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    And then suddenly, it began!

    And then suddenly, it began!


    Realistic Games have come up with quite a gem here, with this new slot called It Came From The Moon. B-movie inspired, it plays very well into the tastes of many a slot player, especially the ones we know! A small town in the American midwest usually got the brunt of these invasions, so it can be assumed that this slot is set in such a place.

    The atmosphere of the old sci-fi movies has been perfectly captured with this game, presented over a 5 x 3 setup with a modest but adequate 20 paylines.

    Symbols are spot on here
    On the reels there are a selection of invasion themed newspaper headlines, as they spin the stories flip past as they might have done in the films, sheer brilliance and very original. It takes a lot of thought to come up with something that hasn’t been done to death in the slot world, and here they have taken a theme that has been only half-heartedly tried out previously, and they make it their own.

    The lower value symbols come in the form of the standard playing card icons, a typical approach as we know. The higher value symbols however, are simply stunning and totally on the money. A selection of comic strip squares with ingenious titles like, ‘Atom Boiling Horror’ and the all so familiar, ‘Arghhh!!!’. Just fantastic.

    The wild in this game is depicted by the word ‘wild’ in big letter, a little disappointing maybe, but design-wise it fits well enough. The wild will replace all other symbols to form winning combinations, except for the scatter. The scatter itself picks up on the small American town vibe, simply the words ‘Drive In’ in the style you’d expect. The scatter trigger the bonus feature.

    The soundtrack is probably the thing that lifts this slot right up, taken directly from these classic B-movies themselves, along with the narration that typifies this genre of film.A dramatic score punctuated by those familiar high pitch whistles.

    The list of lunar bonuses
    This game has just the one bonus feature, which is fine as it’s quite a good one. What’s also quite nice is that it’s not the typical free spins offering. Get three or more of the Drive In scatters across the reels to trigger it, presenting you with a screen full of invading spaceships, harking back to the those very early days of Space Invaders.

    Rise to the challenge and pick spaceships to destroy from each of the five levels, each one comes with a prize, ranging from 2x multipliers to a fast-track to the next level with the Moon Bug. So, that multiplier mentioned is for level one, increasing to 6x for level five. Get to the top and destroy the end of level monster, in this case the mothership, for that final and sizeable prize.

    Bitcasino overview
    There’s a wonderful atmosphere to be experienced with It Came From The Moon, a mixture of retro nostalgia and the original feelings of wonder and mystery that these rudimentary stories once evoked. The soundtrack and graphics are spot on, to be pedantic we’d have liked the option to lift the games screen off the fake slot in the casino, as we think it works beautifully alone. It would be nice to see one more bonus, just something to push that level of anticipation that little bit further, but again we’re being picky. Overall, simply wonderful.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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