January 22, 2018

Roulette Strategies on Bitcasino Explained

 Roulette Strategies

Ultimate Guide to Roulette Strategies

We have all dreamed of winning a fortune at the roulette table at one time or another, haven’t we? This classic casino game has given millions of players enormous amounts of fun over the centuries since it was first played in the 18 century, but is there a way of standing a better chance of winning at it?

Gamblers have been devising and discussing roulette strategies for as long as this game has been around. Yet, many players just start placing bets rather than taking a few minutes to look into this matter and discovering how to improve their chances of winning some money.

If you want to find the best way of placing your bets then you can start by taking a look at the different strategies that other people use. In this Bitcasino guide, we’ll explain the very best, so you can take your picks and hopefully win big.

How Does Roulette Work?

To get going on looking at the best roulette strategies we need to first of all look into what this game is actually all about. It is easy to picture a little ball rolling around a wheel and coming to stop on a number, but is there more to it than that?

Basically, the roulette wheel is divided into 36 numbers plus a 0. Some tables, those of American roulette, also have a 00 on them. The numbers around the wheel alternate between red and black.

You can place money on any one of a number of bets, with the odds increasing according to the difficulty of the bet. For instance, you will get better odds for betting directly on a certain number coming up than you would for betting on a colour.

Other options include betting on an odd or even number coming up. There is also a variety of other, more complex wagers available, such as columns, rows and so forth. The types of bet available are shown on the table beside the wheel.

Is It All Down to Luck?

You might think that there is no need for roulette strategies at all, as it purely comes down to luck. After all, no-one knows when the wheel will stop spinning, right?

However, many expert players and mathematicians have spent endless hours looking at this game and working out how best to try and win more regularly. There is no way you can make the ball drop in exactly the number that you need but you can work out how to use your money to give yourself the best possible chance. That’s where roulette strategies come in, and that’s why some of the best casino players use them.

Roulette Strategies

Some of the Best Roulette Strategies

There are some widely known roulette strategies that you should know about in order to get started on this casino game with confidence. Let’s take a look.

  • Flat Betting. The simplest approach to roulette strategies is flat betting. This means that you bet the same amount on every spin of the wheel, regardless of whether you won or lost on the previous round. This is a safe, steady approach, although the problem with this strategy is that it doesn’t give you any special advantage, meaning that you may run at a small loss over time. However, this is a sensible approach that shouldn’t ever see you lose too much and gives you the potential for a decent win too.
  • Martingale Strategy. With this strategy, you increase the size of your bet after losing. This might sound like some sort of ill-advised approach such as chasing losses but there is more to it. The idea with this roulette strategy is that if you lose when betting on red, for example, then you keep on betting more money, because once you do win you’ll make the money back. This is one of the most popular strategies for roulette and many players have reported great success by using it.
  • D’Alembert System. This is regarded as being a safe approach that lets you bet in a sensible, sustainable way. It is similar to the Martingale strategy in that you increase your bets after losing and lower them after winning. However, the main difference is that the increases in the size of the bet are smaller with this approach. As with Martingale, it is typically used on outside bets such as red / black or odd / even.
  • Reverse Martingale System / Paroli. In this case, you increase your bet after a win. The logic behind this is you could go on a winning streak and really take advantage of it. On the other hand, this roulette betting system keeps your bets low when you are on a losing streak.
  • Reverse D’Alembert System. Similar to the Reverse Martingale strategy, this is one of the roulette strategies that see you increase your bet after you win but lower it after you lose. This is the kind of approach that will see you take full advantage of a winning streak but limit your losses when things don’t go your way.
  • Fibonacci System. If you are familiar with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers then you will have an idea of how this works. This is a sequence that starts off as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and it is found in many aspects of nature. The strategy calls on you to follow the same progression when raising your bets. Some gamblers like the fact that this progression mirrors one of nature’s most interesting rules. A loss means progressing in order, while any win sees you move back two steps.
  • Reverse Fibonacci Strategy. As you can imagine, this is the opposite of the previous strategy. This means that you step forward when you win and go back a couple of steps when your bet loses. It isn’t regarded as being one of the best strategies, though, as you generally need far more wins than losses to come out on top in this way.
  • Oscar’s Grind Strategy / Hoyle’s Press. This is a progression strategy that is generally tried on red / black or odd / even bets. It is similar to other positive progressions in the way that you increase your bets by one unit each time that you win but keep them the same after losing. The key difference with this betting strategy is that the sequence of increasing only goes up to four. The biggest problem here is if you advance in the strategy and then go on a losing run while betting fairly high.
  • Hollandish Strategy. Here we have another negative progressive roulette strategy system that sees you bet more after losing, but it is slower and more gradual than most of the others. It runs off the back of the concept of varying stages of progression with three bets one each one. So, you would bet three times and then double the bet before betting three more times and doubling it again.
  • Labouchere Strategy / Cancellation Method / American Progression. This is one of the most complicated roulette strategies and needs a bit of time put into it. While we have looked at simple progressive methods up until now, the Labouchere system is a way of trying to gradually recover losses using a progression scale that you create on your own.
  • Whittaker System. In this case, the strategy is very similar to that which we already say with the Fibonacci system. It also adds in the Labouchere technique for working out how much to increase your bets by. This is less risky than some of the other roulette strategies we have looked at but it can still lead to mounting losses or huge wins in some situations.
  • Red and Black Roulette Strategies. As we have seen, many of these different approaches are most commonly used when betting on red or black. This partly explains why this type of bet is the most popular in many casinos. If you want to try out a few different strategies then you might want to start playing with the idea of sticking to this bet.
  • James Bond Strategy. You may have seen 007 betting on roulette in one of his films, but did you know that the strategy he uses in the books is also used in the real world? This is an intriguing approach that sees you cover various bets at one time. It is a flat betting system so you gamble the same amount each time. It can be fun to bet like Bond but the science behind it shows that this approach probably isn’t any more likely to see you win big than any other flat betting roulette method.
  • Cover the Table Roulette Strategy. The truth is that the previous strategy we looked at is simply a variation on the widely known Cover the Table approach. The idea is that you try and cover a number of possible outcomes on each spin. You will probably get regular wins by doing this and the secret to being successful is in keeping your losses to a minimum.
  • Dozens and Columns. Many of these strategies work best when betting on red or black coming up. However, there are also systems that can be used when you gamble on dozens or columns. This tactic sees you betting on one of these outcomes and then using a progression sequence to increase your wager after each loss. You can choose to bet on just one column/dozen or else include several of them in your strategy.

