost endless on the more advanced games that have a lot of different available pay lines. This allows more advanced players to play in different ways, and means that slots are a lot more versatile than they first appear, or than some players ever realise.

Another reason why slots are popular is that players perceive them as being a very fair kind of casino game. Any gambler knows that the odds are stacked in favour of the casino. The thrill of beating those odds is exactly what makes gambling so exciting for many players. With slots, that thrill is still there, but with the added assurance that the slots at any reputable casino really are completely random. The games tend to work with a random number generator, so many players find slots exciting purely because they really are a game of luck – and in a completely random game of luck, anybody can get lucky!

Lastly, there is just so much variety. It’s not unusual for online casinos to offer hundreds of different slots, so if you get bored with one, you simply move on to another. The different games may have similarities, but game developers are striving to make them all distinct, graphically unique, and entertaining in their own right. It is certainly possible to spend hours in an online casino, playing slots exclusively, and not get bored.

What makes card and table games fun?

With slots making up the vast majority of games at most online casinos, and many players claiming to prefer them, it’s easy to assume that card and table games are a bit of a “poor relation”. This could not be further from the truth though. Many players love their online casino table games, and there are certainly players out there who play them exclusively, never even logging into the slots section of their preferred online casino.

As we have mentioned, slots are popular partly because they are easy to play, random, and involve no real skill and not much of a learning curve. Perhaps ironically, card and table games are popular for the opposite reasons. Many players get more of a thrill from playing a game of real skill, in which they are pitting their wits against the dealer or other players. Learning the rules, tricks and strategies that give a player an edge in a game such as Poker, Blackjack or even Roulette can be incredibly satisfying, and unlike slots, players can see their skills and strategies improving over time, and go from losing frequently at the beginning to consistently winning as they become better at the game.

Whereas slots are a hobby that online gamblers indulge in when they have a little time to log onto their favourite online casino, a game such as Poker can become a full-time hobby, as a player researches all the tips and tricks that an intricate card game like this involves. New players of complicated casino games will often do their research, read books and watch online videos, as they strive daily to up their game and improve their chances of winning big. Their evenings at the online casino become less about pure entertainment and more about achievement, learning and skill-building.

Add to this the fact that many casinos offer live dealer options for their card and table games. This adds a whole new element to online gambling, making the overall experience much more similar to gambling in a land-based casino. With live dealer games, players can log onto their preferred online casino and take a seat at the virtual table to play a card or table game live, via video link, with a real dealer and other players from across the globe. This really does begin to bring the exciting, high-stakes atmosphere of a real casino into your own home, and new advances in virtual reality gaming, and even augmented reality, will likely make the experience even more realistic in the future.

Which is the best type of online casino game?

It is unlikely that slots will decline in popularity any time soon, but card and table games will also remain popular, especially among more serious gamblers who like to test their skill, and get a thrill out of playing bigger and potentially winning bigger. Card and table games are more difficult, more expensive in terms of upfront commitment, and carry higher stakes, but that is exactly what makes them more exciting and more compelling to a certain type of player.

Ultimately, online gamblers are a diverse group of people with diverse tastes when it comes to the types of casino games they like to play. Different people enjoy different games, for different reasons. There are those who like slots, those who like table games, and those who will play both, depending on their mood and what they want to get out of their casino experience. It is safe to say that there is no “best casino game”. Everyone has their own personal preferences and favourites.

The good news is that there is something for everyone here at Bitcasino, with hundreds of slots, and a wide variety of card and table games, including live dealer games. So, if you haven't already, jump on in. It is quick and easy to get started. Opening an account takes no more than a few minutes. Register now, and take a look around the excellent Bitcasino today and see what a wide variety of slots, card and table games we offer.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Are slots the most fun for your money?
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