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18 months and growing strong: the story of Tron so far

There are many cryptocurrencies available today, each one potentially offering something slightly different from the next. While some don’t reach the heights that are expected of them, others soar, and the price of a coin inflates frequently. One such cryptocurrency that has taken off and continues to succeed from month to month is Tron.

Tron began its cryptocurrency life about 18 months ago, though the company itself (the Tron Foundation) was founded in September 2017, meaning that it’s just passed its two-year anniversary. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies though, Tron remains as a strong competitor in the field, and it looks as though this one is going to continue its ascent to reach even greater heights.

We have discussed what Tron is before on Bitcasino , but we’re about to take a bit more of a look into the currency’s history and how it has risen to the strength that it’s at today.

The history of Tron and its founder

The Tron Foundation, which is the company as a whole, became an entity two years ago, first launching in September 2017, as noted, with Justin Sun at the helm. The idea behind the creation of Tron was to develop a blockchain platform that would work as the foundation for a decentralised entertainment ecosystem. With the launch of Tron, the focus was to expand the market of decentralised digital content applications, thereby making their creation and deployment easier.e a bit more of a look into the currency’s history and how it has risen to the strength that it’s at today.

Being a tech entrepreneur, Sun holds an MA in East Asia Studies from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a BA in History from Peking University. When he was 26, he was specifically chosen by Jack Ma (a Chinese business magnate, investor and politician) to study at Hupan University. He became the first and only millennial of that year to graduate from the university, and he went on to become the cover figure of Yazhou Zhoukan – a Chinese-language international affairs newsweekly – in 2011. In 2015, he was named the CNTV Most Noteworthy New Entrepreneur, and in more recent times, he placed a record-breaking $4.5m bid in order to have a private lunch with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet

Prior to that huge bid, Sun oversaw the Independence Day of Tron on 25 June 2018, launching the MainNet and seeing swift expansion in the following months to become a blockchain-based operating system. This operating system utilises the Tronix (TRX) cryptocurrency as its blockchain token.

Tron acquires BitTorrent

It only took a month for Tron to successfully complete its acquisition of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol development company, and Sun now operates as its CEO after company founder Bram Cohen chose to leave. All of the products associated with BitTorrent were incorporated into the Tron ecosystem at the same time, while a month later, the first 27 Super Representatives of Tron were born.

By uniting the technology of both Tron’s blockchain and the peer-to-peer network of BitTorrent, Tron essentially looked to bridge the gap between content creators and the consumers of such. The middleman is therefore eliminated in the process, resulting in a vast cost reduction for the consumers. At the same time, an improved collection via direct receipts for the content producer is in effect, meaning that Tron is providing a win-win situation for both parties.

You can pretty much get an understanding of what Tron is doing by comparing it with an everyday service used by people. Take, for example, a service such as Netflix or Hulu. These companies allow people to subscribe to them, and they’ll provide streaming of television shows and movies for doing so. Of course, the monthly subscription fee is paid to the brand – let’s say Hulu, for example – which will then take a cut from that fee and provide the rest of it to the producers of the series and movies on demand there. It’s usually t he case that the largest portion of that money goes to the middleman – in this example, Hulu.

Replication of the business model

The example above gives you an idea of a business model, which is what Tron replicates via its public blockchain network. It’s able to eliminate the middleman (which often takes the larger cut of the money) by providing access to the hosting of digital entertainment on its network to anyone and everyone. Essentially, the worldwide audience can directly pay the creators of entertainment content to be able to access it.

While it’s doing this, the open and decentralised platform of Tron aims to challenge the control of the internet and its content by a few powerful corporations. With the inclusion of its distributed storage technology, that issue is aptly addressed, with the company attempting to make it a level playing field, rather than almost being a monopolisation for those powerful companies.

Of course, other blockchain-based ecosystems have also been set up in recent times, as well as various decentralised apps (dapps). To be able to incorporate all types of dapps and blockchain ecosystems, the Tron project expanded itself, meaning that alongside BitTorrent, it has included possibilities such as Tether and decentralised gaming into its own ecosystem. Essentially, Tron acts as one great big decentralised storage facility for digital entertainment. Because of this, various projects opted to support Tron, with some of them even taking the decision to leave other popular blockchain platforms in the process.

But where does the cryptocurrency come into this?

