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Celebrate our Crypto Birthday Bash

Celebrate our Crypto Birthday Bash

Celebrate our Crypto Birthday Bash

Thu Jan 09 2020 13:03:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Hooray! It’s our 6th Birthday and we are cutting the cake with an all month celebration of the finest crypto coins. The year ahead is paved with digital opportunity and, as the leaders in the crypto gaming sphere, we are doing our bit to see to it that you, our forerunning crypto adaptors and gamer extraordinaires have a month to remember, packed to the brim with nothing less than the widest range of games (from the best providers across the globe), the most tantalising promotions and the best hands-on support 24/7. This being a token of gratitude for the men and women who take us from strength to strength each and every day. So, on behalf of the Bitcasino team, thank you.

Find out more about our continued efforts to instill the spirit of Fun, Fast & Fair in everything we do. 

So, without further ado, we have put together a need to know on four famous cryptocurrencies. These coins are destined for great things in 2020, and we are proud to have them as payment methods on the Bitcasino site. In a continued effort to fuel the cryptocurrency revolution to the fullest, we are expanding our portfolio of crypto coins in the very near future, in order to cater to and improve the gaming experiences of more players in the crypto space all across the word. So, stay tuned.

As we write this, you can now wager in and get the most out of TRON, Litecoin, Ethereum and, of course, Bitcoin. Find out today what is so uniquely special about these decentralised dynamos from where to purchase them, how to store them and the unique benefits that come with keeping them close at hand. So, why do these four fierce forces of the future trump Fiat and why is the Bitcasino crypto gameplay so original and exciting? Well, Let's find out.



Speed of Lite

Transactions are super- fast with block transactions typically taking 2-3 minutes.


Circulating coins are restricted (for now) meaning the ones on the market at the moment are inflation-proof with large future potential.

New & True

Since it hasn’t been around long, purchase prices are low and the “first to adopt” principle applies.

Where to buy


Available in 32 countries and counting, the platform's reputation is formidable.


With ultra-fast processing times, an appealing interface and great customer support, BitPanda is waiting for you.


A wide variety of payment options and offsite storage makes for a secure and easy purchasing platform.

Where to store


Check out your asset balance, track individual coins and real-time value changes as you go.

Loaf Wallet

The first iOS only wallet for LTC, with an inbuilt feature that allows you to purchase LTC instantly via Coinbase.

Electrum - LTC

Get the ease of mind and lock tight security with the latest lightweight wallet that doesn’t require you to download the entire blockchain.



Tech triumph

The forerunner of promoting decentralised apps (dApps) and fast becoming the future of communication. Their ability to process information privately and instantly is game-changing.

Lightning in a Blockchain bottle

Processing 25,000 transactions per second, the TRON Blockchain is the fastest, safest, cheapest and most reliable out there.

Don not disturb

Privacy is key and this decentralised currency does not store any of your information, meaning you remain anonymous with no one being able to access your details.

Where to buy


The worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange now allows you to purchase TRX.


With its liquid order book that allows you to purchase and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies, the platform is just waiting to be utilised. Now you can purchase TRX aswell.


A proven and secure platform for customers to trade, purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. Try them out today and start your TRX portfolio.

Where to store

Cobo Wallet

This multi-currency HD wallet is mobile-based and is available for both Android and iOS users alike.


Officially supported by the TRON Foundation, this mobile-based wallet has a beautiful user interface and vault tight security protocols.

Guarda Wallet

The intuitive desktop wallet stores and manages your currencies via seed words and doesn't back them up (for security) so make sure you keep your information handy.



Cut out the middleman

Ethereums Blockchain creates apps that do not need an intermediary. imagine. Loans, renting and more. All without red tape brokering.

Multiple eggs. Multiple baskets

No one can corrupt, tamper with or destroy your data because it's spread across multiple positions in the network.

Affordably Fast

No third party transaction fees make the coin cheap to purchase and the absence of lengthy verification protocols makes it fast to transact with.

Where to buy


The platform cuts through the noise, where you don't need an in-depth understanding of Blockchain technology in order to make the most of it.


The platform's delivery feature lets you place your order and get your coins instantly. No deposit required.


Easy and fast portfolio access for newbies and a tailored portfolio interface for seasoned crypto connoisseurs.

Where to store

Ledger Nano S

Arguably the most popular hardware wallet available. The ledgers back up seed key ensures that if something were to malfunction, your assets are instantly retrievable.


The worlds first ever hardware wallet, Trezors 9 digit pin code sees to it that your assets are kept in an offline environment.

Atomic Wallet

Allows you to not only monitor your portfolio but also lets your trade the currency via a top-notch exchange engine



Bitcoin Boom

BTC's worldwide acceptance is making it easier and easier to spend, with BTC ATMs, products, services and perks popping up all over the show.

Viva Democracy

Nobody owns the BTC network and transactions are verified by the users themselves, making the platform an open book.

Lower and lower

With no need for third party interference, the transaction fees are low and there are no tax implications on goods purchased with BTC.

Where to buy


Low fees, versatile funding options, and rigorous security standards. Need we say more.


The platform lets you set price alerts so that when the price is up, you will be able to capitalise on your BTC purchases.

A massive platform that operates in 99% of countries around the globe.

Where to store


A multi-currency desktop wallet that supports a total of 8 different cryptocurrencies (including BTC). It also has a one-click recovery system if you ever need it.

Trust Wallet

One of the leading multi-asset digital wallets out there. the platform currently holds 13 different currencies (including BTC).


Digital assets are secured in offline storage, meaning that if the unthinkable ever occurred, there would be nothing to take.

Now that you have the full scoop on the wonderful “off the wall” world of all things crypto maintenance, how do you take this nice to know knowledge and make the most of it when you visit Bitcasino.

Well, we have four exciting weekly tournaments that we will be putting on throughout the month of January. The four leaderboard showdowns will have a total prize pool of mɃ 4,000 and all the rewards that you stand to gain while you play will be paid out in the coin of the week. Keep in mind, that if you play in the week's cryptocurrency, you will get additional points credited to you to conquer the leaderboard and arrive out on top.

And if that’s not enough, the icing on the cake is a little something we like to call Lucky Login. Running throughout the entire month of January 2020, this brand spanking new addition to the Bitcasino promo roll out revolves around 10 lucky players receiving pure cash rewards every day, with no strings attached, paid out in our coin of the week. All you have to do is log onto your Bitcasino account and we’ll do the rest. How’s that for a tasty treat to get your crypto portfolio started

Celebrate our Crypto Birthday Bash