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    Aztec Temple Treasures: The Path to Success

    Aztec Temple Treasures: The Path to Success


    The Aztec gods give you their blessings to explore an ancient temple. They hid plenty of treasures inside it along with golden statues. You are also blessed with juicy corn cobs to feed your hunger during the journey. Remember, only the mightiest person is worthy of their aid. Prove your skills and find yourself exiting the temple with great riches!

    Microgaming releases Aztec Temple Treasures with 5 reels and 30 paylines. It has a captivating design while offering smooth gameplay. The symbol payouts are generous so you have the chance to earn big wins. This slot can surely be your path to success. Just be sure to make great use of the gods’ blessings!

    Key to Big Wins

    There are three Aztec God features and a Free Spins bonus. The Aztec God features are Path of the Gods, Heaven Ascension, and Mighty God.

    Path of the Gods lets the Aztec God walk across the reels. While walking, he drops wilds on his path. During Heaven Ascension, the Aztec God ascends to heaven and passes by reels on his way up. The reels turn into Wilds. 

    Mighty God feature expands reels from 5x3 to 5x6, adding 30 more paylines to the original 30. The paylines become a total of 60 for each spin during the feature.

    You are awarded up to 20 free spins if you land scatters. Free Spins bonus can also trigger the Aztec God features. You can be awarded 2 extra spins randomly.

    Retrieve the Treasures

    Microgaming is one of the leading providers in the slots market. They have a great range of portfolio when it comes to fascinating game designs. Examples are Celtic Goddess and Snow Queen Riches. Like Aztec Temple treasures, these two slots captivate the players through well-made graphics and gameplay.

    Aztec Temple Treasures engrosses players through mysteriously enchanting design. You have great chances to win huge rewards from high symbol payouts. The Aztec gods await your mighty spirit to explore their temple and retrieve big treasures!

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