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The Future is Bright with Tron

The Future is Bright with Tron


Tron is a decentralized application that offers a blockchain-based network or platform where seamless hosting of digital entertainment content happens. With its distributed storage technology and peer-to-peer (P2P) network, it liberates content from overbearing control and needless censorship. 

Tron removes the middleman from the process. It ensures all profit generated by hosted content goes directly to their creators. Being a decentralized application, Tron isn’t bound to a central body of authority. Instead, it’s regulated by all its users through a blockchain-based network. 

Information is kept and stored in blocks that are uploaded in public ledgers distributed to everyone. Each block contains data and algorithm-computed hashes that cannot be tampered with. This ensures that the data contained in decentralized applications remain safe and permanent.

Exchanges are made inside the Tron network with their own cryptocurrency called Tronix (TRX). You can use this to access content hosted on the platform. The amount you pay in TRX goes directly to the creator’s account where they can convert it to other cryptocurrencies.

Buy your own Tronix with other cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH. You can exchange these to TRX on exchange sites such as Liqui and Binance. You can store your TRX on wallets such as MyEtherWallet. Currently, TRX isn’t available yet through fiat currency purchases. 

The Future of Tron

Launched in 2017 by Singapore-based Tron Foundation, Tron is led by CEO Justin Sun. He promises a bright future for Tron with degrees from Peking University, University of Pennsylvania, and Jack Ma’s exclusive Hupan University under his belt.

Sun envisions the Tron network as ‘a new decentralized protocol with a democratic, self-governing community, free elections, and overarching legitimacy.’ With this goal in mind, he has lined up a visionary timeline that they have been following since their foundation.

It began with Exodus, a free peer-to-peer platform dedicated to storing and distributing content. This was followed by Odyssey where producers were encouraged to host their content on Tron in exchange for incentives.

These initial phases were followed by the Great Voyage and Apollo where TRX transactions were finally made available. Currently, Tron is at their Star Trek phase where all users can host their own content for the global audience.

Tron’s future sits tight with its Eternity phase in 2020. Investors can back creators to cultivate ideas that can be hosted on the platform. 

What’s so good about Tron

Right now, Tron is one of the highest-performing cryptocurrencies in the market. It can handle around 2,000 transactions per second. Bitcoin’s 25 transactions per second pales in comparison to this sky-rocketing number. 

Tron focuses on providing decentralized platforms not just for entertainment but also for gaming. That’s why TRX can also be used in online casinos for playing. In Bitcasino alone, you can play OneTouch, Kalamba Games, & Caleta slots that have in-game balances available in TRX.

There’s just more reason to try the new whizz kid of the crypto gaming universe with its exclusive Bitcasino features. With instant transaction time, zero transaction fees, and a minimum deposit that’s as low as 100 TRX, you’re sure to enjoy these features! 

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The Future is Bright with Tron
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