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Top three tips on how to aim better in Valorant

Top three tips on how to aim better in Valorant

Top three tips on how to aim better in Valorant

Tue Oct 26 2021 07:32:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Valorant combines brilliant macro-mechanics with ultra-precise micro-mechanics. Studying the maps and learning the skills of each agent will take you a long way but it is not enough. To dominate the game, you need to master how to improve aim in Valorant.

The most popular Valorant players aren’t known for their ability to predict the movement of their enemies or for their masterful positioning—they are known for their pinpoint accuracy and god-like flicks. For most people, this level of accuracy seems impossible to reach. However, with enough time and practice, pro and casual players alike can perform at a high level.

There are certain tips you can follow that will help improve your aim in Valorant. Most of these tips require commitment and dedication for you to see results, but if you see them through, it will be worth it.

If you want to take your place among the best players in Valorant and have a god-like aim like Tenz, make sure to follow these tips below!

1. Develop good crosshair placement

This is arguably one of the most important tips you should follow. Having good crosshair placement habits is what separates a player with good aim from one who has a masterful aim.

A mistake that most players make when playing the game is not paying attention to where their crosshair is. Most of the time, they are unaware that their crosshair is pointing too high, at the ground, or all over the place. To illustrate just how crucial crosshair placement is, consider this scenario:

If two agents are about to turn a corner and face each other, who do you think will win? The one who doesn’t have good crosshair placement, whose crosshair is pointed at the ground, or the one who has it?

The answer is simple. The player whose crosshair is pointed at the ground has to flick it up to the enemy to get a good shot, while the one with a well-positioned crosshair only has to click a button. It may not seem like much, but the tiny adjustment by the player with bad crosshair placement is way too much time to land a killing blow.

What’s worse, the one with poor crosshair placement can overshoot the flick and end up missing altogether. Meanwhile, the other agent literally only has to click a button and can land an easy headshot. In this particular scenario, quick reflexes had nothing to do with who gets the kill. It’s all about playing smart and steady.

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2. Find the perfect mouse settings

In Valorant, your mouse is your most vital tool. Before you start working on your aim and your reflexes, you need to ensure that you have the perfect mouse sensitivity that will give you the easiest time playing.

There are two kinds of mouse sensitivities that gamers use when playing Valorant: high sensitivity and low sensitivity. These two are commonly referred to as ‘high sens’ and ‘low sens’. Simple enough, high sens means that smaller mouse movements translate to bigger movements in-game, while low sens requires you to move your mouse further to reflect that in-game.

To find the perfect sensitivity for your gameplay, you should figure out whether you feel good with minimal or large hand movements. Once you do, adjust your mouse sensitivity accordingly and try to hit the sweet spot for where you’re most comfortable.

A good way to do this would be to hop onto the Practice Range. Once there, spawn a training dummy, walk around it, and keep your crosshair locked onto its head. Once you’re able to keep the crosshairs dead centre on its head effortlessly, you’ve found your sweet spot!

3. Have an aim practice routine and stick to it

While good crosshair placement is crucial to winning most gunfights, there are moments where you need to rely on pure mechanical skill and reflexes. Luckily, just like any skill, there are ways to improve this.

One of these ways is to formulate an aim practice routine and commit to it. Of course, the ideal aim practice routine you want to do is up to you and the aspect of your aim you want to improve. If you’re unsure about where to start, however, you can use the P.R.E.M.S method.

The P.R.E.M.S. method stands for the following:

  • Practice Bots

In practice bots, your goal is to maintain a head-level aim while constantly shooting the bots. Your focus for this segment is to move your mouse as little as possible and land your shots consistently, only aiming from side to side. Don’t rush yourself and work to build muscle memory slowly.

  • Recoil Control

For recoil control, you want to shoot at a wall or a target and do a full auto spray. Your goal here is to make sure your spray is contained in as small an area as possible. This practice helps you control your recoil and keep your gun from going all over the place when you’re firing.

  • Easy Bots

Your goal for doing Easy Bots is the same as your goal in practice bots, that is, to develop good muscle memory and consistency. For this part of the routine, you want to take it slow and make sure you land all your shots with minimal effort and adjustment.

  • Medium Bots

Medium bots is a harder version of easy bots where you want to take your fundamentals and challenge yourself. Though it is still important not to rush your shots, Medium Bots will give you a little bit of pressure as you have less time to land them. This is the part of the routine where you put your muscle memory to the test and hone it even further.

  • Strafing Practice

Lastly, strafing practice is where you want to train your movement in conjunction with your shots. In Valorant, not getting shot by the enemy is just as vital as shooting them, so you have to learn how to constantly move but maintain your accuracy. Here, you’ll want to do Medium Bots, but incorporate movement into your routine.

If you follow these three tips, you no longer need to ask how to improve aim in Valorant. You’ll find yourself doing amazing flicks and impossible shots and be well on your way to being a monster Valorant player.

Words by: Jack Adriatico

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Top three tips on how to aim better in Valorant