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Why should you bet on Evil Geniuses?

Why should you bet on Evil Geniuses?

Why should you bet on Evil Geniuses?

Fri Jun 17 2022 02:01:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Dota 2 esports scene has seen a lot of talented players and teams throughout the history of its numerous competitions. However, one team stands out the most is the Evil Geniuses (EG). 

What’s so special about them and why are they regarded as one of the top-tier teams in Dota 2? After learning about their history and their championship run in 2015, you’ll find out that this dynamic team has a lot to offer. 

With a lot of talented teams in the world, Evil Geniuses Dota 2 still sticks out positively, and here are the biggest reasons why you should start betting on them: 

Brief history of Evil Geniuses 

In Victoria, British Columbia, the early workings of Evil Geniuses started as a Quake clan in 1997, way before the concept of Dota even existed. Playing from the first cyber cafe in the country, the Underground Onramp, the original EG roster consists of Muppetman, MikeJ, Dakine, Zakath, and Killboy. 

Being on the West Coast and getting access to a T1 internet connection made the Onramp and the EG clan prominent in the burgeoning gaming market.

Fast-forward to a few decades later, the Evil Geniuses became a larger conglomerate of different teams who all played for the organisations. These teams vary in terms of the esports scene they participated in, whether it be Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, or Dota 2. 

Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho and Clinton 'Fear' Loomis returned to Evil Geniuses' Dota 2 division after the 2011 International Dota 2 tournament. This team's inaugural roster included players including Amel ‘PlaymatE’ Barudzija, Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho, Rasmus ‘Misery’, Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis, and Per-Anders ‘Pajkatt’, all of whom have since moved on to other teams. 

SMM 2011 and G-League Season 3 were the first competitions the squad had to prepare for in the area, thus they headed to China for a pre-season training camp. For the second time in a row, they reached the quarterfinals of the World Dota Championship. 

Luo, a player from China, was temporarily replaced by PlaymatE, who had to leave early because of visa concerns. The squad was able to pull away from MiTH with a commanding advantage thanks to a novel approach. 

When a member of the MiTH team abruptly dropped out of the event, trust in the top bracket was shaken. 

EG opted to skip the event because of these and other issues with the tournament's organisation. They were eliminated in the group stage in Season 3 of the G-League. It wasn't long until the players returned to Dota 2 full-time, with the goal of fast climbing the ranks of competition.

EG’s top players

When it comes to EG’s most talented players, there are quite a few from different esports who have a lot to offer given their resumes from playing on the most competitive games in esports history.

Here are the best Evil Geniuses players who ever set foot in the organisation: 

Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora 

Saahil 'Universe,' Arora is one of the strongest offlaners in the game, Arora is a seasoned pro who once belonged to Evil Geniuses. The best way to define Universe as a player is as a 'fearless' individual.

Universe excels in a situation where there's a lot of pressure to perform well. It's strange to see Universe with a farm partner since he generally plays offlane alone and then dominates.

Universe's finest performances came at TI 4 in 2014, when he dominated the competition with Faceless Void. He played a significant role in several of EG's victories the next season.

Before EG, Universe was a member of the Online Kingdom team that finished 7th in The International 2011 despite not participating in the tournament. With It's Gosu and Quantic Gaming, he was able to show off his significant skill after The International. 

In time, Universe would join Fear on EG as their new hard support player. After winning DreamHack Summer 2012 and the BeyondTheSummit World Tour, Universe assisted EG in the lead-up to their second International. 

With the remainder of the team invited to The International in 2012, Saahil and EG were able to play for the prize fund of $1,600,000. 

Invictus Gaming, the team that won the event, knocked them out of the winner bracket with a 1-2 score after excelling in the group round. They didn't last long in the losers bracket after losing to TongFu right away. In September 2012, Evil Geniuses and Universe called it quits after he took a temporary break from DotA to concentrate on his academics. 

Syed ‘SumaiL’ Hassan 

Syed 'SumaiL' Hassan is one of the greatest players in esports history, since he carries his team in most games. SumaiL is one of the most fearsome carry heroes because of his amazing knowledge of the game and the ability to anticipate enemy moves.

SumaiL is also capable of playing offlane, as he has shown time and time again. Because of Ember Spirit, he was perhaps the most important factor in the team's triumph at TI 5.

In January 2015, Universe advocated for EG to sign him because of his strong skills. On January 6th, 2015, SumaiL made his LAN debut in the Dota 2 League Season 5 finals in Las Vegas. Due to Sumail's lacklustre performance, the team had a dismal showing in the competition. 

Critics questioned whether he deserved to be on an Evil Geniuses squad at all, but it was clear that after his amazing plays throughout his stint with the team that he truly deserved to be on the roster. 


Peter ‘ppd’ Dager 

Peter ‘ppd’ Dager is among the best supports in the game and fares well against other elite supports in the game. As an EG player, ppd had quite an illustrious career that brought him to fame as the standard of supporting in Dota 2. 

He started with the game Heroes of Newerth (HoN) where he played under the name ‘peterpandam’ which later turned into PPD for short. 

Ppd made the switch to Dota 2 at the end of 2013, following in the footsteps of many other former Heroes of Newerth players. In the beginning, he played for a few lesser-known teams before joining Zai on the StayFree roster. 

