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A punter’s guide to King of Glory betting

A punter’s guide to King of Glory betting

A punter’s guide to King of Glory betting

Mon Jun 27 2022 10:53:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

King of Glory is one of the top esports games known for its intense battles. This has made the title one of the best picks for punters who are looking to go for their big chance at winning a lot of their wagers and enjoying their time watching the game.

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Just like most esports massive online battle arena (MOBA) titles, the King of Glory game is based on League of Legends and was made to be the mobile version of the popular esports title. Riot Games worked with Tencent, who then went on to design it as League of Kings to begin with before changing it to Honor of Kings game. It was then translated as King of Glory, and it was a huge hit that roared in the Chinese market in 2015.

As the years went by, Riot Games followed that up by releasing a mobile version of LoL called Wild Rift. That did not take attention away from the Honor of Kings game as they have already racked up a strong popularity stand in the prior years.

Join the hype as you take on the challenge to win on your wagers in each King of Glory match. Turn up the excitement as you enjoy your favourite teams and players in action while you place your wagers on their chances of winning the game!

There are a lot of punters who are keen to see the tight games and score a lot of wins at the same time when it comes to their bets. What is King of Glory game and is it a good pick for esports bettors? Find out everything you need to know about the game below.

Top betting markets on King of Glory

King of Glory betting is more popular than most people think. It remains a top title in the esports industry, and you can be sure that you can get a lot of winning chances as long as you make the right wagers.

Here are the top betting markets on King of Glory:

Match winner

This way, you are predicting which team will win a given game. Most betting sites release odds before the game begins as soon as they assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

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Map winner

There are various maps where certain teams thrive depending on their experience in the said map. This is why it is a fun bet as the maps play a huge role on which team wins depending on their experience in the said map. The bet here is to guess whether the match will be won by a team in a given map. 

Most punters study those winning trends on certain maps. These serve as home courts in other sports, which gives some teams an advantage over the other, meaning better odds and a higher chance of winning the said game.

Total maps

Most tournaments are played on a best of three series or five depending on the stage, which means there are chances that a number of maps will be played as well. There is no need to point out which team will win, it is more of a prediction on the total number of maps to be played in a series. This is a good wager for those who want to get easy wins since there is no hassle in predicting a number for a whole game. 

Correct score

Another great way to get a win in your wagers is to bet on the correct score in a single matchup. This market gives you a chance to win by just predicting the final score of a King of Glory game. It is not easy to predict since it is far more different than guessing which team will win in the game.

For this market, you need to make use of the King of Glory betting odds and even divide your money to bet on a few correct scores that you think will be the case. There are many chances of winning on this one since splitting bets can be a good strategy for you.


Handicap bets are good for some unbalanced matches between teams in the league. This is why it is used to level the odds between two teams and have handicaps applied for each. This makes the game a little fair for punters to bet on but need to meet certain conditions to win.

For starters, favourites will need to win less than the set handicap for them in the total score. Underdogs, on the other hand, must win the game more than the set handicap to make the bet win. 

Betting tips on King of Glory

King of Glory gives you a lot of chances to win in your wagers on various markets. This is why you should always shoot your shot and go for every bet. The more markets you bet on, the better your chances of having a lot of winnings in the end.

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This is where any King of Glory betting guide comes into play. You need to pay attention and read how the punters have done a great job to get a big win in their wagers. These experts have been at it for years, and they earned a lot of success with these tips.

Here are some King of Glory betting tips for you to consider:

Do your research

Research plays a huge role for punters like you because knowing more not just about the King of Glory characters and the game itself, but also the teams and players should definitely give you an edge.

The more you know how each hero works, the better chances you have of being a solid player for your team. Each skill set for every hero is unique, so you should need to come up with a few training sessions to master them all.

Check a team’s roster

The roster matters a lot since different teams mean differ compositions as well. The more unique the lineup is, the better chances of winning for a squad. Each of these players have their own skill sets and it means it varies per game as well.

A team’s roster can make an impact on the overall game since there are times when a roster’s talent makes a huge difference in a match. This says a lot about the King of Glory MOBA players who try to make a big name in the game.

Consider your betting options

Punters should always check which are the bets that would work well for them in a single match. Various wagers work well in a given game depending on the matchup. If there is a tight match, then going for handicaps is the way, and you can even try to predict the number of maps to be played at the same time.

On top of that, you have a lot of betting options for each game, which means it would be good for your winning chances. The more bets you make, the better shot you have at taking a lot of winnings if it all goes well.

See the past winners

The past winners of each tournament is a great way for you to know which team has a better chance of winning. Defending champions are mostly considered as favourites to begin these tourneys, so make sure you pay attention to how they have performed in each of these competitions.

Past winners are more likely to get a chance at winning the tournament again. However, that does not guarantee them a win in the end. There is still a chance that an upset may take place, which should always be in your consideration as well.

Make use of casino bonuses

Bonuses are a good way to help you increase your total winnings. On top of that, it helps you make the most of your wagers and hold you back from spending too much on your bankroll. These bonuses are the way to go if you want to maximise your chances of winning.

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Top King of Glory tournaments to bet on

Each King of Glory is fun to watch , but the tournaments present a much bigger chance for punters to get a chance at more winning prizes. This is why you should be on the lookout for each of the tourneys that are set to be played in a year.

Here are the top King of Glory tournaments to bet on:

Honor of Kings World Champion Cup

The Honor of Kings World Champion Cup is known to be one of the most lucrative tournaments of all time. It is interesting to note that King of Glory Tencent players enjoyed this tournament since it offers one of the largest prize pools next to The International and the Fortnite World Cup.

Arena of Valor World Cup

The AOV has a modest prize pool compared to the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup, but it may soon earn a bigger popularity with the latter tournament now folded into this one. Mixing it up with the AOV game will surely yield a much bigger win than most people think.

King Pro League Spring and Fall

The King Pro League is divided into the Spring and Fall editions like most esports tournaments. It gives points to playing teams to join in on the hype for the World Cup, which makes it a crucial tourney to look out for as well.

Winning on King of Glory betting

Make the most of all King of Glory betting tips you know and engage in making the biggest bets you want to get a win. With a lot of betting markets to choose from, you would never run out of options to bet on. Join the hype and get started in winning here at Bitcasino.

With thrilling prizes and bigger games to look out for, there is no time to waste as you get to try the different markets for King of Glory betting. Now that you have a lot of ideas on how to get a win in your King of Glory bets, it is time to put them to the test and score wins!

Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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A punter’s guide to King of Glory betting