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10 best unspoken rules in esports

10 best unspoken rules in esports

10 best unspoken rules in esports

Thu Sep 29 2022 06:04:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Esports offer a lot of intense action, but players must also follow specific rules that preserve competitive play. It has led to great success and a more extensive community of fans enjoying it.

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Gaming etiquette is a must to follow for all players, and no one can deny the fact that it does bring smooth and solid gameplay to all esports titles. It sends a strong message that esports relies more on the players to have the courtesy to enjoy the games with others.

Why should you follow unspoken gaming rules?

Rules in every game are not the same, but when it comes to esports in general, players may have to follow specific rules that will help them get along with other players and enjoy the game as a whole. These unspoken video game rules can help make your esports gaming sessions worth the time.

Lets every player have fun

Aside from competing for the game’s main objective, everyone plays to have fun in esports. Competitive matches bring thrill and excitement, which means they should be enjoyable as long as players practice gaming etiquette. 

Every player must keep the peace and have a good time with other players online. The unspoken rules of gaming are designed to keep it that way for players. The more the players can enjoy these games without much hassle, the better their experience.

Keeps the game professional 

What you should learn about esports is that the games are all about being professional. Esports is all about fun, and you need to keep it professional, even with the hopes of winning prizes and trophies in respective games.

There may be times when the heat of the moment brings out an unruly attitude from players. Pros tend to keep their cool to avoid unsportsmanlike acts that will lead to nothing. 

After all, esports can be agitating for some players, especially if they lose. It can lead to unwanted scuffles and other conflicts that can worsen your esports gaming experience. By practising proper gaming etiquette, you can avoid these mishaps.

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Which esports games have unwritten rules?

There are esports titles played by a wide array of players out there. Some of these games with hidden rules are designed to bring out highly competitive play among teams. 

Here are the different esports games with concealed rules:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • NBA 2K
  • Overwatch

What are the best esports unspoken rules?

While the in-game-specific rules are laid down as you play the game, there are general rules that you should keep in mind. Consider these guidelines that can bring an immersive and reliable experience in esports gaming.

Here are some of the best esports unspoken rules you should follow:

  1. Never cheat

Cheating is as wrong as it gets. Players found guilty of cheating may get banned from playing again. That is why it is a must always to play fair, so everyone can enjoy and have the same chances of winning in every game.

Cheating is already a no in any gaming etiquette you can read. A lot of games have already deployed anti-cheat software to counter these acts. Call of Duty, for starters, has already deployed Punk Buster to detect players who use cheats and mods to hack into the game.

  1. Call out without foul words

Being nice is basic gaming etiquette that everyone should keep in mind. Calling other players is not that bad as long as you do it right. You can ask nicely and call out players for mistakes or unwanted mishaps. 

There is no need to use harsh words or even cause further conflict before, during or even after the game. There is no gain in calling out players with foul words since it damages the integrity of the players and the game. 

  1. Stay focused in games

No one wants an ally who does not give his best in any competitive game. That is why players need to focus extensively on their games and keenly observe their surroundings. 

In-game focus allows players to immerse themselves and play more efficiently. It serves as a way for competitive players to put up a great show for many esports fans out there who are keen to watch tight matches.

  1. Maintain sports courtesy

Manners maketh man. Being a good gamer means maintaining sports courtesy. Everyone needs to be nice to preserve the competitive nature of all esports games. Gaming can be fun for everyone if they only know how to be courteous in their games. It is what all players should practise proper gaming etiquette at all times.

You should always keep in mind that you are playing against real people who are just there to enjoy the game as well. It is why you should know when to take it seriously and when to hold your horses and take note that all of it is still just a game. Keep that in mind, and you can preserve the peace in esports gaming.

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  1. Never spam game chat

Every game has a chat where you can communicate with your teammates or all players in a given match. The messages appear throughout the screen, and players back in the day used to spam the chat to distract opponents by diverting their attention from the game to the chat since it keeps popping up on the screen.

Spamming is not much of a good idea in esports, which means it is a big deal among players. It is a disgrace to all players since it is not a fair fight. Like cheating, spamming the chat can lead to suspension or even an account ban without refunds.

  1. Never steal anyone’s farm or item drops (DOTA 2)

Dota 2 is one of the oldest esports games, and many players also ask what are the best esports unspoken rules in this game. The first and founding rule is not stealing from someone else’s farm. If your allies are busy jungling, it is your job to stay in the lane and not steal the gold from them at all costs.

Another item that you should not steal is the Aegis of the Immortal. It takes a lot of effort to kill Roshan, giving your team a chunk of gold, XP and a rare item, which is the Aegis. It allows you to reincarnate on the spot, and the group should discuss who should get the second life. Kill steals are also the same as these since kill streaks are present in the game, providing better gold.

  1. Weapon and player courtesy (CS:GO)

The most popular CS:GO hidden rule is the use of sportsmanship courtesy. Players send messages such as ‘GLHF’ (good luck, have fun) and ‘GG’ (good game) to greet others as a sign of being a fair sport. The main purpose of this is to quell the tension.

Certain rules apply in-game, such as pressing the ‘G’ button twice to drop weapons after the match, which is a subtle way of saying ‘GG’. Players also observe the act of not talking during clutch time, which means they focus on winning the game. Another popular rule is to give teammates the ace to boost the morale of the whole squad.

  1. AI rules and skunking (NBA 2K)

NBA 2K is one of the most popular esports games thanks to its competitive nature despite not having a combat concept. The best-known unspoken rule is to play on-ball defence in the game since players can only control one in-game player at a time, leaving the AI for the others.

On top of that, it is common gaming etiquette not to steal the ball off a sideline inbound or cause a backcourt violation. These rules are unique because being down by 20 points is a loss for the players as a ‘skunk rule’.

  1. Keeping the peace and gifting (Overwatch)

Overwatch has one of the brightest futures in esports as it remains one of the most popular titles in the industry. The first rule for this game is to be fair in one-on-one games. It is seen as courteous among players since weapons are too much for a duel for the winning point. Another rule for this game is to trash and graffiti the spawn room before the match to take out the intensity before the start.

What’s unique about Overwatch is that the game has Legendary skins. Players are used to giving gifts with these skins to ensure they stay motivated, as these are earned in-game. It improves your game overall and is the best gaming etiquette for all players.

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  1. Facing it all together and feedback (League of Legends)

What makes LoL unique is the unspoken rule of both teams facing altogether in the middle lane for a clash to earn more gold and XP points. Another rule in LoL is that everyone should go forwards, not just support players, since it should be a team effort.

Those who ask ‘which esports games have unwritten rules in a unique manner’ can vouch for League of Legends on this one since the most significant unspoken rule is always to have feedback on each match. It allows Riot Games to come up with perfect patches and fixes for the game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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10 best unspoken rules in esports