Tronix as the proprietary cryptocurrency token

As a brief explanation, the TRX digital currency is a MainNet token, which is based on the Tron protocol issued by the Tron Foundation. It works as the basic unit of accounts that are on the Tron blockchain, with the value of all other tokens deriving from that of Tron. It is this cryptocurrency that connects the entire Tron ecosystem.

Yet it’s also this cryptocurrency that has been designed for use in the gaming and gambling sector. The aim with it is to create and build a legitimate blockchain-based casino gambling sector with games that are specifically available for cryptocurrency users alongside.

With this also being the case, Tron has a four-in-one blockchain platform available, which contains:

  1. A digital content marketplace for both developers and consumers
  2. A dapp marketplace/li>
  3. A decentralised internet technology
  4. A cryptocurrency that can be used for numerous purposes

It is with these features that Tron has managed to rack up some serious accolades – and within just an 18-month period. It currently exists as the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the world, while its return on investment remains at well over the 1,000% mark. In fact, several analysts have made their expectations for Tron known, stating that it has the ability to generate more than $5bn in gambling assets for 2019 alone.

Figures and data relating to Tron

In its now 18-month run, Tron itself has managed to achieve some wonderful statistics, including the fact that over $100m of TRX is being traded on a daily basis. Various cryptocurrency exchanges accept TRX, such as BitForex, Binance and DigiFinex, among others. As far as Tron wallets are concerned, these are community-developed and are available to users of every single operating system. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re a desktop, mobile or web user, you can possess a TRX wallet to store your currency in. Third-party wallets, such as Trust Wallet and Ledger Wallet, also support TRX.

The current market price of TRX is $0.020, while its market capitalisation stands at $1,325,508,327. It is most widely traded on the Binance exchange mentioned previously, and it is facts and figures such as this that have helped to get the cryptocurrency noticed by investors and traders.

Its peak price so far was on 4 January 2018 when it hit the $0.25 mark. Because TRX is used by consumers to pay for content, this leaves content creators with a stake in its overall value, and there’s a total supply of 99,281,283,754 TRX tokens available. So far, over 4 million users have taken to purchasing TRX coins, with a percentage of that number also choosing to utilise them for online gambling purposes, including right here at Bitcasino. With a variety of games catering to the TRX cryptocurrency, the number of players choosing to use their TRX tokens for this type of gambling is expected to continue rising.

The Tron link with online gambling

While the gambling world has seen its users utilising cryptocurrencies for betting purposes before, Tron has had quite the upsurge in people opting to use it for the pastime. It was reported in July that 90% of TRX dapp transactions during Q2 of 2019 were directly related to some form of cryptocurrency gambling. It was also reported earlier on in the year that a mass of cryptocurrency gamblers had chosen to leave one blockchain or another to be able to use Delegated Proof-of-Stake systems, such as the one that Tron provides.

It is because of activity such as this that Tron is very much on its way to becoming one of the most potent cryptocurrencies in the world, having overtaken the Ethereum blockchain in recent times. What’s more, an announcement was made by the company that it intends to invest around $100m into a game fund over the next three years, which will go towards the creation of the Tron Arcade – a blockchain gaming setup.

As with other cryptocurrencies, TRX brings a certain selection of perks to its users that allow it to link up with the gambling world in an ideal way. However, the main difference is that Tron has quite the intense focus on the online gaming and gambling worlds, and that’s where it has the ability to excel to even greater heights in this sector. Other cryptocurrencies may be usable at sites such as our own Bitcasino, but they’re not as specifically focused on the market as Tron is.

How to obtain TRX for online gambling

Getting your hands on TRX can be done in one of two ways. The first is to take the opportunity to purchase it from an exchange. This simply allows you to exchange your standard fiat money or an alternative cryptocurrency for Tron tokens. It’s pretty much the quickest and simplest method of going about obtaining some of the cryptocurrency.

Alternatively, Tron has the goal of continuing to develop its decentralised blockchain, which rewards users with TRX tokens whenever they create content for it. If you consider yourself able and ready to create dapps and other content for the Tron blockchain, then the rewards are available.

You can then have these added to a cryptocurrency wallet and utilise them at your favourite cryptocurrency casino, such as our very own Bitcasino. Those tokens can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies via an exchange again. Of course, to use them for gambling, you are required to deposit them at your chosen casino before proceeding to play your favourite games with them. At Bitcasino, you’ll find that options such as the Steam Vault slot are on hand for you to play after depositing via TRX.

You could potentially suggest that Tron has the advantage where online gambling is concerned, and it would seem that it’s one that Tron itself also has a heavy belief in.