How to Choose the Strategy That Suits You

It is clear that there are a number of varying roulette strategies out there. Many people swear by one of them while others are convinced that using another is the secret to winning a fortune.

Therefore, it is really down to each player to find the strategy that they are most comfortable with. Do you prefer the idea of a safe, solid strategy that limits losses or would you prefer something a bit bolder and more adventurous?

It is only by playing the game and experimenting with different approaches that you will discover which of these methods suits you best. It is terrific fun to play some games at Bitcasino and work out how you most love to play roulette.

Of course, there is also nothing to stop you from mixing things up and trying out a different roulette strategy each time you play. Each system has its own strengths and weaknesses so it makes sense to enjoy each one rather than limiting yourself to just one of them all the time.

Roulette Strategies

Have People Won in the Past Using Roulette Strategies Like These?

These strategies can bring you some tremendous wins but it is also worth considering that some of the biggest and most famous roulette wins in history have been achieved without much of a strategy. You may have seen on the TV how Ashley Revell bet everything he owned on a single spin of the wheel and won when the ball landed on red.

Then there was the story of how businessman Mike Ashley made a bet on 17 coming up and got a profit of £820,000 when it happened. Charles Wells was another roulette winner who picked up a fortune (2 million French francs in 1981) while seemingly relying purely on luck.

On the other hand, there are sure to be thousands of stories of gamblers who have successfully used one of the roulette strategies we have had a look at to live out their dreams. It is certainly thrilling to win when following a system but it can be just as exhilarating to rely on pure luck to win big.

Roulette Suggestions

Roulette Games to Try at Bitcasino

If this look at some of the most popular ways of playing has got you excited about getting started on roulette, then you will be delighted to see a massive range of variants to choose from at Bitcasino.

From high roller roulette to live roulette and from European roulette to American roulette and everything in between, there are over a dozen different ways of enjoying the timeless pleasure of watching the ball spin around the wheel here.

The rules vary in each version, meaning that you can have a lot of fun trying out a number of gambling strategies to see which one works best for each variant. What remains the same at each roulette table we present is the amazing fun and welcoming atmosphere that is waiting for you.

Sign up at Bitcasino and you can play roulette to your heart’s content while looking to get the huge win that you have been dreaming of.