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Exciting Asian esports tournaments to bet on

Exciting Asian esports tournaments to bet on

Exciting Asian esports tournaments to bet on

Wed Jun 22 2022 05:45:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

One of the reasons why players love esports is that there are several tournaments that showcase the skills of impressive teams and players. Aside from global tournaments, what others don’t know is that there are those that are exclusive in Asia. 

Believe it or not, there are many impressive global teams across the world. In fact, some of their members are from Asian countries who have a massive love for games. Even though most games are created in Western countries, there are also several games that come from Asia. 

With the fun-loving nature of Asians, it is no longer surprising to see that Asian esports is one of the most successful industries in the market. Aside from honing their skills well to be a part of globally-acclaimed teams, most Asian players also partake in major tournaments that are exclusive to the continent.  

If you haven’t heard about Asian competitions that prove how massive esports Asia is, here are some exciting Asian esports tournaments you can watch and bet on: 

Southeast Asian Games 

The Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) is one of the biggest competitions in Asia as it works similarly to the Olympics, except that it’s exclusive to Southeast Asian countries. So far, 11 participating countries engage in the various competitions this event has. This event features sports like athletics, boxing, football, and swimming. In 2019, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) decided to include esports as one of its categories as well. 

The 2019 season of the SEAG where the esports category was held in the Philippines from November 30 to December 11. As the SEAG is held every odd year, Asian players have also looked forward to playing for the 2021 season which had to be rescheduled on May 2022 due to the COVID-19 situation. In the said season, Asian contenders can show off their best skills in what will serve as an esports Olympics for the said region. 

The 11 countries that will be participating on the upcoming season are the following: 

  • Brunei 
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand 
  • Timor-Leste
  • Vietnam (host country)

Featured games 

The OCA has included several popular games in its esports category. Some of these are played on PC and some are focused on mobile gaming. Here are the games that will be covered in the 2022 edition of the said tournament: 

For PC

  • League of legends 
  • FIFA Online 4
  • Crossfire

For Mobile 

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift (men’s team and women’s team)
  • Arena of Valor 
  • PUBG Mobile (individual and team) 
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Previous winners 

The success of the esports category launch also introduced some of South East Asia’s best players on various games. Here are some of the countries that bagged home the gold medal on their chosen games: 

For PC 

  • Dota 2 - Philippines
  • Starcraft II - Philippines 
  • Hearthstone - Malaysia

For console 

  • Tekken 7 - Thailand

For mobile 

  • Arena of Valor - Thailand 
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Philippines

Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 

The Honor of Kings World Champion Cup is one of the richest esports tournaments Asia that people look forward to. This is organised by Tencent which happens to be one of the biggest companies in China. After it was launched in 2016, this event grew even more popular as it boasts of a massive prize pool that its participants can get.

Honor of Kings is also known as one of the largest games in the country. The game is only available in China but it has a global version which is called Arena of Valor. The tournament covers both of these games, making it a great place to reunite the best players of the game. 

The rising popularity of the said tournament also led to the increase of the prize pool which is now equal to around $7 million. This makes it have the biggest prize pool in mobile esports history. As a Chinese-based tournament, the matches are held on the different cities of China such as:

  • Shanghai
  • Nanjing
  • Chongqing
  • Qingdao
  • Wuhan
  • Beijing

This tournament is played among twelve Asian esports teams in a single round-robin format. Then, all of them will have to take part in 30 matches that will determine the four teams that will advance to the knockout stage. 

The 2021 season was held from July 28 to August 28. The champion of the 2021 season is Hero JiuJing which is a team-based in Nanjing. 

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Funspark ULTI 

Funspark ULTI is a competition dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which is always jam-packed with exciting action among the participating teams and players. Though the event may be set by European organisers, Asian CS:GO also looks forward to it because it has an Asian division that allows players to showcase their best skills in the game. 

This tournament has a prize pool of $25,000 which makes it more interesting to join. This tournament is played among 16 teams who each vie for the prize in a double-elimination format. The 2022 season was won by Team NKT. Other teams that became successful in the tournament are Wings Up Gaming, Camel Riders, and Team Renewal. 

Mobile Legends World Championships

The Mobile Legends World Championships is the most prestigious competition for the said game which is organised by Moonton. This is one of the most remarkable esports tournaments since it also proves the popularity of the MOBA game genre in Asia. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB or ML) is one of the biggest games in Southeast Asia. In fact, its popularity is bigger than that of Honor of King’s in China. Though the tournament is open for global teams, it is undeniable that it is mostly in-demand in Asia as it originated from Malaysia.  

The tournament is played among 16 teams who need to take part in a single round-robin format. Then, the teams who will proceed to the main event will have to undergo double eliminations until one team comes out on top. 

The first-ever winner of the tournament came from Indonesia. Then, the Philippines won the second and third seasons of the tournament. 

Top tips when betting on Asian esports tournaments 

Asian esports tournaments are fun to watch since the gameplay is always filled with exciting twists as the game unfolds. They are also fun to bet on since there are a lot of winning possibilities that you can enjoy whenever you observe one.

Aside from the fact that there are several markets to be wagered on, there are some ways on how you can have better chances of winning. With that, here are some tips that esports punters may keep in mind

Review previous matches 

If you’ve already decided to bet on your favourite games, you must ensure that you’ve watched the previous matches that were held prior to the one’s you’ll be betting on. With this, you will have a clue about how the participating players perform and the strengths that can bring them more advantage. 

Aside from the fact that it shows you some great strategies to win the game, this will also help you place more calculated asian games esports bets. 

Check player lineups and backgrounds 

To ensure that you have better chances of winning, it is best to choose who among the outstanding players are lined up. By being an esports fan, you may have observed that some players tend to switch teams. Therefore, research about them and see who they’ll be playing with. 

By checking the playing histories of the lined up players, you’ll be able to determine if all their skills are aligned with each other’s playing style. This will help you decide if your bet will be worth it or not. 

Understand the games 

Before betting, make sure that you have a clear understanding of your chosen game and its objectives. By doing so, you will know who among the players and teams have better chances to win. Also, having a grasp of specific esports games will help you observe the odds, especially if you’re more inclined with in-play betting. 

Vary bets 

Betting on your favourite esports events can be fun and thrilling as you don’t know which markets you can guess correctly. As much as you would want to pour your money by betting on your favourite team or player, it is not a wise move. 

Rather, try spreading your bets across different markets to have more chances of winning. By doing this, you will not be too scared about losing your money in one blow. More importantly, placing more bets also adds up to the thrill of waiting for the final match results.   

Set a betting limit 

Always make sure to set a betting limit whenever you wager on esports matches. As much as betting can be fun, there should always be limitations. Make sure that your budget is not more than what you can afford to lose. More importantly, never chase your losses as it can bring you more harm than good. 

Is betting on Asian esports events worth it? 

Definitely! By watching the exchange of skills and strategies of Asian players who always give it their all, you’ll be amazed by how thrilling Asian tournaments can get. If you want to join in the fun and win some prizes for yourself, bet on these events and see how much you can win! Who knows? It may help you feel more inspired to pursue a career in the Asian esports industry! 

Words by: Kyra Jimenez  

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Exciting Asian esports tournaments to bet on