Why play with Tron at Bitcasino?

We’re at the cutting edge of online gaming here at Bitcasino by enabling you to deposit via TRX, something other casinos are only just starting to do. There are several great reasons behind why everyone is looking to get a piece of the Tron gaming industry.

The main factor behind why it’s a great choice to play with Tron is thanks to our provably fair platform. Even though cryptocurrencies have done plenty for the gambling industry already as far as evening them out and making them fairer is concerned, there have still been problems in the past with other sites scamming players via rigged games or by refusing to allow withdrawals. This was something that Tron helps to tackle, which it does so initially due to Tron casinos being decentralised.

This means that you’re able to check the legitimacy of all games at a Tron casino via the blockchain that it exists on. At the same time, you needn’t worry about your cryptocurrency getting lost or mismanaged, because the TRX tokens remain within your Tron wallet. Signing up with Bitcasino doesn’t take long, and you can usually access a good variety of online slots and table games to satisfy your gaming needs right away. If you haven’t already, take a look at our offerings in full, we’re always adding new titles to the lobby.

There are a few other reasons why it’s great to select Tron for casino play, including the following:

  1. Benefit of the extremely fast Tron blockchain
  2. Lack of waiting time for transactions
  3. Growing range of Tron casino games
  4. High level of security from decentralised blockchain

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits that the Tron cryptocurrency provides to online gamblers.

A fast blockchain for speedy transactions?

Speed has always been something that gamblers are interested in when it comes to both transactions and the strength of gameplay. The Tron blockchain operates at a speedy pace, meaning that transactions (both deposits and withdrawals) can be considered as instant actions. There’s little worse than waiting around for your deposit to go through or your withdrawal request to complete. Fortunately, this will be a thing of the past for anyone opting to use TRX. And, of course, having funds at your online casino in an instant means that you can start playing the available games straight away.

A fast blockchain for speedy transactions?

Also, because the games themselves are a part of the Tron blockchain, they will load up swiftly and allow you to experience smooth gameplay. The decentralised blockchain ensures that there’s very little waiting-around time, so you can access your preferred slot or table game almost as instantly as you can deposit and withdraw. As gamers ourselves, we know that the ability to access games quickly and efficiently is a big perk of online casinos, so you needn’t worry about that by utilising Tron here at Bitcasino.

More games to come

There’s already a good level of games available for Tron users at online casinos – our Bitcasino site will testify to that. With over 180 slots and several blackjack, baccarat and roulette games and more on hand, we have a lot to offer to cryptocurrency users as far as our own lobby is concerned. Yet the collection of games that is available for users of TRX is continually growing. This means that even though there are currently over 200 games available to access as a user of cryptocurrencies, new influxes of compatible games are frequently becoming available.

Early Tron dapps chose to focus on gambling games that were quite simplistic in their nature, such as Dice and Moon. However, in more recent times, these games have advanced and incorporate slots with bonus feature rounds and other perks built into them. Why not check out the Satoshi’s Secret online slot from Endorphina that can be found in our lobby? This game even has its own cryptocurrency link-up, being based on the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a great slot, and let’s be honest, it’s quite possible that many of today’s cryptocurrencies wouldn’t be here if Bitcoin wasn’t created in the first place.

Of course, while it’s great that there are already so many games available for users of TRX and other cryptocurrencies, it’s common for us as gamers to always want more. You can also expect to get more. With an ever-expanding collection of cryptocurrency-supported online games being available, there’s certainly a bright future on the horizon for Tron in this respect.

Security at peak performance

Cryptocurrencies in general have always been associated with security as far as online casinos are concerned. This is because users don’t have to include any personal banking details when depositing at an online casino. This differs from standard depositing methods, where it’s necessary to utilise card details or bank details when sending money to your account.

Fortunately, with cryptocurrencies – including the TRX currency – you simply need to utilise the casino’s wallet address to be able to utilise funds for online gaming and your own wallet address to withdraw funds in most cases. This is the only piece of information that is exchanged between yourself and the online casinos that you’re playing at as far as money transactions are concerned. It is for this reason solely that many people opted to convert to cryptocurrencies for their online gambling activities.

Tron continues on in the same vein, providing a secure and fair gambling experience. Where there has been the potential for the security of other cryptocurrencies to be breached, Tron is a much fairer and secure option to opt for.

