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Football Metaverse: Get to know the most expensive football NFTs

Football Metaverse: Get to know the most expensive football NFTs

Football Metaverse: Get to know the most expensive football NFTs

Fri Sep 23 2022 01:18:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

When you hear NFTs, you probably think they’re made solely for artwork and games. Nowadays, NFTs are in many industries, even in sports. Football fans now turn to this novel technology in crypto to support their favourite clubs and athletes. 

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Trading cards are one of the most popular merchandise in the world of football. Thanks to blockchain technology, these collectables have now crossed over to NFTs.

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What are football NFTs?

Like other NFTs, football NFT crypto is an irreplicable asset representing items like trading cards in the real world. These tokens run on blockchains such as Ethereum to ensure safe trading without intermediaries.

When NFTs became popular in art sectors, it wasn’t long before Sports NFTs also gained traction in athletics. It created a buzz in the community since these tokens allowed fans to have a more personal connection with their favourite teams and athletes. 

Before these digital assets, fans collected physical trading cards and sold them for high prices based on their rarity. Thanks to blockchain technology, these cards are now transformed into tokens that people can trade with one another. Additionally, virtual cards provide convenience and security because there’s no risk that they will be lost or destroyed. 

Most popular football NFTs platforms

Football or soccer NFTs are available on multiple platforms for trading collectibles. Get to know each one of the channels below:

  1. Sorare

It’s a football fan's dream to create an elite team consisting of the best players in different teams across leagues. While this is impossible in reality, Sorare is an NFT trading and fantasy gaming platform where you can pick your dream players using official NFT football cards to build an undefeatable roster.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, it hooks football fans on the idea of building powerful teams using player cards with unique buffs. The buffs are card attributes which appear as bonus percentages, level, experience points and scarcity. 

Players can receive up to 10 initial cards to start their competitive journey. They can receive prizes like ultra rare football NFT cards upon winning matches. 

  1. Socios

Nothing beats the feeling of being part of something big and getting close to your favourite players and fellow supporters. Socios, a mobile app for football fans, brings fans closer to their team by allowing them to influence club-specific decisions. 

Through this app, football fans can vote about club events such as changing kit designs, club crests, Man of the Match awardees and locations for summer matches. To vote, you should have a Fan Token, which serves as your ‘right to vote’ on the platform.

Socios runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to get Fan Votes through the $CHZ app. Owning a token gives you access to limited edition football NFTs. One of the most popular Socio NFT giveaways is the kick-off clip between Serie A giants AC Milan and AS Roma. 

  1. Messiverse

One of the best and most famous football players in the world, Lionel Messi, embarked on the world of football NFTs by releasing his exclusive collection, Messiverse, on the Ethernity platform in 2021. 

Messiverse invites people to join the NFT bandwagon and score an exquisite token created by Lionel Messi. 

What makes this different from other football NFTs is that the artworks in the collection display Messi’s most iconic moments in football. 

After its release, Messi fans on the Ethernity platform purchased every piece from the collection, which sold for 9 million US dollars based on DApp Radar.

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The most expensive football NFTs 

In recent years, football player NFTs have broken headlines for the amount they have been sold. Here is a list of the most expensive football NFTs:

  1. Lionel Messi: The Golden One

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As a part of Lionel Messi's Messiverse collection, the 'Golden One' football is considered one of the internet’s rarest and most sought-after assets. It has broken records on the crypto market and made it the most expensive crypto soccer NFT yet. A week after its release, the price of this NFT soared up to 3,000 ETH, which is equivalent to 9 million US dollars. 

On the face of this NFT, you will find the Argentinian football player kicking a golden ball on the field, capturing the greatness of Messi’s career. 

  1. Erling Haaland: Unique Sorare

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Erling Haaland is one of the most popular football players playing for Manchester City. The Norwegian striker has impressive credentials on his NFT football card, which can help you win any match and build your fantasy dream team in Sorare. 

