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What types of live dealer baccarat can you play at Bitcasino?

What types of live dealer baccarat can you play at Bitcasino?


At Bitcasino, we’re delighted to be able to offer a number of live dealer baccarat games for players to try for free or to play for real money.

We offer traditional baccarat for connoisseurs of the game, and as you will see in our library, there are plenty of different tables to choose from. There are a few other variants however, that might just tickle your fancy.

Take Live Speed Baccarat, for example. This is designed for gamers who are perhaps short on time, and who want to maximise their betting opportunities.

Speed baccarat offers rounds which last an average of 27 seconds, rather than the suspense and anticipation of standard baccarat, where hands take around 48 seconds to unfold. With speed baccarat, you’re getting almost double the bets in any given timeframe.

If you want more bang for your buck, why not try Baccarat No Commission? Here, no commission is paid on winning banker bets, so what you do win is yours to keep. All winning wagers are paid out at the rate of 1:1, unless a banker bet triumph comes with a card total of eight, in which case you earn 1:2.

If you have read the rules of baccarat above and find them rather complex and daunting, then here’s a game that might be up your street as it takes the confusion surrounding the third card out of the equation….

DragonTiger is a version of baccarat where both the player and the banker receive one card each. Your job is to bet on which you think will be higher, in a simple game of highest card wins.

Wins on this main game pay at 1:1. However, if you and the dealer draw the same value card, it is a tie and you lose half your stake. That said, you can wager on a tie if you want to - this pays at 8:1, or even on a suited tie, which earns 50:1.

There are a selection of side bets available in DragonTiger too. You can try the Big or Small wager, where you bet on whether a card will be higher or lower than a seven. The wager loses, however, if it is a seven. Wins pay at 1:1. You can also try the Suits betting market, which pays at 3:1 if you guess correctly.

All of these are available right here at Bitcasino, along with our generous new player bonuses!

Live dealer baccarat FAQ

There are some frequently asked questions about live dealer baccarat and plain old baccarat in general, so we thought we’d answer some of these below.

How can I play live dealer baccarat at home?

That’s an easy one. Just load up any device you have to hand; it could be a brand-spanking new smartphone or an old laptop gathering dust in a drawer.

As long as it has internet functionality, you can stream the necessary content from Bitcasino to ensure you can play live dealer baccarat in the comfort of your own home.

Can I win playing live dealer baccarat?

Of course! Admittedly, baccarat is a game of pure luck, rather than skill. However, like any other games of pure chance, you will have win streaks as well as losing runs, and it is recognising these, and getting out while the going is good, that maximises your chances of long-term success.

Baccarat is not a get rich quick scheme; it is, however, a super-fun way to maybe make some extra money on the side.

What is the house edge in live dealer baccarat?

If you stick to betting on the dealer exclusively, the house edge sits at 1.06%. This is actually a much more agreeable percentage than many other casino games!

Can I count cards in baccarat?

You would have to have the mind of a supercomputer to successfully count cards in a baccarat game.

There are usually eight decks used, and most dealers won’t shuffle manually but instead use a shoe. It’s nigh-on impossible to card count in this environment.

How do I play live dealer baccarat games at Bitcasino?

If this guide has stirred your appetite to try live dealer baccarat, then the good news is that it is simple to get involved.

Indeed, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1.     Sign up for a new player account at Bitcasino

2.     Fill in the registration form

3.     Once your account is verified, you are free to get started!

As mentioned, we have a raft of live dealer baccarat games available in our library, as well as a selection of other live casino titles including roulette and blackjack.

Don’t forget, you can try our games in free play mode, which is a great way to build your confidence before parting with any money. Once you feel truly comfortable with live dealer baccarat, or any of our other games, then you can dip your toe into crypto casino gaming.

There’s plenty more for Bitcasino gamers to enjoy, including a sportsbook and a generous VIP platform, where you can earn a host of rewards just for playing your favourite games.

Over to you…

These tips should help you understand the different types of baccarat available and what Bitcasino can offer you in terms of playing live dealer baccarat. You should now have some idea of how you can stake wisely to, at least, minimise the house’s edge somewhat.

Please feel free to register for a new player account at Bitcasino, where a wide variety of live dealer baccarat games await you. You can play for free or wager real funds via your BTC wallet; the choice is yours!

Words: Sean Mcnulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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