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When will we see Bitcoin on the high street?

When will we see Bitcoin on the high street?


Bitcoin has been making great strides forward to become a more accessible currency for people. While most people have no real trouble using the internet to purchase and use cryptocurrencies, there are still people out there who struggle with technology. Bitcoin can be difficult to understand for some people, and this means that it creates a barrier for use. However, there are several ways that the tide is changing. Bitcoin is starting to make a move towards being available on the high street and being used in a more mainstream manner. This is making it infinitely more accessible and could be the start of Bitcoin making up some ground on traditional transactions.

Tobacco shops in France

In January, six tobacco shops started selling Bitcoin at their stores. It was a bold move that banks and other financial institutions were not happy about. The idea of Bitcoin becoming easier to access is one that banks are not as enthusiastic about as the general public, as they are aware that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be what eventually makes them obsolete.

The French tobacco shops offering this service feel that people with less knowledge of technology will be more likely to trust a shop rather than an online outlet. This does not mean that Bitcoin is not safe and secure, as quite the opposite is true, However, people who do not understand new technology are more likely to gravitate towards a more traditional method of purchase. The initial opening of six stores will be followed by a huge unveiling of 6,500 stores by the end of February.

This would mean that up a quarter of all tobacco shops in France would be offering their customers to purchase Bitcoin. This could be the first step towards making Bitcoin a truly mainstream currency. With the current political unrest that is plaguing France, Bitcoin shops being a success could be a major step forward in convincing other countries of how viable Bitcoin truly is.

Online casinos

Online casinos have long been trendsetters in the world. Offering high-quality streaming with live casino games before a large number of other outlets did it, connecting players from all around the world for poker tournaments and other table games and offering Bitcoin as a payment option. With Bitcasino being the premier Bitcoin casino around, we are offering players a new way to place wagers.

The popularity of Bitcoin gambling is due to several reasons. First, Bitcoin is significantly safer and more secure than other transaction methods. If you make deposits or withdrawals using Bitcoin, the chances of your money being stolen are reduced by several orders of magnitude. This is because the peer-to-peer network on which Bitcoin transactions are carried out requires a mark at both ends of the transaction. This stops Bitcoins from being stolen because if it does not arrive at its destination, the transaction is cancelled.

Second, it is a lot more convenient and cost-effective than traditional methods. Bitcoin is not affected by the time constraints that usual withdrawals are. While a credit card may take up to 14 working days to pay out in some cases, Bitcoin can be paid out within minutes. Even a longer withdrawal will still be paid out with a matter of hours rather than days. The costs involved with Bitcoin are also significantly lower. Depending on the method you normally use for your transactions, a Bitcoin transaction can cost as little as a tenth of the cost to carry out.

This all makes online casinos like us at Bitcasino that offer the ability to use Bitcoins much more appealing destinations for online gamblers in the modern world.

Bitcoin ATMs

One of the biggest steps that Bitcoin has taken towards getting onto the high street is with the introduction of Bitcoin ATMs. There are currently over 60 countries that offer access to at least one Bitcoin ATM. The majority are currently available in the US, but other countries are starting to follow suit, and there are currently over 3,000 Bitcoin ATMs available to users around the world.

They do not work in the same manner as a traditional ATM. You will not be given a physical Bitcoin to hold. It is a simple task of buying Bitcoin using your debit or credit card at the machine and having Bitcoins transferred to your digital wallet. It makes the ownership of Bitcoin a much simpler process and more people access to them.

Just like the people who would be attracted to using the tobacco stores in France, the Bitcoin ATMs are perfect for people who are wary about carrying out financial transactions online. As previously mentioned, Bitcoin transactions are much safer and more secure than other financial transactions but being able to carry them out physically will offer more peace of mind to some people. It will also make it much easier to manage a Bitcoin wallet when not at home.

The best Bitcoin casino

Here at Bitcasino, we offer the simplest way to make the move into using Bitcoin casinos. With a wide range of games on offer, covering everything from video slots to live casino games, we have everything anyone could possibly want from an online casino. The bonus of all financial transactions being powered by cryptocurrency just means that here at Bitcasino, we ensure that players are safer than anywhere else on the internet.

If you want to make the move to faster, more secure online gaming with one of the widest selections of games anywhere, Bitcasino should be your first port of call. Make sure that you do not miss out on the best Bitcoin casino there is. We will always offer the highest quality service with the most secure deposits and withdrawals around.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock & Bitcasino


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When will we see Bitcoin on the high street?
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