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    Discover What’s in the Legendary Montezuma’s Aztec Palace

    Discover What’s in the Legendary Montezuma’s Aztec Palace


    The Aztecs were a mysterious people, from the gods they worshipped to the surplus of gold they were blessed with. 

    As you venture into the forgotten lands of the Aztecs in Mesoamerica, watch where you step. Their bodies may be gone but their souls remain…along with their wealth. 

    Marvel at the ancient home of the famed emperor Montezuma as you play the Aztec Palace slot, in search of riches long-abandoned, left only to be found.

    The History of the Aztec Palace

    The Aztec Palace was constructed by Booming Games with 5 reels and 3 rows. 

    Some of their other slot games with similar themes of ancient royalty are Valley of Pharaohs and Golden Royals.

    Surrounding the palace reels are unique stone artefacts, commonly found around the castle grounds. Carved onto them are depictions of their various gods, resembling symbols of a modern deck’s high cards. These are what act as the Aztec Palace’s basic symbols.

    Much grander are the various painted totems hoisted on the stone walls. Engraved onto them are the various faces of the gods they once worshipped. These act as the game’s high-paying symbols with their intricate designs and rich colours.

    The Aztec Palace’s Grand Features

    Bursting Wilds

    As you explore, you will come across unusual golden tchotchkes that resemble faces. Inspect them closely. If the eyes swirl with an ominous red, take cover. It’s a Wild ready to burst! 

    Upon landing on the reels, the golden head bursts and spreads across the slot, transforming random symbols into Wilds.

    Skull Bonus

    In your search for gold, don’t forget to collect whatever masks you can find. Once you get three, humongous skulls will emerge from the palace walls. Each one is carved with Aztec symbols and various drawings. Glowing crystals are also embedded in their eye sockets, giving off the illusion that they’re staring right at you. 

    There’s no need to worry because these skulls are harmless. Simply pick one and watch the skull shatter and crumble into dust, leaving behind a pile of gold coins hidden within. It’s an added bonus compared to the potential winnings you can find deeper inside.

    Aztec Palace Free Spins

    Landing 3 golden faces that act as Scatter symbols grants you passage further into the palace. There, you will find 10 Free Spins waiting and ready for the taking.

    Tending the Aztec Palace Grounds

    The various drums beating off in the distance are there to welcome you inside. Once inside, watch out for the insects that call the palace their home. 

    The palace may have been forgotten but the flames within continue to burn, lighting your path. Stone slabs serve as the palace walls, acting as your only protection from the elements outside. 

    While the people no longer roam the palace grounds, various arthropods and reptilia have since reclaimed the land.

    The End of an Era and the Beginning of Yours

    No temples can ever compare to an ancient structure that once belonged to royalty. You won’t need to visit any other lost jungles in search of treasure ever again once you’ve stepped foot in the Aztec Palace. Hidden in its depths are treasures owned by the late King Montezuma himself. See how much you can find lying untouched before the sun sets and you might just come out with enough gold fit for a king.

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