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Why are so many people turning to Tron?

Why are so many people turning to Tron?


When most people mention the word “Tron”, they instantly think of the movie from the 80s. While it is the first thought at the moment, things are starting to change. Tron has got a new association, and it is most definitely not the movie.

What is Tron?

Tron is a cryptocurrency with a difference. Tron is not actually aimed at being a currency in the way that other blockchain based cryptos are. It is mined in the same way and it has a value, just like other cryptos. It is also decentralised, just like other cryptos.

Despite all of that, it still has a different end goal to other cryptos. Tron is not aiming to be a decentralised currency, and it is not acting as a revenue creation tool for a Silicon Valley start-up. No, Tron is aiming to be a decentralised content storage system.

Set up in 2017, it is aimed at removing the middleman when it comes to content consumption. While this may seem like it is aimed at being the next generation of internet piracy, Tron actually has the opposite plan.

The aim of Tron is to remove content providers from the flow of content. Instead of a content producer sending their work to a streaming service, which then sends it to consumers and charges a fee, Tron would have content producers able to stream their work directly to consumers. This would allow the content creators to charge less for their work, so consumers will be paying less. However, because the streaming services will not be taking a cut, they will get more money even though consumers are paying less. Everyone wins, except streaming services that is.

Not just streaming services

Tron is more than just an alternative to streaming services though. Because of the almost limitless potential of it, content creators of almost any kind of media will be able to use Tron to host their content and get paid for it. Even a street busker could have a link to a Tron portal in order to take donations, rather than leaving a hat in the street. It might not offer the mass appeal of popular TV series and movies, but it could be a more sustainable form of income in the long term.

With the Tron Odyssey plan coming to fruition, it will allow content creators of any kind to earn revenue through performances impressing viewers. This has the potential to make Tron one of the most important developments on the internet in many years, with a new revenue-sharing method that moves away from advertising and more towards consumers rewarding content that they enjoy.

Why is Tron becoming so popular?

Despite what Tron is intended for, it is still a popular cryptocurrency that can be used to trade for goods or services, just like any other cryptocurrency. The crypto that is attached to the Tron network is called Tronix, and it can be used to purchase any other crypto on the market. Tron has a highly public and vocal CTO, Justin Sun, who ensures that Tron regularly remains front and centre in the public consciousness.

This in turn helps the value of Tron rise and in turn makes it a more viable commodity to traders and people who want to purchase items. In fact, Tron has risen in popularity to such an extent that it regularly surpasses the daily transaction total for Ethereum.

Because the Tron Foundation is a non-profit organisation, it spends the vast majority of the money that Tron brings in on new ventures. This not only means that Tron regularly remains in the public eye, but also that the ideas for how Tron can be used continue to develop and move forward.

There are many people within the industry who do not like the brash, public way that Sun does business. While he does get a great deal of success in how he manages to use shock tactics and outlandish claims to market Tron, there are some people who feel that he is playing roulette with the future of the crypto.

What has Tron developed into since the initial idea as a storage medium evolved into something bigger?

Using it to pay for things

Despite Tron initially starting out as something different from other cryptocurrencies, there is a Tron-based currency that is starting to gain some traction. The TronCard program is currently in Beta, but it is a program that allows people to spend Tron at retailers that currently accept it.

The majority of the retailers are online, which means that it is mainly used to spend on services, rather than goods. If you feel like playing a game of blackjack and do not want to play with your bank card, in the future, the TronCard could give you the opportunity to do so, without having to worry about your bank getting involved with how you spend your money.

It is likely that the TronCard will gain more traction and be a more widely used cryptocurrency once it comes out of Beta. However, it is safe to say that there is a good chance that Tron will overtake Ethereum as the second most well-known crypto. As it already has more daily transactions, there is a good opportunity for Tron to stake a claim for a position just behind Bitcoin.

Tron blockchain games

One particular evolution that Tron has moved towards is a completely logical one. While it was initially solely interested in content creation in terms of movies and TV shows, Tron has also developed a fund that is aimed at encouraging people to create video games.

Tron Arcade is a $100m fund that will be given to developers who begin to develop games based around blockchain technology.

The development of blockchain-based games is something that will be of immense interest to online casinos. Because currently the games are stored on servers or they use an API in order to access them from a provider, there are additional costs to the casino. A blockchain-based collection of casino games would allow for costs to be significantly lowered.

However, it would also benefit players significantly. The ability to store games on the blockchain would allow for a much faster pace to play games. Because the middleman would be removed, just like with streaming companies, it would mean that games could be opened directly from the blockchain, which offers instant connections.

Players could also access games that have much more intricate and detailed designs. It will also allow games to begin taking steps in new directions, possibly by finding new uses for augmented and virtual reality. The ability to store significantly higher amounts of data and load it up at a faster rate makes the blockchain the perfect host for cloud gaming solutions.

Live casino creations

One of the biggest problems that live casino games currently face is the issue of latency. Slow internet connections, high file sizes and packet loss are all issues that hinder the quality of live casino games. While they are issues that have slowly been eradicated since they first appeared, they are still not completely sorted.

The Tron Arcade project could be the solution to this issue in the long term. If blockchain gaming can offer a faster and more efficient data transfer process, which will almost definitely involve almost zero packet loss, it will allow live casino games to offer games that are completely without latency. This is the aim for every software provider who creates live casino games.

If live casino games are games that really interest you, then the introduction of Tron Arcade could be something that really takes them to the next level.

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Words: Sean McNulty

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Why are so many people turning to Tron?
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