September 12, 2017

How Do I Play Bitcoin Table Games?

A Complete Guide to Bitcasino Table Games

Bitcoin Table Games

King Arthur might have had his round table but here at Bitcasino we’ve got tables where you can become a legend in your own right. Sure, you won’t be sitting down with a gang of knights ready to fight for your kingdom’s honour but you can become casino royalty and command a huge bankroll with table games. Essentially, there are famous tables out there and our bitcoin table games have a strong case for being up there with King Arthur’s fabled woodwork.

Why are our table games so special? Well, the first feature of note is the fact you can ante-up with bitcoin. Regarded as the most secure, most efficient and most high profile “cryptocurrency” in the world, bitcoin is one of the best casino currencies you can use. Beyond this, we’ve made all of our games available for free. Because we want everyone to experience the thrill of bitcoin table games, we’ll let you sign-up and practice your skills without busting your bankroll.

Finally, regardless of whether you play for free or real money, we’ve got dozens of exciting games for you to choose from. Whether you’re into cards, dice or arcade style games, our table options cover a variety of playing styles. In short, if you’re looking for a better betting experience, our bitcoin table games are highly impressive on many levels. However, if you don’t know how to play, then you won’t be able to take advantage of these features.

Basically, if you can’t answer the question “how do I play bitcoin table games”, then you won’t be able to get the most out of what we offer. Fortunately, we’re here to help with another of our handy guides. In the rest of this article, we’re going to address the “how do I play bitcoin table games” question and tell you how to join our bitcoin casino community.

How Do I Play Bitcoin Table Games If You Won’t Tell Me My Options?

Bitcoin Table Games

OK, if you’ve asked the above question already, you’re right. Before you can answer the question “how do I play bitcoin table games”, we first need to tell you what table games are and give you a few examples. In simple terms, bitcoin table games can be anything other than video poker and slots. Essentially, if the action takes place on some sort of table (real or otherwise), then it can be called a table game.

However, in practice, we typically separate roulette and blackjack into their own groups. Although they’re played on tables, they’re by far the most popular betting options outside of slots and video poker, which is why we give them a status of their own. From this, we basically put anything else into our “table games” category. Now, if you’re new to Bitcasino, you probably won’t realise that we’re constantly updating our roster of games. That’s right, through our network of partners, we’re able to bring you the latest and greatest games as they’re released.

Because of this, the table games lobby is always taking on new betting options and the menu of options today won’t look the same as it will in a few months’ time. Having said this, the most popular bitcoin table games you’ll find when you join us include:

  • Craps (a game where you bet on the outcome of a dice roll)
  • Predictor (an arcade style game where you predict numbers/colours on mine carts)
  • Poker3 (a heads-up poker match where you take on different opponents for money)
  • Punto Banco (a form of baccarat where the aim is to hit a total of nine)
  • Casino High/Low (a card game where you have to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous)

The above list is just a small selection of what we offer, but it does highlight the diverse range of gaming styles you can enjoy when you join us.  

How Do I Play Bitcoin Table games? It’s Easy, Just Pull Up a Chair and Bet

At this point, we’ve told you why our bitcoin table games are great and what we offer. What we haven’t told you at this point is the basic idea behind these games. Indeed, to answer the question “how do I play bitcoin table games”, you need to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. In general, the aim of any table game is to make a correct pick. Naturally, the rules will be different inside each game, but the basic aim doesn’t change.

For example, if you play craps, you have to try to predict which number or category of numbers will emerge from a dice roll. Similarly, if you’re playing Punto Banco, you’ll have to pick which hand you believe will win the coup (the round). So, even though the rules and setting may change, table games also involve some sort of prediction. If you can remember that, you’ll never go too far wrong.  

How Do I Play Bitcoin Table Games at Bitcasino?

Bitcoin Table Games

By now you should be able to answer the question “how do I play bitcoin table games”, which means the only thing left to do is create an account with us and make a few bets. To ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle, we’ve made the sign-up process as simple as possible. As long as you follow the six steps below, you’ll get instant access to Bitcasino and, of course, our bitcoin table games:

  1. Navigate to and hit the “Register” button.
  2. Input your details as required.
  3. Click on the “Cashier” page and make a deposit using our bitcoin wallet address (you can leave this part out if you want to play for free before you switch to our real money games).
  4. Click on the “Games” heading and then select “Table Games”.
  5. Scroll through the menu and take your pick of the games on display.
  6. Once the game loads, place your bets and that’s it!