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    Hallo-Win a BTC by Riding the Bitcoin Runaway Roller Coaster!

    Hallo-Win a BTC by Riding the Bitcoin Runaway Roller Coaster!


    Hold on to your seats because the spookiest roller coaster ride is about to boo-st your Halloween. Feel the chills in your bones when you join Bitcasino’s thrilling promotion, the Bitcoin Runway Roller Coaster!

    This Halloween, all you have to do is predict the closing price of Bitcoin (BTC) by the end of the fest to win a prize. BTC’s price has its petrifying ups and downs in the last six months. It went from €3,500 to €12,000. Now, it’s back to €7,000. You never really know with Bitcoin. It certainly gives you the scariest ride of your life!

    Halloween is made even better by the simple predict-and-win mechanics of this BTC fest. To join this promotion and ride the Bitcoin Runaway Roller Coaster, you need to place a wager of 5 mBTC on any game. For every 5 mBTC you place, you are entitled to 1 vote. A maximum of 10 votes per day is allowed and votes must be placed on the same day you got them. They cannot be carried over the next day.

    After getting tickets to vote, it’s time to grab your Halloween magic crystal ball and predict what the BTC price will be on October 31 (00:00) to win this un-boo-lievable fest. The player who has the closest prediction will exit the ride with a BTC on hand!

    The promotion Bitcoin Runaway Roller Coaster runs from October 21 (00:01 GMT) to November 1, 2019 (00:00 GMT). When the clock strikes 12, voting is officially closed. The winner and exact price of BTC will be posted on the 4th of November (00:00 GMT).

    Spookily spy on what other players have in mind by looking at the promo page’s leaderboard. The rankings in this promotion are also riding the Bitcoin Runaway Roller Coaster with you—they go up and down depending on BTC’s real-time price.

    This spooktacular promo gives you the most fang-tastic roller coaster ride of your life. Have some skele-fun this Halloween when you accurately predict and win the BTC fest!


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