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Best bets: The ultimate BLAST Premier Fall 2022 betting guide

Best bets: The ultimate BLAST Premier Fall 2022 betting guide

Best bets: The ultimate BLAST Premier Fall 2022 betting guide

Mon Sep 19 2022 07:54:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The best CSGO teams often compete in LAN events. One of the most popular CSGO LAN events is the BLAST Premier. This year’s BLAST Premier Fall event is on its way to the Finals—this guide will help you learn more about the event and its esports betting scene.

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The CS GO Blast Premier Fall is one of the best events for its competition level, making it an excellent event for CSGO bettors. Before we dive into the details of the BLAST Premier Fall 2022, let’s check out what makes CSGO betting worth your time and money. 

When is BLAST Premier Fall 2022 Finals?

The CSGO esports scene has significant events throughout the year, with multiple third-party events surrounding the two Majors. BLAST Premier Fall 2022 is one of those events. It is also one of the most lucrative ones, with the BLAST Premier prize pool being around $425,000. The 2022 edition of this event will be in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena on November 23 and run up to the 27th.

Denmark itself is known to be a CSGO hub as they are the home country of the title’s most successful team, Astralis. The Danish team is the most successful CSGO squad in history, with four Major titles under their belt, and as of late, they have performed well in various events. 

Now that you know the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown schedule let’s dive into a few helpful betting tips for the upcoming event.

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Tips you need to remember when betting on BLAST

Your CSGO Blast Premier betting experience will be easy if you follow helpful tips. These tips might also help you win the most significant payouts once the BLAST Premier Finals winner has been crowned.

Learn about the participating CSGO teams and their playstyles

In top CSGO competitions, team dynamics get tested since they need to push their performance level to its peak. The BLAST Premier Fall is one of these top CSGO competitions so expect the best teams to play against each other.

The BLAST Premier Fall groups are an exciting part of the event to research because this is where specific teams and players showcase their best strategies. You can also see new faces in the competition that can be your betting prospect. 

For example, a top team like FaZe Clan is always at the top of their game because in-game leader Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen is known as one of the brightest tacticians in the esports scene. It has led to solid success for FaZe in 2022 because they just won a Major and are a top contender for the rest of the year, including at the BLAST Premier tournament in November.

Consult the odds 

CSGO Blast Premier betting odds tell you who the favourites and underdogs are for a particular match or the entire tournament. What's great about these odds is that it doesn't matter who your favourite team competes with since betting odds rely on each team's performance. In short, you need to see both teams' recent stats before you place your bets.

For example, a match between FaZe and Natus Vincere is coming up, and you want to learn which team you need to wager on. When you check the popular odds like moneyline and decimal, you will most likely see Na'Vi as the favourites and FaZe as the underdogs. These odds will help you decide your bets because they will also tell you how much you can win when you bet on either team.

Deepen your CSGO knowledge

Apart from knowing the teams themselves, you should also have a good idea of what is happening in the games. Keep watching pro matches to learn more about how CSGO teams perform and what can happen in further tournaments. 

You will be a much-improved punter if you're familiar with these esports events. Make sure you research CSGO esports first before you make the wagers.

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Find out how the BLAST Premier League works

CSGO events usually vary across multiple occasions. However, as seen in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, this tournament's format is standard and straightforward, much like the Majors' with various stages.

For the first part of the event, there will be a group stage involving two four-team groups, and they will play a double-elimination format. All of the series in the group stage will be best-of-three. 

The winner of the group will advance to the semifinals, while the runner-ups will go to the quarterfinals as the High Seeds. Meanwhile, the third-place teams will play in the quarterfinals as the Low Seeds. The fourth-place teams are eliminated from the event. 

Single-elimination bracket

The BLAST playoffs are a simple single-elimination bracket that consists of three parts. All the matches will still be best of three and not follow the usual best of five. It's one of the exciting parts of the event that spectators always anticipate because it's do-or-die on the biggest stage in the game. 

CSGO star players will affect BLAST Premier Finals betting

Expect the BLAST Premier Fall 2022 to feature the most prominent teams and players. The previously mentioned teams like FaZe and Na'Vi have superstar players on their team like Russel' Twistzz' Van Dulken and Oleksandr'  s1mple' Kostyliev. They will be significant for your betting because they can influence specific matches and events. 

With proficient players like s1mple on a lineup, they will be influential since they significantly impact how Na'Vi plays. With his immense skill, he can turn a match on its head with any weapon. 

The likes of s1mple or Mathieu'  ZywOo' Herbaut will influence results because they can carry their teammates with their fragging power. They can also dictate how the game is played because opponents can get intimidated by their dominance.

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Watch out for the BLAST Premier Fall 2022 

Out of all events in CSGO, apart from the Majors, nothing comes close to the prestige you will see at BLAST Premier Fall 2022. There will be tons of rewards up for grabs. This event is an exciting tournament that you should watch out for, and it will be a can't-miss event for your bets.

Words by: Cholo Martin

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Best bets: The ultimate BLAST Premier Fall 2022 betting guide