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Roulette and cinema

Roulette and cinema


Roulette’s place in popular culture was sealed with its appearance on television and film. For cinema lovers, the motion of the wheel, the sound of the ball clicking its way across it, and the suspense of waiting for it to fall into place make for some exciting screen moments. These iconic movies show just how roulette has managed to stay so popular over all these years and why it is heralded as a game unparalleled for pure excitement.

Do you remember the 1993 movie Indecent Proposal in which Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore play a couple who bet their savings on just one spin of a roulette wheel, and when they lose, Robert Redford’s offer, once unthinkable, suddenly becomes a possibility? Of course, after accepting the offer, their lives go down a twisted path, which shows exactly how different choices in life can change things further down the line.

Run Lola Run is a 1998 German movie that uses the chaos theory as a basis for its theme and in some ways shares some similarities with Indecent Proposal, at least in terms of how choices can affect things further down the line. With minor actions by Lola extrapolating away to show major reactions further down the line, it shows the butterfly effect in action. The movie climaxes with Lola winning the money she needs to save her boyfriend’s life at the roulette wheel. It shows the excitement that can be garnered from a live roulette wheel and the sheer ecstasy that is unleashed when a big win comes your way.

Clive Owen played a struggling writer earning a living from roulette as a croupier in the 1999 film of the same name. The film came before Owen had hit the big time as a Hollywood star, so Croupier may be one of the lesser-known films on this list. As the title suggests, roulette plays a big part in this critically acclaimed movie. Owen eventually ends up embroiled in a plot to rob the casino where he works, but not before he has spun the wheel numerous times.

Of course, there is Casablanca. The 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman has a roulette scene in which a newlywed couple hope to win enough money to get safe passage to America. Bogart knows that the wife has been offered the documents they urgently need in exchange for sex and decides to rig the wheel in her favour to help her: “Have you tried 22 tonight?” he asks. She wins twice, and he tells her to take the money and run. It was a key scene in an iconic film. Is roulette the real star here? Perhaps not, but it is certainly a highly important plot device that ensured that Casablanca maintained a level of legitimacy as the plot moved forward.

Sean Connery returned to play the one and only James Bond in 1971. Diamonds are Forever paid him a record-breaking salary at the time, and roulette was featured heavily throughout. First, the roulette wheel helped him to dispatch one of the evildoers, by taking his head for a spin. Later on, before the iconic scene at the craps table, Bond earns himself a big stake at the roulette wheel by betting on number 17. There is no character in movie history that epitomises cool more than James Bond and his effortless skill at the roulette wheel helps to solidify his sex appeal and coolness. Diamonds are Forever would be Connery’s last appearance as Bond until 12 years later, but the roulette scene has lived long in the memory.

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Words: Sean McNulty
Images: PA Images and Deposit Photos


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Roulette and cinema
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