September 12, 2017

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino?

How to Find the Leading Bitcoin Betting Site

Best Bitcoin Casino

The bitcoin betting world is growing every day, which means there are new options hitting the market all the time. Naturally, with so many places to play nowadays, the obvious question now is: what is the best bitcoin casino? Well, before you can answer the question “What is the best bitcoin casino”, it’s first important to define what we actually mean by the term bitcoin casino.

Because of the slightly fragmented way in which the iGaming industry has adopted bitcoin technology over the last few years, the concept of a “bitcoin casino” is not a clear-cut term. In our opinion, there are three main options out there at the moment and, for us, just one of them is a true Bitcoin casino.

Traditional Online Casino = This term can be used to describe an online casino that has nothing at all to do with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. You won’t be able to make bitcoin payments, receive your winnings in ฿ or claim bonuses in this cryptocurrency.

Hybrid Online Casino = Perhaps one of the most common options out there are the moment, hybrid casinos are ones that were once “traditional” platforms but do not really incorporate cryptocurrency payments. In most cases, these casinos have been around for a number of years and previously allowed players to hold account balances in standard currencies (USD, GBP, EUR etc) and make payments with options such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller etc.

However, thanks to the growing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, these sites have incorporated new payment options into the mix. Although players won’t typically be able to have a cryptocurrency account balance, they will be able to use something such as a bitcoin wallet to make a deposit. At this point, their payment will be converted from ฿ to whatever currency the site prefers. So you can see that you’re not really playing with bitcoin in such online casinos.

Full Bitcoin Casino = As the name suggests, full bitcoin casinos are sites that only deal with bitcoin. This is the category we fall into and, in our opinion, the only category you can choose the best bitcoin casino from. Everything we offer is based on bitcoin. From the way you pay and play to the bonuses you can receive, everything is handled in m฿/฿ amounts. Any casino that works in this way can be called a true bitcoin betting site. Anything less would have to be referred to a hybrid.

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino and what Does it Look Like?

Best Bitcoin Casino

As we’ve said, you can only call a platform “the best bitcoin casino” if it offers a full bitcoin betting experience. Indeed, if an operator isn’t totally invested in the cryptocurrency, then there is no way it can be classed as a leader in its field. Once you’ve established whether or not a site is all-in on ฿, you can then start to assess whether it’s a place worth playing at.

Now, because we believe we’re the leading bitcoin casino in the business, it’s very easy for us to pick the features you need to be looking out for before you sign up.

In fact, we’ve already hinted at some of them in the previous section. Basically, if you want the best bitcoin betting experience, you need to be able to pay, play and receive rewards in ฿ and nothing else. If we use our offers as the gold standard by which all other sites should be judged, you can say the best bitcoin casino sites will offer the following:

Instant Bitcoin Payments: If you can’t make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin payment methods (your Bitcoin wallet), then the site isn’t worth joining. We not only offer instant and secure bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, but we also give you links to some of the best exchanges in the world. We know that newbies probably won’t have a bitcoin balance online, so we have quick links to trusted exchanges that will get you started. Then, once you’ve converted some cash using a partner exchange, you can send funds directly to your Bitcasino account.

Hundreds of Bitcoin Compatible Games: Having hundreds of casino games is all well and good, but if you can’t place a bet using m฿ then it all counts for nothing in our opinion. Our strategy over the last few years has been simple: Partner with the best software suppliers, select their best games and then make sure we add our bitcoin twist to the mix. This method has allowed us to bring in the best casino games from around the industry, make them available to your via desktop and mobile and, importantly, give you the chance to place bets in m฿ amounts.

Thousands of m฿ in Bonuses: Being able to pay and play in bitcoin is great, but if you can’t get anything else for your time online then things can get a bit dull. All the best bitcoin casino sites have ways for you to earn more and here at Bitcasino we’re no different. When you sign up, you’ll get access to a welcome bonus worth up to m฿ 2,000 as well as a ton of ongoing loyalty rewards. Basically, if you want more for less, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to earn more at Bitcasino.

Safety and Security at all Times: You can’t answer the question “what is the best bitcoin casino” without addressing safety and security. Offering all the games and bonuses in the world is pointless if you don’t feel you’re protected. Inside our site, you’ll not only receive all the protective benefits of bitcoin (anonymous, secure payments) but full SSL encryption and enhanced login security courtesy of Google Authenticator. Put simply, when you become a Bitcasino member, you can be 100% confident that you and your funds will be protected at all time.

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino Around Today? It’s BitCasino, Obviously!

Best Bitcoin Casino

The question “what is the best bitcoin casino” is certainly a valid one given the recent increase in options out there. However, if you don’t want to waste time thinking about the answer, we’ve got one simple solution for you: Join us. As presumptuous as it might sound, we know we’re the leading site in the industry and not just because we meet all the points we’ve raised in this article.

Thanks to many years of experience and an unblemished track record for quality and service, we’ve been shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards, including EGR’s Rising Star. Based on this, as well as our wide range of bitcoin-friendly betting features, we’re confident Bitcasino is the best in the business.