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    Spark Your Loyalty and Let it Fly with Funsize Fireworks

    Spark Your Loyalty and Let it Fly with Funsize Fireworks


    They always say ‘don’t play with fire’ but they never said anything about fireworks. 

    Coming in hot with a bright red rocket to light up the night, it’s Fireworks! Now more portable than ever before.

    Back in 2015, Realistic Games released their game, Fireworks. With its fun and cartoonish art style, it was popular among the loyal fans of Realistic Games for its replayability. Now back with a bigger bang for your buck, they’ve modernized it to allow anyone and everyone to play it wherever and whenever they want. It’s playable on your mobile phone and your tablet. 

    Funsize Fireworks was created by the game provider, Realistic Games.

    Unlike the original Fireworks with 5 reels, Funsize Fireworks comes with 3 reels, and they have since updated all their original symbols to keep the game fresh. Its RTP is 96.18% with 5 paylines. Some other similar games created by Realistic Games, not including Fireworks, are Sunrise Reels and Snapshot. All of them are easily accessible through

    The Funsize Fireworks slot also lists its special key features. The game comes with a special bonus round if you can manage to land 3 stacked reels within the game. 

    There’s even a feature where you can check out the specially-made 3D cabinet and environment it’s in, complete with stone walls and neon borders. If you’d prefer to play just the game, you always have that option. On the other hand, if you want to check out the special cabinet and play from there instead, you can do that too. 

    With its same visual style as the original Fireworks, those who’ve played the original may have that old flame reignited. We all have those slot games we’re all loyal to. If you’re ever stuck with nothing to do and you’ve got a phone ready in your pocket, don’t be afraid to give Funsize Fireworks a try. It’s sure to be a blast.

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