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Loyalty Club. Throwbacks and Flash-Forwards

Loyalty Club. Throwbacks and Flash-Forwards

Loyalty Club. Throwbacks and Flash-Forwards

Tue Apr 07 2020 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Your Loyalty Club has been up and running for 6 months now. That’s 182 (give or take) fun-filled days of brighter and better gaming experiences for all. 182 days of tweaks, improvements, and overhauls. In the spirit of Fun, Fast and Fair, we wanted to share with you what's gone down to date.

Total Free Spins to Date: 54,724

Total rewards paid out to date: €2,585,546

Any club worth being a part of needs to be in a stellar league of its own. Constant upgrades are the order of the day. Here's a rundown of a few recent upgrades. The best part though is that we’re just getting started. 

You told us what you wanted to see more of and we heard you loud and clear. Needless to say, we’ve been hard at work improving, tweaking and refining your Loyalty Club to make it the best gaming experience this side of the sun. So, here’s what we’ve done in terms of improvements.

I need a Hero

What was once VIP is now dubbed HERO level. Different names sure, but all the same great perks that come with the title.

So, to recap, these are our seven legendary levels, including HERO league.

  • Beginner 

Fresh out the gate. It’s time to take your game to the next level (literally!)

0-4 points will get you to the land of Loyalty.

Watch out for upcoming milestones.

  • FAN:

You’re in the game and racking up some good point scores.

5 - 3,749 points will help you level up.

You gain 1 milestone reward at this level.


Your gameplay is picking up nicely. 

3,750 - 29,999 points will kick your game into overdrive.

You gain 3 milestone rewards at this level.


The title says it all. You are fast becoming the embodiment of awesomeness.

30,000 - 249,999 points will take you to where you’re going.

You gain 4 milestone rewards at this level.

  • GURU:

Bow down to the almighty grand don of gaming excellence.

250,000 - 749,999 points will take you to the promised land.

You gain 5 milestone rewards at this level.


You have reached the hall of titans and you have destiny on your side. 

750,000 - 3,749,999 points will let you conquer.

You gain 9 milestone rewards at this level.

  • HERO:

Harness a month of total immortality.

375,0000 points got you here and now it’s time to make the most of being the best. 

You can gain unlimited milestone rewards.

Rebates are out. Cash is In!

Our players went to the poll recently and the results are in. The long and the short of it?  “We want cashback!” is the chant of the day. If you, our superstar loyalty legend don’t see the same value in a rebate reward, as you would with say… A COOL CASHBACK REWARD (cue dramatic music), then we’re right behind you!. With that being said, now you can either claim free spins and free chips OR, snatch up a cashback reward for your gameplay. 

This is entirely dependent on your playing style and gameplay. If you are the type of player who gets your kicks from bigger bets, then we, in turn, will come to the table and mirror your playing style with various free spins. 

If you are more the type of player who values long haul gameplay and utilises lower spin values, then we’ll provide you with the stuff you need to succeed, i.e more free spins or a super cool cashback.

At the end of the day it comes down to your playing preferences and we want to make sure that you always have the option to pick and choose your reward. And let’s face facts. The incentives for logging in and playing are many and varied. Which brings me to our next point.

Even more milestones.

A Loyalty program without mega milestones is like a reel without cherries and, if we weren't working around the clock to make your Bitcasino Loyalty Club the best in the industry, we would be throwing buzzwords out to the wind (and no one wants that)

So, to cement our promise and keep the rewards flowing, we’re adding MORE MILESTONES to our 7 existing levels. 

How to unlock milestones.

Every time you reach a new milestone you get a reward. Each reward that you unlock is personalised and specific to your gameplay.

The size of the reward depends on two things:

  1. Whether you have been winning or losing.
  2. What Loyalty Level you are currently sitting on.

If you've recently been going through an unlucky streak, then the rewards that you do unlock will be bigger (to compensate for a potential unlucky streak)

If you are on fire and winning up a storm, not to worry, you will never be penalised for being top of your game. The rewards will continue flowing as they usually do and you will be able to claim your free spins and cashback as you go. 

One last thing...

You’ve got games that bring home the magic. Games that give you that get up and go and dish out the good stuff time and again. So, it’s only right that these should take center stage in your gaming journey.

When you unlock a milestone, the Free Spins you tap into will depend entirely on your own personal gameplay. For instance:

  1. The game you visit regularly will be the one where we send free spins to (It’s obviously your favourite. So it only makes sense. Right?)
  2. We also look at the most similar onsite games and give you an offer on those as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new go-to game. 

This is how we are able to provide a fair and incentivised gameplay on good days and not so good alike. Consistency is key and we’ve built the Bitcasino brand by making sure you get the ultimate best of online gaming whenever you log on and however you play, with no wagering requirements. This is our promise to you. 

So as we recap all we’ve gone through above, we want to drive home our promise to you. This is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and do our best to bring you joy.

What you get from us.


You will always know where you stand with us and if there is ever anything you are unclear about, our support team is ready and waiting to live chat with you.


We bring our players the best gaming experiences from every corner of the globe, which is why we use only the top gaming providers.


Whether you’re on a roll or coming up strong. Our Loyalty Club sees to it that you’re always rewarded for your gameplay, with no wagering requirement and in the quickest turnaround time possible. 

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to up your game, each and every day.


Word by: Geoff Kukard 

Loyalty Club. Throwbacks and Flash-Forwards