Getting started with using Tron for online gambling

If you have also become intrigued by the possibility of using Tron for your online gambling activities, then you will first need to have a Tron wallet set up. We mentioned a few wallets previously, but there’s also the option of utilising one known as TronLink, which operates as one of the most popular TRX wallets. This wallet can be easily downloaded in one way or another, such as via the Google Chrome Store. Meanwhile, if you’re a mobile gamer, then you have the option of accessing it through either the iOS Apple Store or Android Play Store.

Once you have created your wallet, the next step is to ensure that it is funded with the TRX cryptocurrency. Naturally, as noted previously, the quickest way of doing this is by purchasing some from an online exchange. Many exchanges allow you to purchase TRX via an alternative cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Yet, it’s not always necessary to do it this way. Of course, you need to have TRX in your wallet before you’re able to use it for online gambling of any sort.

After you have added funds to your Tron wallet, you’re ready and able to play at a Tron casino. That’s really all you need to know about getting started with the cryptocurrency.

Gaming at online Tron casinos with TRX

The list of online casinos that work with TRX is constantly growing, and we know that this can be quite a daunting scenario. If you’re new to the scene, then this is especially confusing, and it can leave you feeling a little bit jaded. It’s always important to read reviews and seek out as much information as possible about a Tron gambling dapp before you access it. Find the one that works the best for you.

Naturally, we can recommend our Bitcasino site, because we’ve got a great choice of games for you to choose from, and we’ll always provide support and promotions to our gamers. What stands out the most about online gambling with Tron is that you don’t need to go through any sort of sign-up process to be able to use the casinos. This may come as a little bit of a shock to regular online casino gamers, because the registration process is pretty much the first thing that you have to do at such sites. However, once you’re set up with a Tron wallet, you can simply go to any casino on the Tron blockchain and play with the funds that exist within that same wallet.

This provides you with another perk to using TRX: the ability to play online casino games without having to register your name, address, phone number and other personal information. Furthermore, there’s no necessity of creating a username and password to have to log in. As long as your Tron wallet is connected, you can play directly on the dapps from your wallet, making things a lot easier and, overall, a lot safer. After all, if the casino doesn’t have your personal information and banking details, they can’t do anything with them that you’re unaware of, right?

Immediate transactions with a Tron wallet

If you’ve played at online casinos before, then you’ll probably be aware of how the process goes. Register for an account, verify your account, send in documents, make a deposit, play the games and then withdraw your funds when you’re ready. This is a tried-and-tested method that exists at the majority of online casino sites, and it’s pretty much one that all gamblers have fallen into using.

With Tron though, you’re able to cut down on all the processes and simply connect your wallet to the blockchain. From there, you visit one of the casino dapps, select a game to play, and then place bets with funds that are taken directly from your Tron wallet. If you make a winning bet, then the funds are instantly added to that same wallet, enabling you to simply come and go at a casino as you please. Both payments and losses are transacted immediately, allowing you to easily go from one game to another and one casino to another.

Because of these abilities connected to the Tron wallet and Tron casinos, what started out with games such as TronDice and TronBet has since expanded to incorporate a large number of games. Speaking of the fact that TRX has been used significantly for the online gambling scene, Tron’s CEO

Sun made the announcement in November 2018 that over 200m TRX in winnings from such games were recorded on its platform already, equating to more than $6m. That number has without a doubt risen significantly since the year has passed.

Making money from Tron casinos

While it’s great to play games at Tron casinos, there’s an additional way of making money from them. Most of them will also provide users with the ability to share in their profits, which come in the form of a dividend. Essentially, the more you play at an online casino that offers Tron, the more of that casino’s tokens you earn. These tokens are specific to each different Tron casino, so you know where they’ve come from.

Taking the decision to ‘freeze’ those tokens on their respective platforms, you will automatically receive a proportional share of the total casino profits. These are usually paid out every day to you, though in some cases, you may see them paid out every hour as an alternative.

Through this, you not only get to experience what an online casino is able to provide in terms of games, promotions and other features, but you also get to benefit from acquiring extra profit. You’re investing in the success of Tron gambling dapps, which have already been provably successful in general anyway. Therefore, it also works out as a win-win situation for you if you place bets on games and manage to be successful at them at the same time.

Furthermore, the tokens that are given by these Tron casinos are quite frequently able to be traded on exchanges. Therefore, if you feel like it, you can buy and sell those tokens as you please, investing in alternative casinos as you go, depending on how you feel about their probability to generate larger dividends in the future. Plus, if you manage to earn a large number of tokens while playing games at your chosen casino(s), then you have the option of selling them on via the market to earn some extra TRX for your wallet.

