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Fifteen esports memes we bet will make you LOL

Fifteen esports memes we bet will make you LOL

Fifteen esports memes we bet will make you LOL

Thu Sep 30 2021 07:10:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Esports has been around for quite some time now. It has evolved from spanning just a few games such as Dota to becoming a million-dollar industry. This is due to one of the best qualities of esports where each game has an almost cult-like following of supportive fans. As a result, a ton of hilarious social media moments have circulated the net over the years.

If you’re a gamer, then you know gaming memes. Iconic moments in esports or even the day-to-day experiences of playing the game you love contribute to this vast collection of memes. It’s a great way to bond with other players and share your gaming experience with the world.

Thanks to various streaming platforms like Twitch, there are plenty of esports memes to make you laugh. Most of these memes will make you want to play the games, and some of them are too relatable you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or be sad at it.

Here are some funny esports memes that every player can relate to!

1. The queue times

Photo caption: u/tmgreed, 

It’s not that hard to get into League of Legends, but it’s not always easy to get into a game. For some reason, when you’re waiting in the queue, it takes forever. However, the moment you decide to do something else, there it is. You hear the alert that a match has been found and you have to scramble back to your computer. It doesn't make sense. Perhaps, next time you wait in the queue, take the time to learn some League of Legends betting tips and place some wagers on professional games.

2. At least you’re ranking, right?

Photo caption: Fricelis,

In many competitive games, you want to play and increase your rank. Most of the time though, you spend hours upon hours playing but somehow end up with a lower rank than what you started. Well, it’s just like evolution, but backwards.

3. Gaming is pretty hard

Photo caption: u/pilsbierkrieger,

No matter what they tell you, it’s not just pushing buttons. There is more to worry about when you play video games for a living like which exact buttons to press. It’s no secret that esports is a real sport that requires hours of training, special skills, and lots of dedication. However, it is mostly pushing buttons though.

4. Props to Riot games for spreading awareness about climate change

Photo caption: @DotEsports,

As you can see in how the winter map of Summoner’s Rift has changed over the years, Riot’s been keeping it real. There isn’t any snow anymore, and the ecosystem is changing. Poor jungle creatures. It makes you wonder, what’s next?

5. Greed is good

Photo caption:

When you play League of Legends, what do you want? Gold. What do you need? Gold. When do you want it? All the time. It’s hard to resist the urge to get that extra turret plate and bag that extra $$$.


6. Use your pings wisely

Photo caption: shoutmon7501,

It’s great that most games now include the ping system to help teammates communicate with each other. Actually, players use these pings more than they’re supposed to. Is this even the right way to use them? Maybe they’re the only way. 

7. Gaming physics, everyone

Photo caption: @choiminhhoi,

Video games have tried their best to be as realistic as possible. Not just in terms of graphics but gameplay too. Some games, however, still make you shake your head. Maybe it’s okay since they make the game easier to play. Still, though, what were the developers thinking? 

8. When you play support, but you carry

Photo caption: Memeking, 

Usually, support characters in video games are the least decorated at the end of games. If you play support, you don’t get a lot of kills but you still contribute a lot. Sometimes though, you can play support AND get all the kills. Now that’s being an alpha. 

9. There are always conspiracies

Photo caption: @FreeLolmemes1,

Exactly how do you explain this one? Checkmate, government. We know your secrets now. 

10. It’s all about the swag

Photo caption: u/ChAoTiCxMiNd,

Sometimes the game is all about flexing. Oh, you’re beating our team extra hard? Too bad you don’t have skins. Maybe give a bit of CS: GO skins trading a try and flex in peace.

11. Simple is almost always better

Photo caption: @FreeLolmemes1, 

Character abilities are getting so complicated nowadays, especially in League. Seriously, who’s going to read all that text? My character hurls a spear and deals damage? Good enough.

12. Nothing is new under the sun

Photo caption: Absinthe,

Most games take ideas from each other. That’s not really a bad thing. Good thing it doesn’t happen a lot. Wait... it does happen a lot. 

13. A win streak, huh? Something bad’s going to happen

Photo caption: League of Legends Funny Videos,

Grinding for ranks in any game is hard. Most competitive games are notorious for being difficult to climb. When you suddenly go on a winning streak in the ranked game mode, you better start watching your back.

14. Focus on objectives, guys! 

Photo caption: @FreeLolmemes1, 

If you’re a jungler, you often get blamed for your losing lanes. Even if you go out of your way to give your laners what they want, they never seem to want to help you. What’s up with that? You do everything but it’s always ‘jg diff’ at the end.

15. There’s always a Yasuo meme

Photo caption: @FreeLolmemes1, 

Ah, Yasuo, the ultimate League meme generator. Everyone can relate to having Yasuo on their team. It always ends up being a memorable experience. To all the Yasuo players out there, thank you for keeping us fed.

These are fifteen esports memes that you will find relatable. All over the world, video games are a treasure trove of fun times. Over the years, they will continue getting bigger and better. As games expand, they become a crucial part of pop culture and entertainment. They provide many avenues with which you can include yourself in it, from memes to esports betting and even esports crypto.

There is a funny esports moment for everyone, and it will always be a good time (or not, if you play League of Legends).

Words By: Jack Adriatico

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Fifteen esports memes we bet will make you LOL