As the only existing copy, the Haaland NFT has a value of more than 900,000 euros, at the time of writing. 

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Unique Sorare

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Another Unique Sorare card that has racked up numbers is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo’s. With only one card on the platform, the Ronaldo NFT has a current value of more than 200,000 US dollars at the time of writing. 

In the card details, the Portuguese football player wears the Juventus kit on his back during the 2020-21 season.

  1. Kevin de Bruyne: Unique Sorare

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Sorare also lets you play with football NFT cards from different leagues, such as the national team. One of the most expensive soccer NFT cards within this bracket is Kevin de Bruyne’s Unique Sorare card. 

At the time of writing, this NFT had a value of around 160,000 US dollars because of its unique buffs, which were based on his performance for the Belgium national team. Moreover, this card can give you a +44.5% bonus since it is a Level 9 with an experience count of 3,615.

  1. Antoine Griezmann: Unique Sorare

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Antoine Griezmann is known as one of the most formidable players for the French national team. His dribbling and crowd control skills earned him a Unique card on the Sorare platform. 

This football NFT has garnered attention among users because of its astonishing level 14 card credentials and experience points accumulating to 9,411. The Griezmann NFT card is a must-have, and its current price is around 110,000 US dollars.

  1. Mohamed Salah

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Liverpool striker Mohammed Salah doesn’t just kick it on the field but also in the football metaverse. Salah did a hat-trick during an away match versus Manchester United, making him the first player to perform it against the Red Devils. After this feat, Opensea, a non-fungible token marketplace, released an NFT for him. 

Afterwards, it became one of the most expensive tokens for sale, priced at a whopping $141,560. It was put up for auction and was sold for 35 ETH. 

Football NFTs: Athletes and their involvement in crypto

The soaring popularity of football NFTs is one of the reasons why it makes for a good investment. Moreover, well-known football stars have dipped their toes in sports NFTs. Here are a few athletes currently making noise in the NFT industry:

  1. Paul Pogba

Legendary French football player, Paul Pogba, endorsed the CryptoDragons metaverse and announced that he is planning to join the NFT craze.

CryptoDragons is a new metaverse running on the Ethereum blockchain, and it lets you own ‘dragons’ as NFTs. With its fun premise, it received over 142 ETH worth of sales in November 2021 and is continuously attracting new users to jump into the hype. 

  1. Andreas Brehme

To create his NFT collection like other players, German football player Andreas Brehme partnered with Binance and Fanzone. 

The collection consists of tokens highlighting his most remarkable achievements in his career. It includes his winning goal for the German team in the 1990 World Cup Final, alongside collectables such as retro cards, clips and signed jerseys.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Football NFTs

What is NFT football?

NFT football is a market for football trading cards, team emblems, and exclusive match footage. Sports fans can buy, sell or trade their collections with others for profit. 

What is an NFT card?

NFT cards are digital assets that exist on a blockchain. They are the same as their physical counterparts, but the difference is that your ownership is displayed on the specific block of a digital asset. Aside from that, NFT card holders can also buy, sell or trade with others on the market.

Is there such a thing as NFT giveaways?

There are a lot of NFT giveaways on different blockchain platforms or crypto gambling sites. These usually appear as bonuses reserved for loyal patrons. The great thing about NFT giveaways is that you have the chance to get limited edition assets by playing and participating in these promotions. 

For example, in Bitcasino, you can participate in NFT promotions such as the Paradise Trippies by signing up and playing the game. 

Do other sports have NFTs as well?

In the NFT market, there is a separate section for sports NFTs. These contain different crypto assets related to sports such as football, baseball, basketbal, etc. 

Right now, NFL NFT collectibles are gaining popularity since a new season will begin soon. Additionally, esports NFT trading cards are in demand in the market.

Words by: Leira Lacuata

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Football Metaverse: Get to know the most expensive football NFTs