October 30, 2017

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin is quickly becoming one of the most talked about advances in technology in this generation. The people backing it believe that the digital currency has the power to one day be used by everyone all over the world, negating the need for individual country’s currencies.

Many online businesses are already jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon, with online casinos leading the way. But it’s not just the gambling sites like our wonderful casino that are getting in on the act. World-renowned brands like Starbucks, Subway, and Dell are all already using bitcoin, and it won’t be long before the rest of the world follows suit. Already liking the sound of this futuristic currency? Read on.

The dramatic rise of the cryptocurrency in its short existence is incredible, and the value of 1 BTC soars to record new heights year upon year. In fact, this year it has broken its own record numerous times and rose above $5000 in October of 2017.

Bitcoin hasn’t yet reached anywhere near its true potential, though, and if it became a common currency throughout the world the price of 1 BTC could theoretically breach $1 million in the future. This is why we think that everyone should be getting involved with bitcoin now, and gamblers should certainly be playing at bitcoin casinos. But you’re probably wondering what is a bitcoin casino, right?

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin Casino

Ok, if you’re new to the whole bitcoin scene, this might sound a bit overwhelming right now. So let us break it down for you and tell you everything you need to know.

A bitcoin casino is basically the same as any other online casino, except instead of accepting currencies like American dollars or British pounds, it allows players to deposit only using bitcoin. Players can top up their accounts with the cryptocurrency, and use it to play games on the site. To be able to play at a bitcoin casino, you will need to change some of your own currency into the e-currency beforehand, and then use this to add funds to your casino account. 

Bitcoin casinos have all the much-loved games that you would find at a regular casino, from various roulette and blackjack games to hundreds of exciting themed slots. The only major difference is that your credits on these games will be represented in bitcoin.

So now you know the basics of what is a bitcoin casino, but that can bring a whole host of other questions. We know, and we’ve got you covered.

What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is a digital currency which started its life in 2009. It was invented by a mysterious programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto, and to this day nobody yet knows the true identity of this innovative inventor.

But that certainly hasn’t stopped sites likes ours and many others from praising the genius computer whizz. Bitcoin was the first ever decentralised digital currency, and it works without a single administrator. Instead, it is based on a blockchain, a digital ledger which records every single transaction ever made. This means that there is no need to rely on banks and governments to keep the money safe. By operating in this way, everything can be traced back to its roots, making it a secure and reliable way of paying for things.

Bitcoin is the original e-currency, and its success and mass appeal has led to a number of other companies trying to replicate aspects of it. Some of the other bitcoin “impersonators” include Ethereum and Dash, and these can be acquired by exchanging bitcoin on sites like Coinbase.

Bitcoin is perfect for the 21st century, as nearly everything is now online in some way. The internet is effectively borderless, as people from all over the world are playing at the same online casinos, shopping at the same online stores, and occupying the same online chatrooms. For these reasons, it makes sense that all these people can pay for things using the same global currency. It also means that internet users don’t have to worry about checking exchange rates which change all the time.

Why Play With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Casino

We’ve certainly explained what is a bitcoin casino and what is bitcoin by now. But why would you want to play with bitcoin instead of traditional currencies?

The simple reason to play with bitcoin now is because chances are, in a few years’ time everyone will be playing with it anyway. The amazing rise of bitcoin mentioned above has led many economists to believe that it is only a matter of time before the e-currency, or another one like it, becomes the sole currency for the world for all things online. For that reason, sites that are well-established in advance will have more experience of dealing with the currency. This makes them much more reliable and trustworthy for gamers.

Playing with bitcoin now also gives you access to games that can only be played exclusively with the cryptocurrency. While many regular online casinos house the same games from major developers like Microgaming or Playtech, bitcoin casinos are able to provide their players with more of a niche spread of games. While Bitcasino.io has all the popular slots like Starburst and Lost Vegas on offer, there are also some titles that are much harder to find at online casinos. These include Fruit Bonanza and Gunslinger, which both have whopping progressive bitcoin jackpots that are activated randomly for lucky players.

Another great reason to play at bitcoin casinos is the fact that they can offer great bonuses to their customers. Bitcoin payments have extremely low fees, and are much cheaper to process than credit card transactions. Bitcoin casinos can take these savings and pass them on to the customer in the form of tantalising welcome bonuses and weekly and monthly promotions. These include things like 25% reload bonuses, as well as deposit matches and free spins. Here at Bitcasino.io, we’ll keep giving you regular bonuses and reward you for playing with bitcoin.

Play with us today

You now have your answer to the question what is a bitcoin casino? We also know now you’re thinking about getting your hands on some bitcoin and joining a bitcoin casino today.

There’s really nothing to lose, and owning the cryptocurrency now could be a shrewd investment for the years to come, as its popularity continues to spread. So why not create an account at Bitcasino.io today, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. The future is here, and that future is bitcoin.