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Dota 2 odds: A guide for beginners

Dota 2 odds: A guide for beginners

Dota 2 odds: A guide for beginners

Wed Mar 02 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

There is no game that’s bigger than Dota 2 in sheer popularity in the esports world. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game that showcases each unique aspect of a hero who can be utilised to win a lot of games.

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Dota 2 is also a free game that’s available on Steam for PC. The best part about this game unlike most free-to-plays is unlocking all the features without any paywalls to face.

With this, any player can delve into Dota 2 and start playing as many times as they want. This creates a learning curve that helps players get better at the game to the point of becoming professional esports players.

This is exactly what happened in the esports scene where a lot of players are now living a fortune playing their favourite games. This also breeds opportunity for punters to cultivate an entirely new market of esports betting.

Knowing how Dota 2 odds works is essential in building complex strategies to help punters win their bets during major tournaments like The International (TI). But, how exactly do you get better at learning the game and at the same time bet smartly to earn huge payouts?

There are a multitude of ways you can get better as a beginner, and here is the ultimate guide that will help you learn how to read Dota 2 odds and bet smartly from now on.

Types of Dota 2 odds

It’s highly recommended to know how the odds work before delving deeper into each individual skill set that you need to hone to win more. Here are the types of Dota 2 odds that you need to understand before placing your Dota 2 bets:

American odds

There are usually 2 types of formats that Dota 2 odds embody. The first one is the American odds with either an ‘-’ or a ‘+’ before the number. For instance, a Dota 2 match between Evil Geniuses (EG) and Forward Gaming can show odds of (-300) and (+200) respectively.

This means that Evil Geniuses are the favourites in this game while Forward Gaming are the underdogs. When betting on the favourites with a (-300) odds, you need to bet $300 to win $100 if the outcome of the game ends up EG winning.

On the other hand, when betting $100 on the underdogs and them winning the match, you’ll earn $200. The reason for placing lower wagers on the underdogs that yield higher returns is the risk involved when betting on them.

Underdogs are generally not regarded as the best team in a particular match. If they win, your risk to reward ratio is high. Thus, providing you with a higher payout. The same goes when betting on the favourites.

Since the favourites are regarded as the better team in a match, the risks of losing your bet are low. Thus, needing you to wager higher for a measly payout.

Decimal odds

Unlike American odds, decimal odds shows what your total payout would be instead of your earnings. For instance, if the same matchup from above has odds listed for Forward Gaming and Evil Geniuses at 3.00 and 1.33 respectively, then a bet of $100 would pay out 3 times the original wager $300.

The same applies on Evil Geniuses where betting $100 will get you $400 after multiplying 1.33 to the original wager. 

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How to take advantage of Dota 2 odds

Taking advantage of the odds is what great punters have been doing for so many years. You won't easily lose a bet if you know how the odds work and which team has better chances of winning.

Here are the ways you can take advantage of understanding the odds to increase your chances of doubling or even tripling your bets:

Thorough research on past records

When the Dota 2 odds are presented to you from an upcoming match, it’s important that you know these teams’ history before betting on them. While the odds will show you a general idea as to how a team will perform, it’s better when you have the exact history and knowledge of each team to make better decisions. 

Determining the favourites and underdogs is simply not enough to propel you to have a higher chance of winning your bets with any currencies like crypto. Looking at the team composition and which heroes are used is a great way of getting better as a Dota 2 punter

The best way to research is looking at each player’s record and knowing their style of play. This is because every player in a Dota 2 esports roster has a specific role to play. Dota 2 has a separate tab that showcases each player’s win-death statistics. 

When deciding on which team is most likely to win in the match, you have to look at previous records like the win-loss column and the kill-deaths-assists ratio of all the players in the roster.

For instance, when a support player in a team has a winning record playing supporting roles, then you’re pretty much in the clear to put your bets on them. 

Be updated on the current events of the league

Getting the latest updates on the current teams and tournaments in the Dota 2 esports scene is probably the best way to know more about the wonders of the game. This in turn will up your chances of winning your bets since you can pinpoint which team has the best chances of winning.

Check meta heroes in the active patches as well as trends in hero sets and combos

Metagame is a term used to describe the current trend of the online Dota 2 patches. Taking time to look into it will help you understand how the game works in a more intricate way.

Also, professional players tend to use some heroes in the most unconventional ways but become deadly on the map. For instance, a couple of patches ago, agility carry Riki’s Meteor Hammer trend used to stomp pub games all the time.

In the recent Dota 2 esports tournaments, damage-dealing carry Weaver is used as a support damage-dealing semi-carry whose Swarm ability is very useful in team fights. Furthermore, her damage is also worth every auto attack casted that cripples any soft supports in the game.

Know which ones to bet on: Favourites or underdogs?

There isn’t an obvious choice when picking between the favourites and the underdogs. A great example of this would be the 2021 season’s The International when Evil Geniuses were one of the top teams in the league but ended up not making it to the final tournament.

Instead, an overlooked Team Spirit rallied to the top of the competition and won the whole tournament. This just proves that the games are highly unpredictable and anything can happen.

What you can learn from studying the past is looking at the frequency of favourites and underdogs winning major tournaments. However, the general rule of thumb is usually betting on the favourites because they are the safest team to wager on.

Different Dota 2 betting markets

A betting market is a way for punters to wager on Dota 2 games. Here are the most common and profitable betting markets to try out right now:

You can wager on individual maps. You can bet on each map in a match as its own separate event. Betting on Map 1 to 3 to be won by a specific esports team is one option while playing in over or under a certain amount of time is another.

These types of wagers give Dota 2 enthusiasts the chance to take advantage of their knowledge of the game. This is why it’s so important to learn the mechanics first before betting since there will always be a team who starts slow and can pick up steam when the third map takes place.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a signup bonus to bet?

Yes! When betting on sites like Bitcasino, you have the opportunity to earn a signup bonus that you can use as your initial wager on specific Dota 2 matches.

Do all bookmakers accept all types of bets?

What bookmakers consider to be acceptable depends on the esports betting site itself. The major moneyline and spread bets are definitely accepted, but specifics like maps and totals might only appear in a few.

Is it legal to bet on Dota 2?

There is still a huge grey area regarding the legality of esports betting. To avoid going against the law of your jurisdiction, it is best to check on the site's terms and conditions. If there are no restrictions, there is probably no reason not to enjoy the fun of esports betting.

Master the Dota 2 odds now and bet in tournaments here at Bitcasino!

Understanding the Dota 2 odds is the primary step into becoming a masterclass punter in this industry. You’ll be surprised at the twists and turns major Dota 2 tournaments will present themselves, but you’re sure going to be ready when the games officially begin!

With this ultimate guide, you can now proceed to betting on the best Dota 2 teams and earning lucratively high payouts that will keep you coming back for more!

Words by: Vonn Consul

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Dota 2 odds: A guide for beginners