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Join the fun with Monopoly Live

Join the fun with Monopoly Live

Join the fun with Monopoly Live


If you’ve ever participated in the slow-paced but emotionally intense game that is traditional Monopoly, then you are sure to find a thrill in Monopoly Live! Read on to learn more about the game’s origin and the fun to be had in this modern take on the classic family game.

What is Monopoly?

The original Monopoly game was created in the early 1900s and has continued to be an extremely popular game for both younger and older generations. The premise of the game is relatively straightforward: players roll two dice to move around the game board, purchasing “properties” and developing buildings on them. They collect rent from opponents and attempt to drive them into bankruptcy. The individual who owns all of the property in the end wins.

What is Monopoly Live?

The live version of the game was released earlier this year and has quickly garnered a large audience and immense popularity!

Monopoly Live is a live game show based on the classic board game that maintains the characters and elements that we know and love from the original game while adding in new features for a more exciting experience. The game is facilitated and hosted by a live dealer who keeps things fun and energised and takes care of spinning the wheel that dictates each stage of gameplay.

Players place bets and the dealer spins a wheel with 54 segments that players can bet on. These segments can lead to exciting live bonus rounds and a great overall entertainment experience.

If you have enjoyed the unpredictable nature, subtle strategy, and exciting visual and auditory experiences of modern slot machines, then you are sure to enjoy Monopoly Live! The rhythm of play is reminiscent of the slots but has a clear plot and path of play.

Monopoly Live: the basics

The host (or dealer) spins the wheel and players have a chance to bet on multiple segments of the wheel, which are numbered. If the wheel stops on the number you choose, then you will be rewarded with either a cash prize or a multiplier.

There are 48 number segments on the wheel, each paying out different amounts:

·       Twenty-three 1s: 1x payout (get your money back)

·       Fifteen 2s: 2x payout

·       Seven 5s: 5x payout

·       Four 10s: 10x payout

There are also two “CHANCE” segments on the wheel, which give all players a random cash prize or multiplier that can be used on the next spin.

Finally, there are three 2 Rolls segments and one 4 Rolls segment, which trigger the Bonus Game. In this game, Mr. Monopoly paces the board on your behalf and uncovers prizes when stopping on squares. The number of paces are dictated by the numbers of the dice.

Any dice rolling during the game is done by the live host in their studio, so you’ll have to hope that any rituals you have for lucky rolls work through the internet!

How to play

Before the game starts and the host spins the wheel, you have moments to place your bets ranging from 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x pays, as well as 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. You place your bet on the number or segment of the wheel that you think it will stop on when it is spun by the host. If it stops on your number, then you win your stake back plus the pay awarded by the winning number. For example, if you bet on a 5x, then you get your stake back in addition to five times your stake.

If the wheel stops on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls when you’ve bet on one of those segments, then the bonus round will be triggered and you will participate. If it stops on these segments but you did not make a bet on them, then the round will occur without the opportunity to participate.

There are bonus rounds available, but you will need to continue making bets in order to access those bonuses, which are the ultimate goal and most thrilling part of this new game. Enjoy the slower pace and small wins until you trigger the Bonus Game.

If you stick to your guns and bet consistently leading up to the Bonus Game, then you stand to win more once you get there. Bet as much as you are willing to lose as you wait for your opportunity to get into that bonus round.

Bonus games

Players also have the opportunity to participate in a Bonus Game, where players can bet on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. In order to participate in the bonus round, a player must have an active bet placed on one of these segments. If the wheel stops on 2 Rolls, then the bonus round will last for a minimum of two rolls of the dice, while the 4 Rolls option will keep the round going for at least 4 dice rolls.

Once the wheel stops spinning, the numbers on the dice determine how many spots the player can advance. For example, if your dice turn up a two and a four, then you will be able to advance eight positions on the board. If you roll a double during the bonus round, then you will earn an additional roll of the dice.

If the wheel stops on “CHANCE”, then a chance card will be presented by Mr. Monopoly himself. This chance card usually results in all players receiving a cash prize or a random multiplier bonus for the next spin. In the case of a multiplier bonus, the live host will spin the wheel once more with all bets staying the same. If a multiplier shows up again, then the original multiplier will, itself, be multiplied.

A third bonus round leads to a new screen showcasing Mr. Monopoly in a three-dimensional Monopoly world. Here, rewards such as cash prizes, multipliers and other exciting game elements may be doled out or revealed. In order to walk away from this bonus round with the most gains, you must bet on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. It is possible to make no bets during this round and enjoy the gameplay, but no cash prize will be rewarded in this strategy.

During Mr. Monopoly’s promenade around the board, you will recognise many familiar features from the traditional Monopoly game, including Properties, Utilities, Free Parking, Go to Jail, Railways, Taxes, Chance, Community Chest, and GO. As you pass properties, each offers its own unique prizes and multipliers that range from very small to massive at 150x, while landing on the Tax squares can reduce your winnings by a certain percentage. Chance and Community Chest squares result in players receiving a prize or fee that will be taken from the Bonus fund. If Mr. Monopoly passes GO, then all prizes are doubled! Just don’t end up in Jail – if you do, then you can hope for a double roll to get out.

Getting started

Now that you’re acquainted with the exciting new world that is offered by Monopoly Live, why not get started and experience it for yourself? You can sign up for a Bitcoin account today to get started and begin loading your account, as the Monopoly Live does require currency for play. Check out our Monopoly Live game here and relive the nostalgia of classic Monopoly with the new thrills, winning opportunities and ways to play afforded by what might be this year’s most exciting release in the live online casino world.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock