April 04, 2017

Spin to a New Level with Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots

If you’re looking for a sweeter way to spin, Sugar Pop at Bitcasino is the Bitcoin slot for you. Aside from being draped in tasty-looking treats and bright colours, this slot takes the term “gaming” to a new level. Unlike most of its Bitcoin slots peers, Sugar Pop doesn’t just let you spin the reels in search of prizes.

No, in this game, your route to riches is made more interesting because of the various levels. Much like a video game where you move from one level to the next and pick up an increasing amount of riches, Sugar Pop has a unique format that truly makes it one of the most interesting (and delicious) slots in the world.

Sugar Pop Highlights

  • 100x jackpot
  • Spin through different levels
  • Cascading wins

How to Play Sugar Pop

One of the first things to note before you start spinning Sugar Pop’s five reels is that it boasts a cascading win dynamic. In simple terms, this means that symbols fall from the top of the game and, each time a win occurs, the symbols explode. Once the winning symbols have exploded, new ones will take their place and if they help create another winning combination, the process repeats itself until you don’t have a prize combo in view.

Sugar Pop Slot gameplay

In line with the “video game” theme, Sugar Pop doesn’t deal in raw mBTC betting amounts. Instead, when you look at the bet bar, you’ll see coins or credits. With this in mind, you can set your bets from 50 to 250 coins in order to increase or decrease the overall size of your bet. For example, 0.02 mBTC and the bet size to 50, each spin would cost 1 mBTC. In simple terms, the size of the coin “50” is multiplied by 0.02 mBTC which gives you a total of 1 mBTC.

To break it down even further, here are mBTC and coin sizes you can choose from:

Sugar Pop Coin Sizes 

  • 0.02 mBTC
  • 0.05 mBTC
  • 0.10 mBTC
  • 0.25 mBTC
  • 0.50 mBTC
  • 1 mBTC

Sugar Pop Bet Amounts 

  • 50 coins
  • 100 coins
  • 150 coins
  • 200 coins
  • 250 coins

So, when you’re betting on Sugar Pop Slots, you are free to choose the coin size and the bet amount of each spin.

Play Sugar Pop Slots for Free

Perhaps one of the best features of Sugar Pop is that you can play it for free. By creating an account with us and clicking through to the Bitcoin slots lobby, you’ll be able to choose the “practice” option and spin for free. You’ll be able to set your bets in the usual way and click the spin button (the spinning arrow), which means that the free play version allows you to experience this game in all its glory, from the cascading wins to the exploding symbols and multiple levels.

Move Through the Levels and Win More with Sugar Pop

The defining feature of this bitcoin slot is that each time you spin, you’ll move another step forward on your journey through five “worlds”. In total, Sugar Pop has 30 levels spread across these five worlds and the more points you earn, the further you’ll progress.  The benefit of this, aside from giving you something to aim for, is that you can unlock new features and symbols as you move through the levels, making this title very appealing to fans of popular candy-themed match 3 games as well as fans of inventive modern slots.

For example, at the first level, the lollipop is your first special symbol. This symbol will give you a second chance to bank a win if it appears on the screen but you don’t make a winning combination. As you move on, the jawbreaker sweet that appears at level 8 and above will bounce across the reels and crush sweets to turn them into winners. Essentially, as you earn more points and reach higher levels, you earn more ways to win.

This dynamic is unlike any other Bitcoin slot and the reason Sugar Pop is one of the most entertaining games around. Indeed, as well as giving you a chance to win 100x your stake, this game is packed with features that will keep you smiling like a kid in a sweet shop.

Play “Sugar Pop” here for real Bitcoins!