September 05, 2017

Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36

Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36 – More Draws, More Bets, More Prizes

For a Bitcoin lottery where you can play throughout the day, stake as much as m฿ 1,000 and win a staggering m฿ 1 million, you need Lotto 5 out of 36. One of the most popular live dealer Bitcoin casino games here at Bitcasino, Lotto 5 out of 36 is perfect for those who want more ways to win some serious cash prizes.

Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36 Highlights

  • Betting from m฿ 3 up to m฿ 1,000 per draw
  • Win as much as 1 million mBTC
  • Over 50 different betting options

How to Play Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36

National lotteries might have the edge when it comes to publicity and total jackpots, but here at Bitcasino we’ve got a game that’s even better. Instead of waiting a week or more for any national game to take place, Lotto 5 out of 36 draws take place every five minutes throughout the day, every day. Regardless of where you are in the world or the time of day it is, our Bitcoin lottery allows you to place instant bets from as little as m฿ 3.

As well as having the edge when it comes to availability, accessibility and affordability, Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36 also trumps other lotteries thanks to its betting options. Instead of picking a selection of numbers and then trying to match as many as possible, Lotto 5 out of 36 allows you to stake money on more than 50 outcomes.

This, in our opinion, is the main reason our Bitcoin lottery is better than the rest. Being able to be as general or specific as you like with your predictions is something that other lotteries simply don’t offer. Looking more closely at this, you’ll find the following betting options when you join us for a few rounds of Bitcoin lotto action:

Numbers: Bet on everything from the number of balls in a specific range that will appear to whether the numbers will be odd or even.

White, Red, Green or Blue Balls: This category gives you the chance to bet on the number of coloured balls, the value of specific coloured balls or whether there will be no instances of balls in specific colours.


Different Colours: Here you can bet on the number of colours drawn vs. another colour as well as the amount of balls to be different/the same.

Win a Million with Lotto 5 out of 36

Beyond your betting options, Bitcoin Lotto 5 out of 36 has become a Bitcasino favourite because of its high betting limits. As well as catering to newbies with bets as low as m฿ 3, you can stake and, therefore, win more thanks to a top betting limit of m฿ 1,000. When you combine this high betting limit with potential returns topping 1,000x your stake, it’s possible to win as much as m฿  1 million when you play Lotto 5 out of 36 with us!

When it comes to live dealer action that offers more ways to win more money, Lotto 5 out of 36 is a game that every Bitcasino player should be drawn to.