After The International 3, he was picked up by Super Strong Dinosaurs together with ComeWithMe and Sneyking. 

Shortly after joining the squad, he finished second in Bigpoint Battle #8, losing to EG. They formed a new band with Fear, Universe and Arteezy as S A D B O Y S after the breakup of SSD. 

It was quickly apparent that ppd was capable of leading the team and selecting well when he took over from Fear. 

A 19-game winning run, including a first-place finish in the Electronic Sports Prime/Shock Therapy Cup, was achieved by the squad together. S A D B O Y S were introduced as the new Evil Geniuses roster on February 21, 2014.

Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis 

Fear is an appropriate word that best describes what goes into the minds of his opponents  when he enters the battlefield. Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis is one of the best and storied players in Dota 2 history. 

He founded a professional Dota team named PluG Pullers Inc. alongside Merlini and DeMoN, which was one of the first to be sponsored. Early in 2006, DotA Allstars was still in Version 6.28 when compLexity Gaming bought them out. 

Fear became a household name during his tenure with compLexity and was widely regarded as one of the top players in the world. Many other organisations looked to compLexity as a model for their own entry into the Dota arena.

As part of the Meet Your Makers (MYM) team in March 2008, Fear made a major stride forward in his profession. A 3rd-place finish at Electronic Sports World Convention (ESWC) 2008 was a notable achievement for the MYM team. Just weeks before the MYM organisation went bankrupt and dissolved its teams in March 2009, fear had vanished from MYM.

A North American team just taken over by Evil Geniuses has lately brought Fear on board. At Farm Fame #9, they competed against Fear's former MYM colleagues, who were playing under the moniker Kingdom. EG.DotA split in December 2009 without providing a statement of resignation.

Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev 

Team Secret's Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev ultimately joined the Evil Geniuses, where he dominated multiple games as one of the top Dota 2 players.

Having the main item to destroy opposing heroes is Arteezy's primary role as a carry hero and sometimes mid laner, his farming prowess is feared by a large number of his rivals. Babaev’s team synergy with his friends is what makes him extra stronger in Dota 2.

To have the best chance of winning, a carry player should communicate with the rest of his squad at all times. Opposing teams dread him so much that they triple lane him, which means three players gank up for a single player, in the early game to reduce his farming potential. 

Despite this, he has the upper hand throughout most of the battle because of his sharp wits and flawless timing.

Before EG, Arteezy and ComeWithMe joined forces with Kaipi for the summer of 2013 after finally committing to a team in April. Arteezy, on the other hand, quit the squad after just four months and ceased to be active in order to return to school full-time. 

To compete in RaidCall EMS ONE Fall Americas, Artour joined Take Five, a non-competitive squad of ringers, in September 2013. Take Five broke up soon after, and Arteezy went back to being inactive. 

Speed Gaming (previously Kaipi) invited Arteezy to fill in for bOne7 at MLG Major Championship: Columbus in November 2013. An underdog Speed Gaming team beat Team DK in the finals because of Arteezy's impressive performance against some of the best mid-laners in the game.

7ckngMad's controversial remarks about Artour's talent were made after this win at the first LAN tournament Artour ever attended. 

EG’s notable esports games and victory 

Aside from their multitude of talented players, there are also a lot of great moments from EG’s history where the games are simply incredible, whether it be Dota 2 or CS:GO. Here are the brightest EG moments in the history of their organisation. 

2015 TI  

When it comes to their proudest moments, nobody can deny EG’s amazing championship run during the fifth TI. As underdog champions, nobody expected EG to come back on top after being in a hole desperate to steal a win. 

When Dota 2's fifth TI event was held in Seattle for four years in a row, the city became the tournament's permanent home. Team Spirit and Evil Geniuses were also anticipated to go head-to-head in the tournament.

It was thought that CDEC Gaming would also be one of the favourites to take home the trophy. Regardless, MVP Phoenix and Vici Gaming prevailed in the preliminary stages of the tournament.

Evil Geniuses defeated compLexity in the first round and went into the upper bracket R2 with a dominating 2-0 lead (Bo3). After defeating EHOME 2 games to 1, Evil Geniuses advanced to the finals of the tournament. 

After a finals victory, EG became one of the most prominent teams in Dota 2 where their plays became unforgettable moments in the Dota 2 community. 

StarSeries & i-League Season 8

In the CSGO side of the esports scene, Evil Geniuses too dominated just like their Dota 2 counterparts. In Season 8 of CSGO’s StarSeries & i-League, EG rose on top becoming the champions of the 2019 tournament. 

Fnatic was knocked out of the best-of-three series in two games on Dust 2 and then by Mirage. With the combination of Brehze, Ethan, and CeRq keeping Fnatic on the back foot with their aggressiveness on both maps, it never seemed as though Fnatic were in a secure position in either match.

After winning their first international tournament in Belek, Turkey, Evil Geniuses got away with a $250,000 prize money.

With an overall rating of 1.24 on HLTV over 19 maps, Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold went on to win the tournament MVP title. In addition to his teammates Brehze and CeRq, the 19-year-old had a significant effect on EG's path to triumph, and he deservedly won MVP honours.

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Words by: Vonn Consul

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Why should you bet on Evil Geniuses?