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A twist of classic games with Diamonds are Forever 3 Line

A twist of classic games with Diamonds are Forever 3 Line


Powered by Top Game, Diamonds are Forever 3 Line is a brand new take on the classic slot machine. Featuring three reels and three paylines with minimal features, the game is a mashup of various elements in slot games, making it a predictable however ultimately familiar feel to arcade slots.

With that said then, if players are searching for a new type of slot game - Diamonds are Forever 3 Line is not for them. The game's only bonus feature which is the wild symbol with the highest payout. There are some positives to this slot game, particularly from a general game perspective.

The Diamond theme in this game is not the only symbol, with more traditional symbols also making up the game's icons. The appealing, eye-catching dark blue backdrop, contrasts nicely with the classic white reels. The visuals, whilst a bit on the traditional side, are at least crisp and sharp.

The game's settings are relatively standard, so it will be easy to start for the most novice of players. There is even an autoplay feature that can automatically spin the reels should players become fed up with rotating them manually. Typically, autoplay removes elements like being able to use a game's Gamble round or retriggering free spins, however, as these features are not in Diamonds are Forever 3 Line players may as well activate this setting. 

Diamonds are Forever 3 Line has only one bonus feature, the blue 7 icon that acts as the game's wild. The blue 7 icon is the symbol that pays out the highest, despite the game's logo being that of diamonds. This seems odd compared with other slot game developer. However, this is merely a pedantic detail. 

When players land the Seven (an in-game scatter symbol) on any active payline, it can help players in a multitude of ways. Firstly, players who can manage to pack out their payline with sevens will be awarded the biggest jackpot. Players will need at least three of them to win though. However, this does not often happen, in fact, players are more likely to see the blue seven acting as a substitute for other symbols on the reels and forming winning combinations, albeit with lesser payouts. 

Is Diamonds are Forever 3 Line really worth playing? Well, this is hard to say. Diamonds are Forever 3 Line is a fairly standard example of a three-reel slots title in the classic arcade tradition all complete with the legacy symbols you'd expect of casino slot games. In that respect, Diamonds are Forever 3 Line is average at best in many aspects; however, it should be said then that it is a game that is virtually effortless to play.

The concern then, is that Diamonds are Forever 3 Line doesn't really demonstrate anything innovative for players to actually sit down and give it a punt. If players are searching for a quick spin fix, they can trust Diamonds are Forever 3 Line to quickly remedy that required predicament, yet after that, the game doesn't entertain at all.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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