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Your complete guide to CS:GO bet types

Your complete guide to CS:GO bet types

Your complete guide to CS:GO bet types

Mon Jun 06 2022 06:10:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Seeing your favourite team compete in the major leagues is already fun enough but you can make it more exciting by placing stakes on the match. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the best esports for that activity. There are plenty of markets to choose from and ongoing matches.

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CS:GO betting can be done in dedicated sites called bookmakers but Bitcasino also offers that service so you can use your slot game bankroll for placing esports bets, too. This is made possible with our partnership with Betsy Games. This CS:GO betting guide includes broad types of bets lists of specific markets under each of them.

All available types of CS:GO bets in Bitcasino

The variety of types of bets cover different aspects of a CS:GO match. Each one can be independent from one another so you can be more creative with how you place your ante. Those aspects in question are always quantitative elements like number of points earned and the distinction of who’s the winner.

CS:GO esports betting in Betsy comes with a variety of betting markets. Here’s a list of them and what they mean specifically. Understanding how they are measured is the best way to predict an outcome in CS:GO even if each one only comes with two to three options in every instance.

CS:GO esports betting on winners 

Guessing who would win is arguably the most popular type of bet in CS:GO given how every bookmaker features it. Winning in the game can either be about eliminating the other team or completing the objective which is to plant or diffuse the bomb. Betsy offers three kinds of winner bets in CS:GO esports betting such as the following:

Match winner 

A CS:GO match refers to the whole event where one of the two teams decides their place in the tournament. It is further divided into several segments depending on the rules of the league in the current season. One of its broadest divisions is called a map which is further divided into 30 rounds. 

The winner of the match is whoever wins two in a best of three maps. Games end immediately if one team has won two maps back to back and will only push for a third one if both have one victory each. Grand finals usually come with a best of five, instead. The best of seven are more uncommon and usually only found in international tournaments.

Map winner 

The map always only consists of 30 rounds in total where each side have 15 rounds to play as either terrorist or counter-terrorists. Whoever wins the majority of the rounds first wins the whole map, then the match resets to prepare for the next round. If both teams get 15, then the map goes into overtime with 6 more possible rounds needed, increasing the minimum requirement by 4. 

Map number and round number winner 

Betsy Games expands the option of winner bets by letting you wager on every round. There will be indications like the map number followed by the round number like ‘Map 2. Round 16’ for example. Betsy only focuses on rounds 1 and 16 of each map to keep it concise. 

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Total number betting in CS:GO 

Maps, rounds, and kills are tallied in every match. You can bet on how much in total is accumulated by the end of the game. Rather than guessing an exact amount, all you need to do is guess whether the total will be over or under a specific amount. The alternative is whether the total will be an odd or even number. 

Over/under bets 

All over/under bets come with a 0.5 added on the specified average to prevent the possibility of equals as there is no such thing as half a map, round, or kill count. The number of maps per round starts with over/under 25.5. Under bet wins if the map ends between 16 to 25 total number of rounds, while over wins if it’s between 26 to 30. 

Kill count over/under bets are often only tallied per round rather than per map. The average is 7.5. If 0-7 kills seems more plausible than 8-10, keep in mind that CS:GO is a game where full-team elimination is the most frequent way a round ends. That’s already 5 kills and the other team always has casualties where there is often only one or two left standing. Thus, over 7.5 is the favourite bet.

Even/odds bets 

Even/odd betting in CS:GO is mostly only applied to how many rounds each map will have. Since the requirement to win is always even numbers (16 in best of 30, 19 in overtime), even has a higher probability than odd. 

Other CS:GO bets on Betsy

Betsy Games offers a special category called ‘others’ for all bettors. It’s a collection of very specific scenarios for CS:GO betting. These outcomes can be challenging to guess but CS:GO betting tips could help you make better decisions. 

Map overtime 

It’s the map rules that makes it impossible to have a tie in a CS:GO match. If both teams win 15 rounds each, then the map pushes for 6 more rounds. This is called overtime and the winning requirement is raised to 19 minimum. The map overtime bet simply makes you guess if the map 1, 2, or 3 is going to have an overtime or not. 

Way of round ending

Other than simply determining who would win the match, you can also bet on how a round ends. There are only four options arranged from most to least likely to happen:

  • Either team being killed
  • Bomb is difused by the counter terrorists
  • Bomb explodes 
  • Round time of 1 minute and 55 seconds ends

     Specific method of killing present on a specified map

CS:GO is a game where squad elimination is one of the most thrilling aspects and the objective is often seen as an alternative win condition. You can guess if a player will be eliminated by molotov damage, grenade blast, pistol shot, or knife attack. Each possibility is listed as individual markets and you just have to bet on yes or no for each of them. 

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CS:GO handicap betting 

Betting on who would win a match is fun as it exercises your understanding of both teams making an educated guess on the possible outcomes. One side will always have a clear upperhand based on past performances and individual players’ skills in CS:GO. However, this can be more fun with CS:GO handicap betting.

The underdogs are getting additional round wins at the start of the match. Betsy has three sets of handicap bets ranging from +2.5 to +5.5 which further turns the underdog into the favourite with the higher round wins. Since CS:GO maps end with whichever team gets 16 points first, betting on the underdog with +2.5 will pay you early even if they only have 14 round wins. 

Handicap betting is the best option for when the matchup gap is too large. Giving the underdogs a round advantage raises the payout size for the favourites. CS:GO handicap betting lets you place your stakes on whichever team you prefer while also giving you control over the payout size. You can also place bets on all handicaps along with your wager for the non-handicapped map winner for more chances of winning in a single match. 

Correct score betting in CS:GO 

The correct score is the most straightforward type of bet for CS:GO. It refers to the final results of the match based on how many maps were won by both teams. Since a single CS:GO is a best of three arrangement, the options will vary between 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, and 0-2. 

However, some CS:GO games can be a best of 5 like the ESL Pro League Grand Finals will have more combinations. Some tournaments have grand finals with a best of 7 rules where a team needs at least 4 wins in total to end the event. You can only choose one from all of the options, making it one of the most exciting types of bets in CS:GO. More options mean that each possibility has lower odds, thus, you get higher possible payouts if you guessed correctly. 

Bet on CS:GO matches at Bitcasino powered by Betsy 

This CS:GO betting guide helps you learn about your options when playing the spectator’s activity of this internationally-acclaimed esport. You can find all of these types of bets at’s esports crypto gambling site powered by Betsy Games. CS:GO is one of the most active competitive scenes thanks to various major leagues around the world. 

Betting in CS:GO is exciting because every match is unpredictable. There are factors that can determine which side has the advantage, hence the odds in every crypto bookmaker, but the outcome is ultimately random. Skills make one’s performance reliable but mistakes can still be made in such a fast-paced action game. 

Words by: Clarence Clarke

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Your complete guide to CS:GO bet types