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Gamer's checklist: 5 essential items for the ultimate set-up

Gamer's checklist: 5 essential items for the ultimate set-up

Gamer's checklist: 5 essential items for the ultimate set-up

Thu Nov 18 2021 07:40:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

We all know gamers are a special kind of people. They can be very specific about the items they need for a comfortable but fun gaming experience. So, gifting them (or yourself as a gamer) can be tricky. We’re taking the hassle out of your search. Use this checklist for an idea of the top five most essential things gamer needs for the ultimate set-up.

Gaming set-ups are intensely a personal thing, especially to gamers who treat the activity more than a pastime. While many casual gamers step up to achieve a fully immersive gaming experience, aspiring professional esports athletes consider them as an easier transition to actual tournaments. Either way, the perfect set-up is the one that gives every kind of gamer the following benefits:

  • Comfort —> While gamers seem safer because they sit and stare at a screen, long hours of gaming sessions can result in injuries like bad posture, eye strain, muscle and joint problems, among others. That is why with the correct gaming set-up, items like an ergonomic chair can certainly do wonders for their comfort.
  • Health benefits —> A well-arranged gaming set-up actually provides health and social benefits, such as improving a gamer’s memory and performance.
  • Better performance —> If esports is a real sport, then a great gaming set-up will make any gamer comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly, focused. As a result, they will have better communication and reaction time with their teammates, especially if the video games they play are first-person shooters or multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs).

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5 essential gaming items

In no particular order, listed as follows are the five essential things gamer needs for the ultimate gaming experience.

1. An ergonomic chair

As mentioned before, investing in an ergonomic gaming chair is crucial for a gamer’s health, especially if they play for many hours every day. Avoid problems like lower back strains by using chairs that have enough padding, reclining features, and built-in cushions.

What we suggest:

  • Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody
  • DXRacer Master
  • Secretlab Titan XL 2020

2. Mechanical keyboard/full-sized backlit keyboard

Intense gameplay requires rapid reactions in order to win. As such, mechanical keyboards are made to make the procedure easier for gamers. They are built to last for years of use without breaking down.

What we suggest:

  • Razer’s Ornata
  • Corsair K100 RGB Optical
  • Mountain Everest Max

3. High-resolution multiple monitors

Anything that interferes during a gamer’s playing time or makes them feel uneasy will hinder their performance. It will be convenient to design a gaming station with many displays. Depending on the size of their workspace, some gamers might have two or three displays: one for gaming, one for looking up guides and information, and one for watching movies or TV shows while playing.

What we suggest:

  • LG 27GN950-B
  • Gigabyte G27Q
  • Dell S2722DGM

4. Portable hard drives

Gamers will benefit from having a pair of portable hard drives, especially if something happens to their PC or laptop. They will save a lot of time and work if they have a backup and extra storage space. What we suggest is something that is compatible with the gamer’s operating system.

5. Multipurpose cable and wire straps

A gaming station can have tons of distracting wires and cords due to the many devices and accessories. It might be difficult to keep them organized, and they can become knotted over time. Having a few multipurpose straps on hand will keep them untangled and secure because they are made of hook-and-loop material and are fairly sturdy. Like portable hard drives, you don’t need a specific brand and/or model, as they would initially be based on your entire gaming set-up.

Additional steps to become a pro gamer

Having the perfect gaming set-up is just one of the many important ways to become a pro gamer. Just like how gamers are meticulous in finding the best PC brand and model, they should also have a thorough understanding and research on choosing the right game and joining a community. Even more, they should also be patient in continuously watching and playing towards a solid foundation and mastery.

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Words by: Antoinette Laraze

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Gamer's checklist: 5 essential items for the ultimate set-up