Is Tron likely to overtake Bitcoin in online gambling?

We took a look at some comparisons between the Tron cryptocurrency and bitcoin as far as online gambling is concerned earlier on this year, and as is common within industries, competition is always going to be present. Bitcoin is considered to be the first cryptocurrency, and it remains as the main player with regard to cryptocurrencies in general. This is not to say that it hasn’t been challenged by many other digital currencies along the way.

That being said, both Bitcoin, and one of its main competitors Ethereum, have had Tron clambering to reach their levels for the past year or two. The fact that Tron has a prime focus on the online gambling world does make it seem like a much more likely currency to overtake both of those competitors as far as this industry goes. This is all thanks to the fact that Tron’s CEO – the aforementioned Sun – loves gaming himself as much as we do.

The fact that Tron is widely used for the development of those dapps we mentioned before makes it a great location for online gambling titles. Several of these dapps are created and published every week on the Tron blockchain, and many of them incorporate a gambling angle into their setups. While Tron does include all of the same capabilities as Bitcoin (including the transparency levels of payments, the increased security, and the anonymity that comes with cryptocurrencies), there’s something else that gives a bit of an edge to TRX. Because all games on the blockchain are provably fair and all transactions are recorded within the blockchain, it also equates to being hack-proof with no funds going missing and no need to have multiple different payment methods in place for a single account.

While it may not be there yet, Tron certainly has the basis and forward thinking to overtake and outstrip the Ethereum and Bitcoin currencies within the online gambling field. When speaking of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole though, the likelihood is that Bitcoin will remain at the top of the charts. After all, it is the one that is taking the digital currency field as a whole into the mainstream world.

The popularity of Tron gambling

As it happens, Tron gambling as a whole has become quite the popular pastime within the last several months. It’s why many of the most popular dapps that are available on the Tron blockchain are actually to do with casino and gambling games. When something is popular with people, it becomes quite the sector for creators to focus their attention on. Additionally, many of the most successful Tron casinos have thousands of players active on their platforms every single day, and this is something that has remained at such a level for quite some time now.

This popularity of online gambling with TRX has led to multiple tokens being gambled every week. Q1 of 2019 saw more than $1bn in Tron being gambled via its online casinos and gambling dapps.

Naturally, this figure has increased as more people become aware of what Tron is and how it operates, plus its various benefits.

The usage of Tron outside of gambling

Tron can, of course, be used for online gambling, and this is what has led to it becoming so popular within that sector. However, TRX is also usable in other areas, just as any other cryptocurrency is – so some people have also been utilising it for purchasing goods or services. This is something else that will help it get noticed, along with the ability to utilise it for buying alternative cryptocurrencies on the market.

In this respect, it doesn’t really differ from all of the others that are available. As is possible with Bitcoin, Dash or Litecoin for example, you’re able to use TRX at online stores that support cryptocurrency purchases. As noted above, where online gambling is concerned, Tron does have a bit more of a focus on this sector, making it the ideal cryptocurrency for avid players.

Is Tron the future of online gambling?

Multiple decentralised dapps have been created on the Tron blockchain, as mentioned. Here at Bitcasino, we’re already able to offer a variety of games using Tron, such as Baccarat Supreme or Dia De Los Muertos. Because of the fact that the vast majority of those apps are related to gambling, it does highlight the potential of the Tron blockchain as far as the online gambling industry is concerned. It certainly places Tron as quite the appealing alternative to some of those cryptocurrencies that can be considered more popular in general, such as those aforementioned.

This certainly hints that Tron is on its way to conquering the online gambling industry overall, especially in terms of being the go-to cryptocurrency for such activities. You only need to take a look at the soaring figures for online gambling volumes via TRX, as reported in August 2019, to realise this. At that time, figures suggest that the gambling volume had risen to an impressive $14m, and it is numbers such as these that have led to analysts’ expectations of an amount of $5bn being gambled away through the blockchain.

Because dapp creators also get rewarded with TRX for their contributions to the blockchain, this works as another attractive feature of the cryptocurrency. It’s sort of like a well-oiled circle, with creators making the content and being rewarded in TRX, while players get to purchase TRX from an exchange as an alternative, to be able to use on those same dapps. This holds enough appeal within itself without you needing to consider the benefits of such a cryptocurrency. In fact, we’d say that the security, anonymity and the rest of it simply work to bolster the overall appeal of Tron.

