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Rapid fire interview with Vincent “Brehze” Caynote

Rapid fire interview with Vincent “Brehze” Caynote

Rapid fire interview with Vincent “Brehze” Caynote

Thu Aug 04 2022 07:57:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Player name: Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte

Position on team: CS:GO Fragger

First nickname on server: Brehze

How did you get involved with Counter-Strike and how did your journey begin?

It was the first steam game that I played and I got into it through watching live streams on Twitch. 

What kind of warmup routine do you have in place? 

I just practice with aim_botz.

Is there any specific player whose demos you watch more than others? Why?

I don't watch anyone specifically. I watch a lot of different AWPers for different play styles. Also, every AWPer is different in how they're used on their team. They can all teach me different nade sets and different ways for opening picks in the game and for different maps as well.

At what age do you think you'll achieve your peak performance and why?

At 24, because I still got it.

What's your take on CS:GO coaches? Should they have more freedom in LAN tournaments?

Yes! I'll take all the freedom I can get!

You've played with many players before. Which CS:GO player did you learn the most from when playing together? What did you learn?

Probably hybrid. He was the first IGL I ever played with and I had no exposure to team CS or the tactical aspect of Counter Strike so he taught me all of that. Playing with him and Vikings showed me that there was so much more to CS than just running around and fragging.

What would you like to change on CS:GO and why?

More maps and a better economy. I haven't even been playing the game for that long and I already feel a bit bored with some of the current maps. New maps are exciting and since everyone is racing to figure out the best way to play the map, it's super exciting. The economy is also in a weird place right now, and even though I'm not sure how to adjust it to be better, I think something needs to change.

You've seen it all in the CS:GO scene. What's your advice for new and upcoming CS:GO players to reach higher tiers?

Be open-minded. Even the best players are still trying to learn new things to stay at the top, so you as a new player should never think you have it all figured out. Listen to other players and try to understand their perspectives on everything. Even if it's wrong, knowing how other players think about the game and approach playing it is extremely valuable. Being closed-minded will only make developing as a player take exponentially longer.

Which resolution is god tier?

Any stretched resolution.

Let’s talk about trash talking… Why do you do it?

I don't do it much unless I know the player. The banter between friends is a ton of fun and helps me stay in a good mood.

Any last words for your fans and community?

Ever since I started coaching, I've always gotten a ton of support from everyone. It's extremely motivating hearing the community rooting for me to succeed. There's no way to put into words how much I truly appreciate the fans and community cheering me on.

Rapid fire interview with Vincent “Brehze” Caynote