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How to come up with a good poker username

How to come up with a good poker username

How to come up with a good poker username

Fri Aug 28 2020 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

With hundreds of online poker players, how can you make your username stand out from the rest? Here are some creative ways to generate a good poker username for yourself.

Poker has been around for ages now and is recognized as one of the most popular games across the globe. Not only is it fun to play, players can also take home hefty payouts during the game.

Players love creating usernames that will make them stand out from the rest. You can create your own username by choosing either a theme or subject as long as you identify with the username you choose. You can also pick something funny, feminine, or manly; it can even be something related to your favourite movies, characters and artists!

We’ve gathered some of the best tips on how to create a good poker username for yourself. 

Tips on how to come up with a good poker username

  1. The basics

Come up with a username that has at least 4 and up to 15 characters. It can include hyphens, uppercase letters, numbers, and the like. Be as creative as you want! Here are examples you can use as reference: 

  • The Duchess of Poker

  • El Matador

  • The Robin Hood of Poker

  • E-dog

  • X-22

  • Isildur1

  1. Never include any personal information in your username

Always remember that you are playing poker with different kinds of people who are most probably strangers. Thus, keep in mind that revealing any personal information in your username gives attackers/hackers the chance to manipulate your account and possibly use your information for malicious purposes. Be creative and express yourself, but make sure to not display any confidential or sensitive information.

  1. Don’t include offensive words

Using offensive words in your username can either get you prejudiced by other players or banned from playing the game. Your username is the first thing people see when you enter the game, so make sure to leave a good impression. 

  1. Be unique. Don’t make your username too similar to others. 

Creating a username similar to others or using a generic one will not make you stand out. Be as unique as you can. Think of something that would only apply to you as a player, like your strengths, skills, hobbies, or favourite things. 

If you use common usernames that have been long used in poker, there are lower chances of establishing your own name in the game. 

  1. Use username generators or ideas found on the Internet 

Try searching online and you’ll see tons of username generators that can help you create your own unique username. Furthermore, there are also various forums that showcase different ideas when creating cool poker nicknames. You can use them as a guide to generate your own.

Why is it important to select a good poker username?

Most people are fond of using clever usernames that have a deeper, symbolic meaning or even none at all. It is a creative way of introducing yourself to other players and helps you gain recognition during the game.

Usernames can also hide one’s identity, allowing players to take on a persona that they identify with. Some use the opportunity to include their hobbies, preferences and the like on their username or profile to interact with other players who have the same interests. 

Building such rapport with other players may benefit you in the long run. These connections can also help you when playing poker with different players. Together, you can talk about the tactics of certain players and create your own plan to win the game. Additionally, you can also learn a lot from your online friends and other veteran poker players! 

Play Poker now!

Good poker names add to the fun and excitement of playing poker. So what are you waiting for? Create your own poker username now, and get a chance to meet other players while playing. 

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Words by: Kate Sanchez

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How to come up with a good poker username