Tron gambling bonuses

As with any other online casino, Tron casinos like to take care of their players with healthy promotions and bonuses. We also incorporate certain rewards for gamers at Bitcasino, and these can all be found within our Promo section. The same is true of other casinos that operate as dapps on the Tron blockchain, and they usually just require you to be playing slots or table games with the TRX currency.

You’ll then earn points (or tokens as they’re known) as you continue, with different amounts of these earning you differing rewards. Often, these will come in the form of wonderful boosts of TRX tokens, but they can also ensure that you’re on the receiving end of additional perks.

If these are the kinds of promotions that Tron casinos are able to provide to players right now, then just imagine what could be made available in the near future. Therefore, anyone who is an avid bonus seeker or simply enjoys receiving rewards for choosing to play at a specific casino will find that Tron falls right in line with this.

Tron casinos top the list of dapps

We’ve mentioned several times throughout this article that the dapps on the Tron blockchain exist primarily in the form of casino and gambling products. However, to just provide an insight into the actual scale of these, you only need to look at the list of top 100 dapps in use over a 24-hour period. Games and gambling make up the top seven at the time of writing, with another one coming in at position nine. Position 10 is held by an exchange dapp, while eighth place is taken by a dapp known as MakerDAO.

Scaling through the remainder of the top 100 dapps, you don’t need to look very far to find more gaming and gambling possibilities within. Over 35 of these are also classed as high-risk games, so you can see exactly how prominent this part of the Tron blockchain is.

Tron integration with web browsers

In a bid to make things easier for TRX users, Tron proceeded with a deal in May 2019 that saw it unite with the web browser Opera. This deal meant that TRX payments and TRC (which represents the tokens that the dapps on the Tron network create) payments would be built into the Opera crypto wallet. It didn’t take long for Sun to announce the unison, making it possible for users to play a multitude of Tron games and access various Tron dapps within the Opera browser this way.

Time will tell if other web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, choose to follow suit. After all, if it makes things easier for gamblers to utilise their TRX currency via a specific browser (and we all know how popular the online gambling industry is as a whole), then this would surely lead to more people utilising a browser that incorporates the cryptocurrency and other features into a crypto wallet, as Opera has.

The strength of Tron in summary

There’s little doubt that Tron has a great deal of appeal, especially where online gambling is concerned. It’s become quite the ambitious cryptocurrency in this industry, and alongside having a strong focus on gambling, it has also proved to present plenty of innovation in relation to the games and content that can be found within its blockchain. The decision to place this focus on the gaming world has resulted in some amazing and almost mind-blowing results.

Naturally, it would be ideal for gamblers who aren’t yet familiar with TRX to explore it while the tokens are still available at a relatively low cost. At the same time, the potential for garnering larger wins from these tokens is quite high.

Tron has certainly gone from strength to strength throughout its 18 months of activity, and the gambling world does seem to have embraced it for such purposes. This has helped to make it perhaps the best-suited competitor to take over the digital currency gambling sector.

Because it has the mindset of birthing a decentralised environment and targets a global audience with this, it has its perks initially anyway. However, with Tron being a cryptocurrency that incorporates the transparency, anonymity and security that other cryptocurrencies can provide, it has yielded rapid, positive results for both Tron content creators and consumers alike. It wouldn’t surprise us if the future months and years see more people switching from standard fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies to Tron. After all, it could potentially be marketed as the ideal option for the gambling world.

Playing at Bitcasino with Tron

Tron has arrived at Bitcasino, meaning that we have a range of games on offer for you to utilise your TRX on. Slot games can be found within the game lobby, and there are almost 200 of these on offer at the moment. These include titles such as Wacky Wildlife and Surfin’ Reels so we’d recommend visiting the lobby now and finding out what takes your fancy.

If you’re not a fan of slots, then we’ve got a group of table and card games that may just tempt you to play at Bitcasino. Why not have a go at Classic Blackjack or Sic Bo Pro? With more games being added to our lobby on a frequent basis, you never know what could be right around the corner for you to access as a TRX user.

In short, we just want everyone to feel welcome here at Bitcasino and we want you to have fun in the way that you enjoy. That’s why we’ve made it possible for those players who hold TRX to play the games in our lobby and experience what our casino is all about. We’ve even got a sportsbook and the Bombay Club for you to take advantage of. Why not fill your boots and enjoy what Bitcasino has to offer now?!


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