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7 esports scams every player should watch out for

7 esports scams every player should watch out for

7 esports scams every player should watch out for

Fri Aug 05 2022 01:05:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The esports industry continues to thrive as years pass by. As its success and prize pools continue to grow, many scammers have their eyes on how they can trick players through scams. It is up to the players to learn how they can protect themselves when playing online. 

A lot of people have been successful in the esports scene. By being treated as professionals in the gaming industry, players have been passionate about playing and how they can improve their playstyles even more. However, some take advantage of this burning passion for games by tricking those who are mostly into it. 

Given that the global esports scene is in the online space, it is no longer surprising to know that there are a lot of esport scam schemes. For those who are just getting started with esports, here are some of the most common scams that players can keep an eye out for: 

Credential stuffing 

One of the most common scams that a lot of players encounter is credential stuffing. This happens when scammers aim to breach online gaming security by stealing players’ credentials. This way, scammers can get a hold of personal information and use it to their advantage. This information may include banking details which are tied to a player’s playing account. 

Once they have their hands on such valuable info, they can make fraudulent charges or steal valuables and sell them. They do this by using their stolen usernames and passwords to log into the gaming accounts and somehow find a way to get important assets like skins and weapons. 

How to avoid it

To answer the question ‘How can gamers protect themselves when playing online?’, it is best to secure your account with strong passwords that contain a combination of an uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers, and even symbols. It is also recommended to use unique usernames to avoid being an easy target for hackers. 

Phishing scams 

Another popular fraud in online gaming is when scammers send out fake links that look legit. These may come in the form of fake emails saying that there is an issue with your account. What’s even more alarming is that they look like they have been sent by a legitimate company. 

Aside from raising a made-up issue that requires immediate action, what’s included in the fake emails are prompts that direct players to provide their personal information. That way, they can easily get the important info and use the details to their advantage. 

Once they get access to their players’ accounts, scammers can take the in-game assets and sell them. They may also send it to their gaming accounts to corrupt the one whom they have stolen from. 

How to avoid it

To avoid this type of scam, players should always be wary of the emails being sent to them. No matter how convincing they might seem, players should always be careful about sharing their information. Also, it is best to check if the issue being mentioned really exists. 

More often than not, emails that require a sudden verification of personal details are already sketchy. Players should avoid falling into their traps. Better yet, they may want to try messaging the real companies to check if the emails sent to them were really legitimate. 

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Free stuff offers

Another esports fraud that players should keep an eye out for are those that offer a lot of free stuff. Offers like these are highly appealing to players, especially since in-game items cost a fortune. 

To claim the said ‘free stuff’, players are required to disclose their account details. This will be required since the scammers will make it seem that they need it to send the said freebies to their accounts. 

Players who fall victim to this type of scam are more likely to pay more expensive fees than the regular costs of their game upgrades. The reason behind this is that the scammers will make fraudulent charges to their accounts. 

How to avoid it

To avoid falling for this scheme, players are encouraged to visit the game’s real marketplace and see if the offers are real. Though there are free stuff being given away, it doesn’t happen all the time. 

Also, players should keep in mind that free stuff that is legitimately being given away no longer asks for personal details. Rather, they just send it to the accounts that qualify for it. 

Fake cheat codes and gaming tips

Players love getting ideas on how they can move forward with the games they play. These hacks pertain to the tips, tricks, and cheat codes. Even though these hacks can be helpful, some scammers also tend to share fake information that seems legit for players to spend money on. 

However, it is unlike legitimate hacks that people can get for free. Rather, the scammers usually ask for money from the players who wish to learn about the cheat codes while breaching into esports cyber security. Aside from the fact that it steals information, these scams are also a way to implant some dangerous malware into a player’s computer. 

How to avoid it

Players shouldn’t make transactions with people they just met online. They may also wish to go for free betting tips that are readily available. Still, people should always be wary of everything they click on since they might fall into the trap of some scams. 

Romance scammers 

To those who may be wondering about what security threats in online gaming are, the main answer would have to be the people behind them. People who are actively involved with esports will notice that it’s normal for them to meet new people online. Aside from friends, some people also tend to form strong bonds with online people, eventually allowing them to fall in love and be romantically involved. 

While some people tend to be successful with the love they find online, some fall into the trap. Oftentimes, scammers disguise themselves as trustworthy people. Once they have formed a special bond with those whom they have met, they will start asking them about their personal information, including some favours that may include their banking accounts. 

How to avoid it

To have a great time online, players should always be cautious about who they meet. Given that not everything in the online world is what it seems, it’s best to be wary of who they talk to. Though it may be safe to talk to strangers, trusting them with personal information is something that is not highly encouraged. 

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Public networks 

Some games are played offline but esports are mostly known for being available online. With this, players are likely to connect to WiFi whenever they wish to play the games they love. As much as it’s safe to play online games at home, connecting to a public network can be scarier than it seems. 

Some scammers tend to set up a special network which gamers can connect to. These networks lack protection and are used for stealing the info of all those who connect to them. 

How to avoid it 

To avoid falling victim to this kind of scam, players are highly discouraged to connect to public networks they don’t trust. However, those who really need to connect to an unknown network may opt to use a VPN to protect themselves thoroughly. These are important as they encrypt internet traffic and mask the IP address. 

It is highly recommended that people connect to a safe network to secure their credentials and have a safe way to bet on esports as well. 

Illegitimate games

Aside from scamming people when it comes to games, some scammers also go to the extent of creating newer games that are meant to trick people and get their info. The worst thing about this type of scam is that they are sometimes available on the App Store or even on Google Play. More often than not, these games are free for all so that they can be more appealing to players who are most willing to give out some personal information. 

How to avoid it

To avoid this scam, players may want to check the reviews of the games they wish to play first. That way, they can be guaranteed of their safety whenever they play. This is also one way to see which games are safe to play and which aren’t. 

It is important for people to know the popular scams so that they can enjoy a safe esports betting and playing experience. By keeping these in mind and knowing how to protect oneself. Also, it is by being aware of these scams that players can be more confident to have a great time when they enjoy their favourite esports games. 

Words by: Kyra Jimenez

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7 esports scams every player should watch out for