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With up to 45% revenue share deal on offer, you will get the best tool to monetize your gambling traffic.

Advantages of Bitcasino

Leading Brand

Bitcasino.io offers over 2,300+ games your players will fall in love with.

Bitcoin payments

Get paid in the world’s most innovative digital currency that enables you to retain complete anonymity.

Fast withdrawals

Bitcoin system enables you to withdrawal your commission fast - within just minutes.

Advanced dashboard

All stats in our affiliate dashboard are updated daily.

Massive promos

Convert your traffic with the maximum rate with the help of our immense promotions and skilled VIP department.

Up to 45% share

Our generous payout structure allows you to earn up to 45% commission on every player.

What our partners say:

"Bitcasino.io has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency gaming ever since it´s conception. Their attitude has taken the gaming experience to the next level. It has been a pleasure working with them"


"Wise Cryptos are delighted to be working with such a groundbreaking Bitcoin casino. Reliable, fair and friendly managers."


"Spend less time and still make more money! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not if you choose to partner with Bitcasino.io for your affiliate deals. This is the experience we have had, so we couldn’t be happier!"


"For cryptocurrency gambling, Bitcasino.io is a go-to place for players. They have a great offering and attractive features and much more - work with them if you can! "


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Earn up to 45% revenue as Bitcasino’s affiliate

As the first licensed crypto casino, Bitcasino’s affiliate program presents you with the most rewarding partnership in the industry. Our bitcoin casino affiliate program’s biggest strength is the collaboration between our marketing team and you, the affiliate. 

Casino affiliates can generate leads through websites, social media accounts, streaming, offline marketing, or even virtual reality. With no quotas, you can earn up to 45% revenue share on commissions.  

Who can be a Bitcasino affiliate? 

There is no limit to who can join our casino affiliate program. Whether you’re a social media personality, blogger, or streamer, you’re welcome to promote our brand with us and earn massive commissions for your effort. 

At Bitcasino, we’re always looking to expand our reach and offer custom deals for you to promote our articles or social media posts to your followers. Whatever niche your traffic or followers are in, we are interested in taking a look.

What makes a great Bitcasino affiliate?

An excellent Bitcoin casino affiliate is someone who aligns with the core value of our brand. We seek to bring new and exciting ways for players to enjoy online casino gaming. If you also pursue new opportunities and innovation, you will enjoy promoting everything we do here at Bitcasino.

Above all else, Bitcasino is looking for affiliates that can work collaboratively with our marketing team to create the best content to attract new players to Bitcasino. 

Why join Bitcasino’s crypto casino affiliate program?

We spare no expense in providing the best Bitcoin gambling affiliate experience here at Bitcasino. Here are all the reasons why you should become a Bitcasino affiliate:  

  • Custom deals

Bitcasino never runs out of ideas for giving players a rewarding casino experience. Expect exciting new deals, promotions and campaigns to share in your blog, social media or videos. Enjoy an endless opportunity to earn massive commissions. 

  • High commissions

Bitcasino uses revenue shares to reward our affiliates with a percentage of the profit gained from referrals. Since Bitcasino players have a higher than average deposit and lower payment fees, you keep more of your revenue for every referral to Bitcasino. 

  • Leading brand

Bitcasino is a well-known online crypto casino brand, which means you can trust and promote our platform to your followers without worries. 

We also offer more than 4,000+ casino games and weekly promotions that will not disappoint you or your referrals. Additionally, when it comes to rewarding our loyal patrons, we only deliver the best experiences money can’t buy, like flying our VIP players across the world to watch prestigious tournaments or booking trips in world-class hotels.

  • Exclusive rewards

In Bitcasino, we also treat our affiliates like our VIP players. Become one of our top-performing affiliates and receive invites to exclusive events around the world. We’re talking about all-inclusive trips to watch exclusive events around the world like football matches with Bitcasino’s sponsored teams like the Arsenal, Southampton and Sao Paolo FC in action.  

How much do Bitcasino affiliates make? 

At Bitcasino, we have one of the most generous payout structures in the market to show you how much we value your work as our partner. By reaching high FDTs in your posts, you can take home up to 45% revenue share. 

What makes it even better is that there are no quotas. Just promote Bitcasino to earn exciting rewards with every first-time deposit. 

Check out the percentage flow below to see how much revenue you can earn per First Time Deposit (FTDs):

  • 1 to 5 FDTs = 25% revenue

  • 6 to 15 FDTs = 30% revenue

  • 16 to 30 FDTs = 35% revenue

  • 31 to 50 FDTs = 40% revenue

  • 51+ FDTs = 45% revenue.

How our Bitcasino affiliate program works

Like referral programs, Bitcasino affiliates promote our offers through content like posts, blogs or videos to attract new players to Bitcasino. 

You’ll receive your commission share once the new player creates their account at Bitcasino and makes their first deposit to play games. Your Partners.io account will reflect your share, where you can also cash out and check the progress of your commissions. 


Partners.io runs Bitcasino’s affiliate program. It serves as an intermediary between you and Bitcasino to help you keep track of your progress as an affiliate. You’ll create your account at Partners.io to begin your journey as our partner. 

Your affiliate account with Partners.io provides you with the technical reporting and tracking interface setup you can use to monitor the performance of your sites, social media posts, forums and links.

Additionally, you can use your Partners.io account to access unique marketing materials, configure payment details to cash out your shares and access financial reports related to your partnership with Bitcasino.   

How to become a casino affiliate at Bitcasino

Becoming a Bitcasino affiliate is easy and, most of all, free! Through casino affiliate sites like Partners.io, connect to market-leading brands and receive access to the latest promotions.

Here's a detailed guide on how you can be a Bitcasino affiliate: 

Step 1: On our Bitcasino Affiliate page, click the 'Sign up now' button. It will redirect you to Partners.io, where you'll create your account.

Step 2: Create your account at Partners.io by filling up the affiliate signup form. Then, click the 'register' button.  

Step 3: Once you have an account, click on the 'become a partner' tab at Partners.io. Select Bitcasino from the options to be redirected to Bitcasino's affiliate page. 

Step 4: Proceed to the bottom of the page and click 'become a partner' to fill up a form. 

Step 5: Your form is sent directly to Bitcasino, where the marketing team screens your application as an affiliate and decides whether you are a good fit for the brand. Bitcasino approves your account if qualified, finally allowing you to create an affiliate link.

Step 6: Look for an active promotion at Bitcasino and use the unique tracking link or bonus code provided by Bitcasino in your content. 

How to earn as a casino affiliate

Here are some of the things you can do to earn fast and earn millions through revenue shares alone:

  1. Select a niche

As an affiliate, one of the first things you need to do is to find a niche you can focus your blogs and website. As Bitcasino’s affiliate, the perfect niche is anything related to crypto or casino gaming, slot games and table games.

  1. Plan your website or social media page

When building your website, ensure it is organised and has a high-quality design that correlates to your niche. Find interesting topics for your niche's readers. Additionally, create a strategic content plan for your website and search for ways to attract traffic to your page. 

  1. Create entertaining content

The next and most important thing you need to focus on is your content. To attract more traffic to your website, follow your search engine’s optimisation program and create your content based on its guidelines.

Additionally, your content should have topics that attract Bitcasino’s target audience. Strategically introduce the link or bonus codes for our promotions, so your audience is encouraged to create their account and make a deposit. 

Partner with us at Bitcasino  

Start a profitable partnership with Bitcasino and sign up to Partners.io to earn great commissions of up to 45%. Create unique content that will generate massive traffic and help us expand our influence.

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