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Beginner’s guide to Fantasy LCS betting

Beginner’s guide to Fantasy LCS betting

Beginner’s guide to Fantasy LCS betting

Thu Sep 01 2022 02:55:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

There are many reasons why you should play League of Legends (LoL). Out of all the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, League is the easiest to get into because of its streamlined gameplay. 

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Going over to its esports scene, League has a lot of great moments that fans enjoyed throughout the years. With that said, only a handful of games can match the competitive intensity of the matches. 

There is another great way to appreciate the game even more, which would be the Fantasy LCS. The LoL Fantasy League of Legends Championship Series is similar to fantasy sports games like football but in the context of LoL. Is League’s fantasy series worth betting on? What are its unique qualities and why join its betting community? Find out more about it below: 

What is Fantasy LCS?

If you’ve ever played any LoL fantasy esports series, then the LCS has the same concept. Aside from its esports fantasy league nature and League of Legends fantasy betting style, the Fantasy LCS is a one-of-a-kind tournament meant to draft players from the league and match them with different roster spots to see if they can win a major competition. 

This concept has been around since the popular fantasy football league became a huge thing on the internet, and it’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the game as well. 

The Fantasy LCS follows these few features:

  • Choosing the LCS players to fill a certain roster for a week. 
  • Watch the LCS games to see how each player plays and how their team synergy works.
  • The league is based on a scoring-point system to know how well they did during a match.
  • Scoring the highest points possible ensures you will beat other Fantasy LCS players as well.

Why play Fantasy LCS? 

The best part about the Fantasy LCS is it will improve and increase your interest and love for the game. Imagine watching two bottom-tier esports teams go at it by how you want the roster to look. 

You will also have a mid laner that is from a different team that you might like to join your roster. Mid laners are crucial in a lot of games. If they dominate their respective lanes, then it’s going to be challenging for the opponents to defend. This voids any speculations that you had before when fantasy drafting players from different esports clubs. 

Not only will this increase your enjoyment while watching, but it will also help you grow as a player and edge you closer to being a professional player by learning the game better. The reason for this is most players are also into the world of fantasy esports. This way, you will have the chance to rank up by having a better understanding of the game and improve your solo queue games significantly. 

How does it work? 

Each week, you need to pick five players to form a team. However, you can’t pick one team that’s pre-established like Fnatic or Cloud9 because there are salary caps to consider. These are essentially limits that won’t allow you to have all the great players right off the bat.

Of course, the more well-recognised the player is, the higher his salary. To balance the Fantasy LCS, each player has a designated salary for the whole week of $1.5 million. This is to ensure that you don’t stack the best players and make the league unfair to play. 

Scoring points in the Fantasy LCS

Another aspect to learn quickly is how you score when playing the Fantasy LCS. When you go for LoL Fantasy Draft, the scoring will be based on the players' matches each week that the draft will take place. 

If a picked player plays well, their score will also be high. Players can score points through kills, deaths, assists, and their total creep kills as well. 

The point allocation is as follows:

  • Captain bonus - If you smartly pick the champions that your captain will play for a match, you get 50% bonus points added to your overall Fantasy points he scores during the game. 
  • Kills - 3 points 
  • Deaths - (-1) point
  • Assist - 1.5 points 
  • Creep kills - 0.02 points 
  • Win - 2 points 
  • Win <20 minutes - 5 points (stackable 2 points for a win) 
  • Win 20 minutes - 30 minutes - 2 points (stackable 2 points for a win) 
  • Destroyed turret - 1 point 
  • First turret bonus - 1 point (in addition to a destroyed turret point) 
  • First blood - 2 points 
  • Dragon killed - 2 points 
  • Baron killed - 3 points
  • Rift Herald killed - 2 points

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Playing Fantasy LCS: The meat of League action

Most new players find it easier to get straight into the action. The first thing you need to learn right off the bat is how to play League of Legends and its betting types

If you’ve played games like StarCraft II or Dota 2, then LoL should be familiar since it borrows almost all the mechanics from those games with few variations to make it more streamlined. 

One of the primary things you need to know about the game is the positions or roles of each champion in a given match. The role system in League is as follows: 

  • Top laner - The top laner is usually the offlane champion who’s in charge to carry the late game. These players must farm or make it hard for their enemies to farm in the lane. 
  • Jungler - The jungler is the champion who roams around the map to get farms from the jungle camps instead of the lanes. This way, they can allocate the experience and gold to the top or bot laners evenly for a fair matchup in the late game. 
  • Bot laner - The bot laner is the same as the top laner depending on the positions in the map. They can also either be the carry or the offlane in this case. 
  • Mid laner - The mid laner is arguably the most important player because they decide the early to mid game with their potential dominance. Since it’s a one-on-one lane, all gold and experience will only go to the mid laner. 
  • Support laner - The support laner is in charge of healing, stunning, and initiating team fights. They might be soft when it comes to HP, but they deal a lot of damage that help other roles finish their jobs in the game.

How to get started at Fantasy LCS betting?

Now that you have a ton of ideas as to what Fantasy LCS is all about, it’s time to delve into some useful tips and guides on how to start betting on its markets. Check out some of the best guides to help you earn a ton of wagers: 

Looking for the best esports betting site

When betting on esports games like League of Legends and the Fantasy LCS, Bitcasino has the best features to make sure that you have the best experience. 

How to make the perfect Fantasy LCS draft 

Of course, you need to draft the best ones if you want a fighting chance to beat other players in the Fantasy LCS. Here are some ways that you can better your odds of beating the best Fantasy LCS players: 

  • ResearchResearch is key to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each player. With information on the internet, you will never run out of interesting facts that will help you draft players better. 
  • Understanding the numbers and oddsThe odds and stat sheets are important when drafting players. This means that previous track record, win-to-loss ratio, and overall map presence are among a plethora of records that are essential to securing the best roster in your LoL fantasy picks
  • Setting draft prioritiesWhen drafting, you should know which role you want to secure before getting two or even three of the same types of players. Setting priorities when betting is crucial in ensuring that you will have a balanced team. 

Fantasy LCS 2022 rankings

Just like the League of Legends ranking system, the Fantasy LCS has a ranking system that puts forth the best players on the top-tier standings. Before the 2022 season officially begins, here are the power rankings as of June 2022: 

  1. TL
  2. EG
  3. 100T
  4. C9
  5. TSM

The power rankings can change depending on each team’s performance during the weekly matchup. So, pay attention to the games and observe how it affects Fantasy LCS 2022 rankings

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Words by: Vonn Consul 

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Beginner’s guide to Fantasy LCS betting