January 25, 2018

Test your skill in the Asia Gaming Tournament

From January 29th until the 31st, players all over the world will enjoy the Asia Gaming Master Tournament. Live casino tournaments will be available for contestants, with satellites and main competitions which require the participants to use their skill and determination to show they are among the top performers in the world.

For the tournaments to be fair, all players in the game will have the same initial amount of chips from Asia Gaming. The player’s real money is not directly related to the number of chips.

The game chips cannot be transferred to and from the game. They can only be used for the specific tournament. After each game, the game chips will be cleared.

Only those players who sign up in the Master Tournament lobby can take part. The spectators cannot bet and can only be on the sidelines. If you want to participate, you can press the “Register” button in the tournament lobby.

To participate in the bitcoin casino tournament you must first collect points to enter. You can earn them by playing any of the real money games in Asia Gaming lobby. You will earn 1 point per 0.015 milli-bitcoin (mBTC) bet. Tournaments have different entry fees depending on their level and you can check that from the Asia Gaming lobby from bitcasino.io.

You can register for a satellite tournament and once the table has 7 participants, game will start. Table will run for 10 rounds and the player with the most chips will earn the Master Tournament next stage ticket. There are no registration fees for any of the rounds. The earned ticket is only valid for the day it was given on.

The selection of bitcoin live casino games includes various types of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Roulette, Blackjack.